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The Ultimate Justice

The Plundered People

The Promise to Come Back

The Foreknowledge




 83. Sunday, February 6, 2012

The Ultimate Justice

…love your enemies.…

{Matthew 5:44}


To those who listen and to those who want to live, it is told: love your enemies {Matthew 5:44}.

The human civilization began with establishment of justice: eye for eye, death for death; love for the neighbors, hatred for the enemies. In summary, the ideal human justice is conditional and ensuing: whatever you do to the others, the same shall be done to you. That is how the basis has to be learned: you are the same as the others are. Therefore, do to the others the same that you want to be done to you, treat the others in the same way as you want to be treated.

So, apparently, human justice is based on two pillars: recognition of equal value of all human beings and revenge for any harm inflicted on the others. Consequently, it is assumed that the perfect justice might be obtained only within the political systems, which

a/ confirm with their laws equality of all subjects irrespective of nationality, race, religion, wealth, social status, access to the power of coercion, walks of life, and other conditions, inborn or acquired physical and mental features and abilities

b/ maintain the law–enforcing structures that ensure swift and complete revenge for all wrongs that one subject did to other subject(s).

From such a point of view, it might be assumed that human civilizations mature through the search of the perfect justice. The ideal political and social system should be based on equality of all and on equal value of every part of a society for the entire society. Some philosophers and politicians call such an ideal system democracy and attempt to build it after the Plato–Aristotle’s utopia.

However, the history confirms that such democracy neither was nor is the actuality of human existence. In different degrees, yet all states and nations have their portion of wars, poverty, crimes, deceit, inequality based on social status, membership in political, religious, and other power–holding establishments, nationality, race, religion, and other components of social and other injustice followed with deprivation of the weakest ones of their share of personal and common good, including life, possessions, good repute, social status, and other basic values. Whatever meanings of the laws and justice are, the systems implement their versions of justice with the same methods: power of coercion and mind–programming techniques.

The history proves also that the most elaborated systems of political and social control, with which the rulers attempt to impose their meanings of justice onto their subjects, inevitably degenerate into the most inhumane injustice. For instance, the most advanced (for their times) methods of surveillance, institute of informers, secret police, and brain–washing techniques (especially propaganda, false knowledge, and deceit) produced their versions of ultimate justice

a/ in Europe, the Inquisition propagated its ideal of papal faith with tortures and pyres for the heretics*1*

b/ in post–1917 Russia, the Bolsheviks/Stalinists/communists/etc. propagated their vision of social justice, equality, and brotherhood with imprisonment, tortures, labor camps of Siberia, and mass executions of aristocrats, religious, educated, and wealthy citizens, political opponents, national minorities, different–minded persons*2*

c/ in Nazi Germany, the Nazis began with concentration camps, executions, and tortures of non–Germans (because they did not belong to the German super–race) and the opponents of the Nazi ideology (because they did not accept the ideals of the great Germany – master of the world); eventually, Nazi Germany waged the world war II, which took 54.8 million lives (estimated*3*)

d/ other countries, which imitate the totalitarian regimes build on the ideology of death (political theology, Marxism, Nazism), suffered the plagues of communism, national socialism, political theology, and ideologies of all kinds; they suppress freedom of religion, civil and human liberties.

Injustice became the common attribute of all establishments that employ any kind of the power of coercion.

Consequently, all known civilizations of the Past and Present have the same end: collapse, because all those taking the sword shall perish by the sword {Matthew 26:52}.

Consequently, the question is: are human beings as parts and property of societies, states, political, social, and religious systems able to reach their ideals of equal justice for equal parts of the societies and equality of all parts of the societies?

If to judge by the results obtained through entire human history, the only answer is: no, they are not.

What, then, is the meaning of justice for the Christians – the laborers and children of God, who are chosen for the royal priesthood and immortality with God? What could be the meaning of justice for those

– healed by the wounds of their God

– delivered from the evil and forgiven because of the absolute obedience of the Son of God to the will of God the Father

– built into the immortal temple of living God by the Body and Blood of their God?

For them, justice and therefore, life in dignity, happiness, and peace, cannot be achieved through the power of coercion: all those who took the sword perished by the sword {Matthew 26:52}.

Their justice is in the perfect love of their perfect God {1 John 3:10–17; 4:7–21} – love without limits and, therefore, without fear and injustice. Love is the ultimate justice, because God is Love. Love does not work evil for the neighbor: then, love is fulfillment of the Law of God {1 John 4:8; Romans 13:10}.

Indeed, only love to the enemies could reveal the basic truth on which peaceful co–existence can be built: the enemies are the same beings from flesh and blood who want to live and to nurture their children in dignity, prosperity, and peace. The roots of any war are hatred, disrespect for dignity, and disregard of basic needs of other people, nations, and states. Only wisdom can prevent problems in relations among people, states, and nations, yet, from where this wisdom could come, if

the Law of God is rejected

the faith is lost or even never existed

there is neither respect nor love to the others

there is no understanding of the basic needs of the others

the people transformed themselves into the predators;

they eat each other as the wild beasts do;

they are not able to share the only planet given into their dominion

the power of weapon and violence

are the main arguments and methods for decision of all problems.


And I think that the historical reality of the mankind’s Past and the Future, which is revealed through the Old Testament’s prophets, the Gospels, and Epistles of the Apostles of Lord God Jesus Christ, does not support expectations that the human establishments will ever have true justice if the people have no faith in God and do not recognize His Laws as the foundation of life. Wars and deprivation of vital resources always were, are, and will be the inseparable companions of godless societies until the very end of their existence. All attempts to decide the problems of the societies by the power of human reason, which does not possess true knowledge of God, failed. Without God, the people have no foundation to build their lives: they live by the experience of their vanished ancestors and perish as their ancestors have. Although each generation has prophets and wise men who attempt to infuse the basic truths into the mind of their contemporaries, still, there is no understanding that the greatness of man is in the ability to preserve life and to live in dignity and peace: the greatness of man is not in the power to destroy and to murder.

The keys to the Future are in the human heart and mind, not in weapons and other traditional means of man’s self–expression. These keys are the power of love and the power of reasoning: there is no other way besides the one given by God.

Christians have love as the ultimate justice, and the reason, not coercion, as the only way to embody own vision of justice into the words and actions. Yet, if to judge by darkness of evil that is spreading across the world, the Christians remain silent and unsuccessful. Moreover, some of those who identify themselves as Christians raise their voice for war and support the politicians who promise to wage war. Sometimes, it looks like the only Christian Who ever was in the world, is Lord Jesus Christ alone…

Well, the contemporary weapons possess the destructive potency, which is not under control of men any more, and today’s war waged in any place of the world inevitably brings death to threshold of those who think that they are protected by oceans, boundaries, etc., etc., etc...  




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84. Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Plundered People

…the people became destined to possession by the wrath and are plundered…

…they became a provision for the others,

and there was none that took away pillaging…

{Isaiah 42:22}


Isaiah the prophet speaks of the people who turned away from the Lord: they trust the images and have idols as their gods; so, they should be utterly ashamed. Yet, not only shame is the lot of the apostates. The people are ensnared; they are destined to be owned by rage*1*; they became a provision (προνομην  – provision, supply, food) for the others; they are plundered, and there is none who would take away pillaging and restore them {Isaiah 42:17, 22}.

In the time of Isaiah, the ancient kingdom of Israel still was relatively prosperous; the Babylonian captivity was in their Future, not in their Present, and the treasures still filled the king’s palace {Isaiah 39:1–8}. What, then, is the reason behind the prophet’s vision of the people as already given into possession of the wrath, destined to serve the needs of the others and to be plundered without hope of deliverance?

As always, the answer is already given: the Holy Scriptures is not a book of puzzles; it is the Book of Life – the straightforward guidance for survival in the temporal life on the earth, and the textbook for preparation to the life everlasting.

So, Isaiah defines the cause of the coming ruin: the Lord’s children rebelled against the Lord; they do not regard Him, they have forsaken their Lord {Isaiah 1:1–4}.

How people can rebel against God Who is the Spirit {John 4:24} and Who is out of men’s reach, even if men are armed with ultimate weapons of destruction capable of annihilating the entire mankind along with the entire world of men?

People rebel by forsaking God, by rejecting knowledge of Him, and by violating His Law. Many Old Testament’s prophets warned that such actions have dire consequences.

For instance, Hosea the prophet conveys the message of the Lord {Hosea 4:6–14}: because the people rejected the knowledge of God, God will reject them. They will not serve as the priest of the Lord; God will forget their children and turn their glory into shame*2*. Iniquity, vice, corruption, and disgrace are the destiny of those who rejected God: they become polluted as a harlot. The people, who understand that, will not entangle themselves with the polluted ones.

Isaiah the prophet describes directly connected events – actions and the consequences:


a/ the people have forsaken God

b/ the people rejected knowledge of God, because they have forsaken God.


Then, the next link of the chain of events, which await people who rejected God and therefore, deprived themselves of wisdom and understanding that come only from God {Proverbs 2:6}:

a/ because the people are deprived of wisdom, they are possessed with rage

b/ because rage became the master, the people lost their freedom – they are slaves

c/ because the people are slaves, they became a provision/supply

for the needs of the others.


In this case, the word μενος - rage – could refer to the specific mental condition, which the ancient warriors evoked before the battles, especially, when it was no hope to survive; such condition might also be similar to madness of suicidal mind that triggers own annihilation. Those who are possessed by the rage are not able to be own masters and to live according own reason: they become the “food/provision” of the others (it means that the others use the people for own advantage and for accomplishment of own purposes without any consideration of needs, feelings, and well–being of those who are destined to became a provision for the others).

The referred above actions and their consequences have the specific background: the people not only have forsaken God and therefore, rejected knowledge and Law of God; they have the idols as gods.

The reality, on which the messages of prophets are founded, is simple: God is life of man; without God, man is not able to live.

Knowledge of God is the core, the essence, the backbone, στερεωμα (firmament*3*) of human soul–heart–mind. If man has no knowledge of true God, he inevitably fills the emptiness with false gods – figments of imagination*4*.

Only the mind, which has no knowledge of true God, becomes able of accepting false gods: idols, images, phantoms, and other figments of imagination take the place of true God and give the mind illusion that it still lives, moreover, lives according to its nature.

However, if the mind rejects knowledge of God, it gives up wisdom*5*, which includes the following components 


a/ knowledge of the Law of God, that is

knowledge of own nature created in image and likeness of God


knowledge of the world created by God

b/ the derivative knowledge –

how man should think and act in the world created by God,

if he wants to live and to live well

c/ the faculty of deliberation/reasoning,

that is, firstly, the ability to use knowledge for own survival and prosperity.


Then, why the prophet speaks of idol–worshipers as of plundered people and slaves (προνομην  – supply, provision) of the others, if they have land, houses, riches, bring sacrifices to their idols and indulge themselves? Definitely, physical slavery is not the main core of the prophet’s message; the slavery of mind is.

What is the difference between the mind that has knowledge of true God and the mind that abandoned (or never knew) true God?

The words of Lord God Jesus Christ provide the answer: knowledge of God is cognition of truth, and truth sets man free. Those who commit sin are the salves of sin. Only the Word–God – Lord Jesus Christ Who is the Truth liberates man of slavery {John 8:31–36; 14:6}: He takes away pillaging and restores the true nature of man.

The words of Lord God Jesus Christ allow complete comprehension of the Old Testament’s message: people deprived of knowledge of God are slaves by mind, and slavery of the mind is not the only evil they have – they are plundered of life, because they are destined to rage instead of wisdom.

And I think that among all evils ever committed by men, the greatest evil is deprivation of the others of true knowledge of God. Deprivation of true knowledge of God is the worst evil, even more than murder, because slavery of evil is worse than death: indeed, the false teachers and heresiarchs are as the grievous wolves that do not spare the flock {Acts 20:29–30}.

How then, should be referred those who substitute figments of own imagination for the words of God, for instance*6*,

– the politicians who use the name of God for justification of wars and other crimes against humanity, contradict The Ten Commandments, and therefore, worship death instead of God, while portray themselves as “Christians”

– the priests who abuse children and destroy their faith and faith of their parents

– the atheists who, under the name of “science,” spread own delusions, which are brought up by hatred to God?...





*1* The Septuagint’s text: και εγενετο ο λαος πεπρονομευμενος {Isaiah 42:22}.

The compound word  πεπρονομευμενος  is a derivative of the following words:


πεπρω//μεν – destiny, lot, fate

νομε//υς – the one who has the right of ownership, master, owner

μενος  – rage, wrath, anger.


Literal translation is “and the people are destined into possession of wrath/rage.”


*2* See postings in Archive Folders:

Priest, Page_2_2008

The Mirror, Page April_June_2010

The Pursuit of Knowledge, Page April_May 2011

The Rejected Knowledge, Page April_May 2011



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85. Sunday, February 19, 2012

 The Promise to Come Back


…I will not leave you orphans: I am coming to you.…

{John 14:18}


It is the time of the departure: God is leaving the world, which became the dwelling of the evil and rejected its Creator; the betrayer is near, and everything is coming to the end. Only eleven men from the entire mankind are chosen by God to stay with Him until the last evening, to share the last supper, and to hear His last words. God promises do not leave them orphans; He is coming to them.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of man, is leaving the world: He is ready to come back to the Father. A little while, and the world will not see Him again. Yet, He is coming back to His followers: He lives and they shall live.

Then, God repeats His promise – He tells: “you heard that I told you: I go, and come to you.” Where He goes, they are not able to follow Him now, yet, later they will follow Him {John 13:33, 36; 14:18–19, 28}.

God left the world of evil; now it is doomed to serve its master – the arch–evil that was the murderer of men from the beginning: ultimately, the world of evil will be annihilated along with all works of evil {John 8:42–44; Revelation 20:14–15; 21:3–8}.

Although, the world will not see Him again, God promises to come back to His followers: they will see Him; He lives and they shall live {John 14:18–19}.

So, the words of God had been fulfilled. The Son of man was crucified, His Body was laid to rest in the tomb, and the world never saw Him again. Even His image is not known now – there is no portrait, no description, nothing left.

Yet, the Son of God came back in His glory and omnipotence, which annihilated the power of evil over God’s creations. Since, the Christians carry Him within: the Word–God became the essence of each living soul – He lives, and everyone who lives by Him has the eternal life {John 1:1–4, 9–14; 3:5–7, 16–19, 36; 8:31–36; 14:23; 17:21–26; James 1:18, 21; 1 John 2:1–10; 3:3–4; 5:11–12; 2 Corinthians 3:3; Revelation 7:14–17; 21:3–6; 22:1–6}:


Lord God Jesus Christ is the precious seal

imprinted on the human soul–heart–mind


He is the Alpha and the Omega,

the Beginning and the End, the Source of eternal life


through Him, the mortal man of dust

is cleansed of evil

is enlightened by the Light of God

and set free by the knowledge of Truth

becomes the Christ’s letter inscribed by the Spirit of the Living God

is transformed into the dwelling of the Living God,

receives the authority to be a child of God

who is born of God

and who shall live in the presence of God forever.


And I think: many people spent their lives in pursuit of earthly power, riches, superiority and apparently succeeded – yet, have they found God, have they obtained happiness, have they reached the immortality? No one knows.

However, there are some clues revealing the presence of God in man, even if dissembling becomes the common feature.

For instance, only presence of God makes possible such human qualities as love to the others, abilities to do the good for the others, unselfishness, mercy, meekness, righteousness, dignity, and other virtues. The main attribute is love to the others, because God is Love and the one abiding in love abides in God and God in him {cf.: 1 John 4:16; 1 Corinthians 13:1–13}.

Only God reveals the secret precious knowledge that everyone can obtain free, just for asking God and because of fulfilling His commandments. This knowledge transforms man and makes him different – someone who “is not of this world,” and who, therefore, is subjected to hatred and animosity {cf.: John 17:14–17}.

Only love and presence of God gives man the power to withstand the hatred and animosity of the others, especially when they are not deserved.

Yet, even now, in this life, the freethinking mind can choose own path to God and find Him; moreover, ability to think freely already signifies the presence of God, because where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom {2 Corinthians 3:17}. 

So, what is needed for finding God and obtaining freedom of thinking?

The only things, which assist in finding God and obtaining freedom, are


a/ desire to find God

b/ knowledge of His words conveyed by the Holy Bible

c/ determination to accomplish the will of God.


Then, love to God and to the others (firstly, because they are creations of beloved God) enters the human heart, and life in accordance with the commandments of God becomes possible {cf.: John 14:6, 23}.

Yet, in all times, in all countries, there are the deceivers, who interpose themselves between God and His creation. They force their fantasies onto the others and made them slaves by deceitful promises of special privileges in this life and in the kingdom of God (as well as special mercies and gifts of God) as a reward for the unreserved obedience to men who proclaim themselves the vicars of God, the God’s earthly embodiments, the infallible universal shepherds and teachers, etc., etc., etc.*1*.

They obtain recognition of the absolute power of one mortal man over other mortals through deceit and fear, by the power of coercion, money, and deception.

Their hierarchies are the prisons of the souls intentionally kept in ignorance and deprived of the Chalice of Salvation.

In some of their establishments, perversion, pedophilia, and injustice took place of the righteousness: righteousness is inseparable from true knowledge of God, therefore, it cannot be found in those who do not have God in their soul–heart–mind. Some of their politicians openly call for wars and violate The Ten Commandments, yet, in the same time they pretend to be the followers of God. Who is their god, then, – Lord God Jesus Christ or the master of this world, and to where they lead their followers – into the eternal life or into the pit of death {cf.: Matthew 6:24; 1 John 3:4–11; 1 Corinthians 6:9–10}?

How many destroyed lives and evidences of children abuse the people need to comprehend the words of God: the evil tree does not bring the good fruits {Matthew 7:15–23; 12:33–35; Luke 6:43–46}?

How many secrets need to be revealed before the incompatibility of Christian teachings with the hierarchical establishments, which tolerate sin, injustice, and open contradiction to the commandments of God, could be seen by everyone who pretends to be a Christian and follower of Lord God Jesus Christ?





*1* See Works of Augustine of Hippo and Doctrine of Thomas Aquinas in Folder Philosophy, and The Hierarchical Church and The Church Militants in Folder Political Theology.





86. Sunday, February 26, 2012

 The Foreknowledge

…Thou understand my thoughts long before…

and has foreseen all my ways.…

{Psalm 138:2–3}


David the prophet and king in Jerusalem described his vision of God: God knows everything concerning His creation – his past, present and future. Wherever man goes, he finds God, because God is with man: God guides him, holds him, and knows his thoughts long before man creates–thinks them. Nothing could be hidden from God: all ways of man are known {Psalm 138(139)}.

The New Testament contains the story of rich man and poor Lazarus, which Lord God Jesus Christ told after the Pharisees who loved money derided His words {Luke 16:13–31}. Rich man lived merry in luxury; poor Lazarus was laid in his porch – hungry and sick, plagued by sores. When Lazarus died, angels carried him to Abraham; when the rich man died, he was thrown into the inferno*1*. Suffering in the flames, the rich man saw Lazarus with Abraham, and he beseeched Abraham to send Lazarus back, to his house, so Lazarus would witness to his five brothers and they would not come into the place of torment. Abraham replied: they (those still living) have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear. The rich man said: no, but if the dead comes to them, they will repent. Abraham said that if they hear not Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even the one from the dead should rise.

Later, the chief–priests and the Pharisees decided to murder Lazarus of Bethany whom Lord God Jesus Christ resurrected four days after death {John 11:1–57; 12:9–11}. The unprecedented miracle of God, which many witnessed, did not persuade the Pharisees and the chief–priests to recognize the Messiah. Being unable to withstand the power of God, they decided to kill Him along with the resurrected Lazarus, for many people became the followers of Lord Jesus Christ because of Lazarus’ resurrection.

So, as always, the words of God became the actuality of men: by the Lazarus the poor’s story, God foretold the behavior of the chief–priests and the Pharisees – indeed, they were not persuaded even by resurrection of the dead.

And I think: what is foreknowledge? Is human mind able to foresee the completion of things, the end of the road, the destiny of men and their creations? How to find the main reason for the sake of which the world exists and man lives and dies; how to recognize it within the flow of words, deeds, events, shows, opinions, etc., which describe the daily reality of our society?

As of today, only theology provides the answer: everything that was created came into being because of the will of God; everything that perishes has to perish because of non–compliance with the will of God.

How man could learn and accomplish the will of God? The will of God can be learned through comprehension of the commandments/words of God. The will of God can be accomplished through observance of the Law of God and fulfillment of the commandments/words of God. Those who violate the Law of God {e.g., create idols, murder, commit adultery, steal, inflict harm on other human beings – see The Ten Commandments in: Exodus 20:1–17} trigger self–annihilation and collapse of their establishments, with which they intend to accomplish their purposes and intentions, especially those denying the Law of God.

In the philosophical terms, it might be said that

1/ the will of God is accomplished through the purposes of men, which pursue preservation of life (survival) and achievement of the highest potency of creation of the good (evolution)

2/ men deny the will of God, therefore convict themselves to death, by committing the deeds of the evil: stratagems and actions, which pursue corruption, inflict harm, and result in suffering and death of the others (e.g., idol–worship, wars, assassinations, deceit, and so on)

3/ purposes of men determine the destiny/future of men and their establishments.

In the terms of systems logic*2*, the entirety of purposes of a system (e.g., state, society, establishment, corporation) and degrees of their accomplishment and failure describe the present and determine the future of the system: knowledge of the system’s purposes makes possible knowledge of the system’s future.

Only God knows the Future of His creations.

The prophets obtained foreknowledge because of the will of God and by the Holy Spirit of God. The prophets have seen the destiny of people who they encountered, the destiny of nations, the end of the world, and consequences of the actions of men, especially, the consequences of violations of the Law of God: their mission was to sustain survival of the chosen nation by providing guidance based on revelations, which they received from God.  Man might be enabled to know the future of his creations (e.g., state, society, concept), and he might be given ability (wisdom) to decipher the purposes of his counterparts, if man’s survival coincides with the will of God.

It means that the mind might be enabled


a/ to act as the channel for transmitting the life–sustaining power of God into the world of men

b/ to identify threatening purposes and intentions of the others

c/ to neutralize or withstand the identified threats and sustain survival.


We, the ordinary people who are not blessed with the prophetic abilities, live, think, act, and die within the chaos – the world filled with thoughts, words, and actions of multitude of other men, which they accomplish by themselves, through their establishments, and with the power of money, coercion, deceit; all these often in violation of the Law of God, laws of nature, and laws of the societies. Within such apparently unpredictable chaos, how to discern actual purposes of man, how to find the signs of the Future, how to obtain foreknowledge, if even the adequate evaluation of the Present and understanding of the consequences of own actions sometimes are impossible tasks for many, including those who assume the right to lead and to control the others?

David the prophet knew that foreknowledge is the attribute of God the Creator: God created man, and He knows man’s thoughts long before the mind will create them, and He knows all man’s ways before man will take them.

A human being is created in image and after likeness of God, for having dominion and keeping the perfect world created by God. It means that man is supposed to possess knowledge of things needed to maintain and to keep in the perfect order the world given in his dominion. Obviously, this knowledge was lost; this loss made possible corruption of the pre–Flood world, when all flesh perverted its ways, and the world’s καιρος *3* came before God as the world’s inability to exist according to its nature {Genesis 6:6–14}.

Solomon the son of David asked God to give him the heart to judge the people and to discern between good and evil. From God, he received not only an ability to judge correctly, therefore, to comprehend the actual reasons and roots of the words and actions, which were hidden from the others: there was none like him before him, and after him there was none like him {3 Kings 3:5–12}.

In the contemporary terms, Solomon received knowledge that reflects the terms and conditions of systems creation–maintenance–development–destruction, and this knowledge was intended to secure survival, optimize existence, and accomplish evolution of the nation he had to lead. This knowledge made him the wisest ruler of his nation, yet, it did not prevent his heart from turning away from God: he went not after God; he did not follow the way of David his father {3 Kings 11:1–11}.

By turning his heart away from God, Solomon violated the main terms of existence within the world created by God – comprehension of the absolute authority of God and acceptance of God as the Absolute – the only Omnipotent and Almighty Power. Consequently, Solomon triggered annihilation of the kingdom (the system), which had him (the king) as the embodiment of its loyalty to God, purposes, potencies, and laws.

From a practical point of view, it should be noticed that the first consequence of Solomon’s actions was inability of foreseeing the consequences: the first symptom that indicates the beginning of collapse is inability to comprehend the entire logical reality, which sustains the system’s existence.

For instance, any collapsing system is not capable of adequate evaluation of the environment, own reserves, own actions, and their consequences: the collapse begin at the moment when the ability to foresee, therefore to prevent, own destruction is lost. Solomon was not able to prevent actualization of the thought, from which his downfall began (admission of a possibility “to went after other gods” and survive). Therefore, neither all his wisdom that he demonstrated in judgment of the others nor all his knowledge of secret things prevented Solomon from the failure to comply with the first term of existence within the world created by God. As the result, Solomon was not able to evaluate own adequacy and own compliance with the Law of God. Moreover, the actions of Solomon the wisest king (who also was visible model of behavior for his subjects), made possible relapse into idol–worship of his subjects, triggered division, and therefore, activated collapse of his kingdom, which was completed in AD 135, with eviction of the Jews from Jerusalem*4*.

So, if Solomon could foresee the end of his kingdom and destruction of the temple that he built, would he become the apostate? Obviously, Solomon was not able to foresee the consequences of own apostasy.

If to assume that the Future becomes the unavoidable actuality at some moment of creation of some thought and then, embodiment of this thought into words and actions (when some system is created for accomplishment of a particular purpose – embodiment of a particular thought into a particular material structures, such as, for instance, book, corporation, state, concept, ideology), it might be concluded that the mind


by knowing the reasons of collapse

(e.g., understanding why the system is unable to accomplish the purpose

and understanding that inability to accomplish the purpose of creation

is followed with inevitable collapse)

might prevent actualizations of own thoughts, which would trigger collapse.


Then, how to distinguish the thought, which would sustain existence, from, for instance, the thought that would trigger collapse of a particular establishment (e.g., state, society, business enterprise)?

The words of God and descriptions of the actions of God conveyed by the Holy Scriptures are given for enlightenment and guidance of man who is a part of the world, which God loved so much that He sent His only–begotten Son to save it, that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but will have life everlasting {John 3:16–17}.

Then, what is the world, which God loves, if in another text of the Gospel, God tells His followers that if this world hates them, firstly, this world hates Him? They are not of this world, as God is not of this world, and the world hates them because they are chosen by God {John 15:18–19; 17:6, 14–16}.

In the referred above text from the Gospel {John 3:16–17}, world and man are mentioned as some kind of unity: God loves the world, so, He sent His Son to save it, so man who believe in Him, will not perish but will have life everlasting. Therefore, salvation of man is salvation of the world: man is the world, and the world is man {cf.: Isaiah 5:7; John 1:1–10; 15:1–7}.

Then, God speaks of men that are within the world that hates God. They are possession of God the Father from the beginning, and He gave them to His Son: they are chosen to believe in the Word–God, to keep the Word–God, and to dwell with God. They are given the Word–God, and they have known and accomplished the words of God. Consequently, the world came to hate them, because they are not of this world as the Word–God is not of this world {John 15:18–19; 17:6–26}.

Therefore, the world that hates God is not the world of man – man belongs to God from the beginning. Man–carrier of the Word–God and keeper of the words of God was the possession of God in the beginning; such a man is the world of God, and for salvation of such a man–world, the Son of God came.

If man rejects God, he commits spiritual suicide: he deprives own mind from the life–giving power of God and from life–sustaining knowledge of God. Such a mind is not capable to support existence of life–oriented systems; it carries death within and it is capable only of destruction. Even if apparently it commits itself to the works of the good, it harbors evil, pursues corruption, and triggers collapse in all systems, which it has capacity to control or influence. The world of such a man is the world that hates God; it is a world of death, in which corruption and perversion became the norm and the only acceptable way of life. Totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century with their hatred to Christianity and repression of freedom of conscience and freedom of thinking demonstrate the features of the world built on the hatred to God.

Consequently, it might be said that the foundation of foreknowledge is knowledge of the law and the nature (e.g., purposes, abilities, potencies, terms of existence, actions/events, which trigger collapse/ruin) of the system created by the law – the framework of life within which the system is created, exists, and has to be transformed or to disintegrate freeing the settings for the others.

For instance, when Moses warned the Israelites of the consequences – “the curses” {Deuteronomy 28:15–68} – that would fall on them and their offspring for violation of the Law of God, he provided the basis for foreknowledge with which the next generations of prophets attempted to influence conduct of the chosen people and to convince them to live in accordance with the life–preserving Law of God.

Then, we come to understanding of the nature of foreknowledge. For instance, foreknowledge might be defined as knowledge of the will of God and the ways of its embodiment into the thoughts, words, and actions of man. Whatever complies with the will of God, has the same end: achievement of perfection and development of the highest potency, including the abilities to comprehend the nature of things and to use such comprehension for accomplishment of the purposes. Whatever does not comply with the Law of God and therefore, perverts own nature, will inevitably trigger disintegration (collapse, annihilation) – own as well as the linked systems.  The foreknowledge of the Future for such systems might be seen as the identification of one of typical patterns modified according to individual system’s features, rest of reserves, and other characteristics.

David implored God to guide him to the way of salvation, to prevent him from wrongdoing, and to save him from those attracted to the evil {e.g., Psalms 17(18); 24(25); 25(26); 53–63(54–64); 85(86); 93(94); 117(118); 143(144); 145(146)}.  In one of his Psalms, David tells:

Αγαπησω Σε, Κυριε ισχυς μου. Κυριος στερεωμα μου, και καταφυγη μου, και Ρυστης μου

{I love Thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my firmament*5*, and my refuge, and my Deliverer – Psalm 17(18):1–2}

Is not such a prayer the essence of wisdom and foreknowledge?






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