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48. Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Kingdom of Heaven


…the Kingdom of Heaven is like man, a merchant seeking excellent pearls,

who finding one very precious pearl, going away has sold all things that he had,

and bought it.…

{Matthew 13:45}


When Lord God Jesus Christ explains His disciples what is the Kingdom of Heaven, He mentions the treasure hidden in the field, the precious excellent pearl, and the drag net, with which fishermen gather the creatures of the sea: the good shall be put into the vessels; the rotten shall be thrown away {Matthew 13:44–48}.

The Kingdom of Heaven also is similar to the smallest seed that man has planted in his garden: it became greater than all plants and filled the entire garden, so the birds of Heaven came to roost in its branches. The Kingdom is also as the leaven that women hid into three measure of the meal until the whole was leavened {Matthew 13:31–33; Mark 4:26–32; Luke 13:18–21}.

Furthermore, the Kingdom of Heaven is compared to the King who made the wedding feast for his Son and sent his slaves to those who are invited. Yet, they did not come – they were busy with their businesses and other worldly matters; moreover, some of the invited killed the King’s messengers. The King sent his armies to destroy the murderers, and he also sent his servants to gather the others from the exits of the ways (who have nowhere to go). The invited came, yet only the ones who were prepared were left; the unprepared were thrown away: there are many invited, yet, a few are the chosen ones {Matthew 22:1–14}.

The servants of the Kingdom are expected to labor for the Master and to multiply His riches, do not hide them into the earth, in which they will not grow {Matthew 25:14–30}. If the Kingdom is within the soul–heart–mind of man, everything good comes naturally and free (for instance, as man comes into his own home). If there is no Kingdom within the soul–heart–mind of man, everything is taken away: nothing is left, because there is no ability to perceive and to comprehend {Matthew 13:10–15}, that is to accept; consequently, nothing can be given.

There is no difference between the one who came to serve the Housemaster in the very beginning and the one who came in the end {as the infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, the Kingdom has no time}: all servants have the equal reward, yet a few are the chosen ones are {Matthew 20:1–16}.

The Kingdom of Heaven is compared to the just and merciful King who forgives debts of his subjects – sins against him, yet, who does not forgive ruthlessness and injustice of his subjects who, being forgiven by God, are unmerciful and commit offence to their brethren {Matthew 18:21–35}.

From the words of God, we can infer that

– the Kingdom is the active transforming element {the leaven – Matthew 13:33}, the carrier of the pattern of the entirety

– the Kingdom carries the completeness of the perfection: it supplements insufficiencies of men (forgiveness of sins, therefore, healing of the corrupted nature)

– the Kingdom is infinite in variations of the same (for instance, there is a multitude of varieties of bread – the baked dough), yet unwavering in its essence (all varieties of baked bread are made from the main component – the seed/grain): all the living are invited in, because they all are created after the same Pattern {the image and likeness of God – Genesis 1:26–27}, but a few are chosen.  The chosen ones are those who have chosen to accept the Word–God and to become the children of God, who live by God and in God {John 1:1–5, 9–13; 14:23; 15:4–7; 17:1–26}: the chosen ones are those who live according to the human nature – by love to God and by love to the others, observing the Law of God and accomplishing the will of God. By observing the Law and fulfilling the will of God, the chosen ones multiply the riches of Kingdom: not only they prepare themselves for God’s purposes; they influence the others to follow their path

– man is the natural carrier of the Kingdom and the Kingdom is the inner essence of man {man is the earth – γη.  If to see a man as the soil of the garden, the Kingdom is the seed of the mighty tree that fills the entire garden; if to compare man with the soil of the field, the Kingdom is the harvest, which grows from the seed – the Word of God – sown into the soil, and brings fruits to the Owner – Matthew 13:1–8, 19–23}

– the Kingdom defines the human nature {man is the earth created for the seed, man is the natural lodging for the seed, in which it could grow and become the plentiful harvest – Mark 4:26–29}, therefore, it is everything for man – the most precious treasure and the all that is desired and needed. The one who found it {that is the one who had comprehended own nature, embraced it, and became able of seeing himself and the others as the perfect creations of the Perfect God – Matthew 5:48}, gives everything he has to obtain it into own possession (that is to evolve into the optimum – the perfect being according to the design of God, to accomplish the purposes which he has been created to accomplish, to reach own καιρος – readiness for the homecoming)  

– the Kingdom itself is compared to the drug net, because it collects all living creatures and brings them for evaluation: the good ones shall be separated from the corrupted ones and kept for the purposes of the Owner, yet the corrupted ones shall be thrown away.

Therefore, the Kingdom is the dominion/realm in which all features and abilities of human nature have the highest potential: all are invited in, it is all of man, it takes all of man, and nothing more is needed to the one who is chosen to enter.  

The summary of all examples given by God portrays the Kingdom as the absolute, universal, all–encompassing, all–filling, and all–fulfilling reality: the Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God Whom we call Our Father Who are in Heaven, and the Kingdom of God is within us, human beings – η βασιλεια του Θεου εντος υμων εστιν   {Matthew 6:9; Luke 17:20–21}.

The Kingdom of God is the perfect system in which the human nature – the likeness and image of God – is the necessary and cherished component of the perfect world of the Master Who is just and gives His creation and servant all treasures – life, good, and everything needed to become the perfect element, the building block of the perfect world, the carrier of the seed, through which this perfect world multiplies and expands.

However, the pinnacle of human wisdom (amassed/imagined by idol–worshipers and those who rejected and violated the Law of God) is the abomination before God {Luke 16:15–16}, because such human “wisdom” is knowledge of evil resulting in death and destruction.

With the coming of the Word–God, the preparation of the chosen ones is complete: it has been accomplished through the Law and the prophets. Now, in the last days, Lord God Jesus Christ gives the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven, because it is knowledge of the coming Kingdom of God.

So, the Kingdom of God is revealed, made known, preached, and everyone is pressed into it {Luke 16:16}: the time of ultimate choice came, and everyone has to decide his own destiny – with God or without God, the living or the dead…

And I think that if to evaluate the contemporary world of men and its products – members of the contemporary societies – by the humans’ adequacy, by humans’ suitability for the Kingdom of Heaven, what is the true value of all human possessions sustaining the current civilization in which there is no place for God?

All comes to nothing.

For instance, human knowledge. Who now educates human beings and prepares them for the Kingdom of God besides the Holy Bible? The true – Orthodox – Christian Churches that are steadfast in worship of the Holy Trinity, carry the Word–God, keep the apostolic traditions, and literally follow the commandments of God – became the rare and almost extinct phenomenon.  Yet, only through them the knowledge of life can be transmitted, and how much this knowledge differ from everything else, by which the contemporary world lives!

Philosophy, sciences, commerce, politics, sociology, arts, and other branches of the amassed “knowledge” – what is their true value, do they carry knowledge of the good, of the true human nature, and of the Kingdom of Heaven; therefore, do they prepare a human being for the everlasting life with God?

The general summary of contemporary philosophy, social, political, and other sciences comes to the enslaving of a free human being and transformation into a replaceable part of the establishments, which literally and figuratively mold creations of God into the beasts: all serve deprivation of good, corruption, deceit, impoverishment, and injustice; all finish with conflicts, bloodshed, murders, iniquity.

For instance, the contemporary medicine, which is focused on the research of rodents and applies to the human beings the “discoveries” and drugs made on the rodents and other laboratory animals, provides the example of perverted perception and false knowledge of human nature; it also demonstrates the results of misconceptions. This science is not able to eliminate any of the plagues of mankind – those centuries of years old as well as the new ones. If to read the descriptions of the consequences – the side effects of drugs, results of mistaken treatments, medical procedures and recommendation based on misconception of human nature, it becomes evident that thousands of years of following the ancient pagans (who worshiped the beasts and likened humans to the beasts) have indeed, hatched the asps’ eggs with the death within*1*. Yet, now all must pay for the poisons sold as remedies and for mistreatment named “health care” as for the life–saving cure – and this mandatory consumption is to become the law, the mandatory acceptance of false misguided science, which carries suffering and death. What kind of reasoning and vision have those who perceive humans as rodents and rodents as humans, who believe that knowledge of rodents gives knowledge of humans, and who impose the figments of sick imagination of some onto all the others? Is not such reasoning and vision abomination before God?

From the other side, does anyone who has found the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven need anything else, if the Kingdom of Heaven is the precious pearl and the hidden treasure valued above the entire sum of all earthly riches because it opens the eternal life? What, for instance, philosophy founded on the Plato–Aristotle’s utopia (that is on the Orphism) is able to offer for enlightenment of human mind? Nothing but corruption and death of reason. Yet, on the Plato–Aristotle’s doctrine all contemporary civilizations are built.

The greatest problem of the world today is two–fold:

– the absence of the universal, absolute criterion of evaluation, the true measure of things that would allow discernment of the actual essence of things, what do they carry – the good or the evil, life or death, and therefore,  what they are – treasure or waste

– inability to search for and to perceive the truth and wisdom, because truth and wisdom can be perceived only if their Source – God – is within the soul–heart–mind of man.

How this absolute criterion, the wisdom that comes only from God, can be found if its source – the Word–God – is rejected? Then, where are those who still could apply it, if the entire countries define themselves as “the godless nations,” and euthanasia becomes the desirable end because of ruthless treatment of the aged and feeble people who are destined to die from neglect, malnourishment, and dehydration in the nursing houses of the most advanced countries?

The ancestors measured health of the society by the treatment of the young and the old, so, what is going on now?

The contemporary societies became the hunting fields for the child–predators; the means of mass information educate children in corruption, violence, and inhumanity; even the most advanced countries are plagued with child sex trafficking and pornography.

The aged ones have to taste the fruits of their own making: the societies and establishment they built or sustained during their lives pay them back with the cup overfilled with ruthlessness and death…

So, those who are invited as everyone is invited, those who could become the members of God’s household –  the immortal children of God, yet who do not want to come in, all those deprived of love, compassion, understanding, and knowledge of truth, enslaved and fashioned to serve idols and false gods, all of them


instead of the pearls, hunt for dirt

instead of the treasures of the sea, gather the rotten debris of tsunami

instead of life, run for death…





*1* See the postings: 

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49. Sunday, June 12, 2011

 The Fire for a Child


…Fire I came to cast upon the earth…

{Luke 12:49}


English translations of the Greek text “Η δηλωσις των Λογων Σου φωτιει και συνετιει νηπιους“  {“The manifestations of Thy words will enlighten and instruct the simple” {Psalm 118(119):130} tell that revelation of the words of God will enlighten and give reason–comprehension–understanding to the simple.

The word φωτιει is interpreted as derivative of φωτιζω  to enlighten, to explain, make clear; such interpretation maintains similarly to the following grammatical construction of συνετιει  as derivative from συνετιζω  – to give good reasoning, understanding (from συνεσις – reasoning, as the mental ability to put together – to understand, to be wise that is to have the complete mind; συνεσις derived from φρονεω – mind; συν – means union, being together, and as a part of compound words it conveys the meaning of completeness).   

However, φωτιει is a direct derivative of φωτια – fire, flame; it means that the revelation of the words of God will ignite, inflame, bring the fire.

Then, the word νηπιους (interpreted as simple) is a derivative of νηπιο  – child. 

So, the literal meaning is a prophecy that the revelation of the words of God will ignite the fire in those who are as children and make their reasoning complete.

Then, St. Luke the Apostle and St. John the Apostle convey the words of Lord God Jesus Christ: He came to cast the fire upon the earth, and His words are the Spirit and life {Luke 12:49; John 6:63}.

Gospel According to John explains the will of God explicitly: because of love and mercy of God the Father, Lord God Jesus Christ came to accomplish the will of God, so the following might happen

a/ the Holy Spirit of God {the Fire} will come to His followers and give them knowledge of truth and knowledge of God that is the eternal life

b/ the words of God the Father, which the Son of God conveyed to His followers, will enable them to comprehend that the Word–God from beside God the Father came forth, and He is Giver of the eternal life; this comprehension make them complete, because this knowledge is eternal life

c/ those who perceive the words of God and accomplish them, will become the temple of the living God and will live with God forever {John 3:16–17; 4:24; 14:15–17, 23; 15:1–17; 16:7–15, 26; 17:1–8}.

From the very beginning it is known, and many texts of the Holy Scriptures reiterate that our God is the Almighty Holy Spirit. Although a human being is not able to see God and to remain alive, the mind of a few chosen ones was enabled to perceives Him as


the consuming Fire Who speaks to His chosen one from the midst of fire

Whose Glory is perceived as the burning Flame

Whose life–creating power is seen as the river of flame

Who tests His creations with the Fire and
made them as the purified gold in which all impurities are burned away

Who enters the chosen mind through the words of the Word–God –
the words of eternal life – that carry spirit and life and light of men

Whose power annihilates evil and its carriers as by the burning flame,

and Who is the Light and the Wisdom and the Authority
by Whom man becomes the child of God,
the chosen one who is temple and carrier of
the Holy Spirit of God – the Almighty consuming Fire –
Who purifies and prepares His creation for the Kingdom of God
in which man will dwell with God through the eternity


{Genesis 1:2; Exodus 3:1–6; 19:18–22; 24:17; 33:20; Deuteronomy 4:24, 36; 9:3, 15;
Isaiah 9:19; Daniel 7:9–10; Malachi 3:2–3;
John 4:24; 6:63; 2 Peter 3:7, 13; Hebrew 12:18–29; Revelation 20:14; 21:1–8; 22:3–5}


Hence, the prophecy of the ancient Psalm became the reality: revelation of the Word–God and His words had ignited the Fire in children of God and gave them completeness of understanding.  It began in Jerusalem, fifty days after the day of Resurrection, when the disciples of Lord God Jesus Christ were baptized in the Holy Spirit: the Holy Spirit promised by God came visibly –  the tongues as of fire, γλωσσαι ωδει πυρος, rested upon each of them {Acts 1:4–5; 2:1–4}.

In the beginning, the chosen ones were pieces of clay–flesh, as we all are. What happens after they are selected to become the vessels for the enlightening Light so they would carry the message of God and disperse the darkness of ignorance?

Those who were chosen to perceive the power of God and to recognize His presence – the prophets, messengers of God, priests, apostles – all of them speak of the Fire: what else the human mind might find within the world of the matter as powerful as the consuming fire is that annihilates the matter and turns it into the ashes?

The presence of the Spirit of God annihilates the sinful mortal creature and the child of Fire is born, the new being destined to be the immortal carrier of Light created into the image and likeness of God Who is the Almighty Spirit, the consuming Fire. There is a text in the Old Testament, which allows at least partial understanding of the power by which mortal man becomes the immortal child of God: the first perception of the presence of God is fear and desire to run away, to stay afar, so the earthly creature – man and beast – would not die and the usual earthly life will go on {Exodus 20:18–21; Hebrew 12:18–21}. Indeed, when the Holy Spirit transforms mortal man–earth into the immortal child of God, all human weaknesses, errors, iniquities, desires, vanity, lust, sins, all the evils by which we live our daily lives – all is burned away…

So, what is left if man lives by the evil, breathes by evil, thinks evil, and commits evil?

How then, any sinner can survive the presence of God?

In Gospel According to Luke, Lord God Jesus Christ tells: “if you being evil know to give good gifts to your children, how much more the Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those asking Him” {Luke 11:13}.

So, a child should ask and the Almighty Fire will be given him to enlighten, to shine through the darkness, to lead through earthly life, to clean of impurities, and to bring home, in the Kingdom of God

And I think, good kind and loving parents provide their children with all needed for life: food, shelter, clothing, games, education, entertainment – all that they need to grow up, to take their place within the society, to start own family, and to bring up their children; they receive everything needed for earthly life and all they received will perish in its time… Yet, how many of us give our children all that they need for the eternity? Do we teach our children to understand the meaning of prayer about gift of the Holy Spirit and to pray God of the greatest treasure – the gift of the Holy Spirit with Who comes everything – compete reasoning–wisdom, knowledge, eternal life?

Indeed, what else is needed for a child of the Fire besides the Fire Himself…



50. Sunday, June 19, 2011

 The Bear and the Pigeon

…they proceed together as a bear and as a pigeon.…

{Isaiah 59:11}


Isaiah the prophet has warning for his tribesmen: iniquities separated men from God, and He turned away His face because of their sins; so, there is no salvation for them. Describing transformation of the chosen people into the “children of perdition, lawless seed” – idol–worshipers who rebelled against God and rejected His commandments, the prophet lists the consequences and symptoms of the coming destruction. He pinpoints the omens: they do not know the way of peace and judgment; their ways are bloodshed, unrighteousness, misery and destruction, judgment departed from them, they walk in perplexity; they have the distorted perception (referred to as blindness, – as they have no eyes, as those who feel the wall, yet cannot see and avoid it). Their works – the spider’s webs with which they attempt to cover themselves – are fruitless, because they are the works of iniquity. He concludes: as a bear and as a pigeon they proceed together – ως αρκος και ως περιστερα αμα  πορευσονται, and there is no salvation – it is gone far from them {Isaiah 59:3–11}.

The human mind lives by the specific energy that issues from God, and which at the level of material manifestation (spoken and written words) we call knowledge: our God is the God of knowledge, from His presence, wisdom and understanding come. God protects the righteous and preserves the way of those who fear Him; when His wisdom comes into the human soul–heart–mind, it brings salvation, because the good counsel will guard and the reason–understanding keep safe to deliver from the evil and from the unfaithful one. Not by strength, nor by mighty power, nor by weapon prevails man: by the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God life and salvation, wisdom and victory come {Psalm 110(111):10; Proverbs 2:6–12; 1 Kings 2:3–9; Zacharias 4:6}.

If there is no presence of God, there is no life–sustaining power, and there is no protection:

– the lawlessness burns as fire, spreads as a wild fire, and shall be burned by the fire

– the people became as those burned by fire

– the mind of the one, who departed from God, degenerates into the withered branch suitable only to feed the fire {Isaiah 9:18–19; John 15:6; Revelation 20:15; 21:8}.

For the world, which has rejected the Creator, the ultimate destruction is an act of mercy, because the misery of evil will be annihilated along with all that the evil has brought to men: insufficiency, lack of knowledge, the incapacitated reasoning, and issuing misery, poverty, famine, diseases of mind and body, suffering, grief, and death. For a person who has to live within the collapsing establishments, life becomes the chain of tragedies and disasters, which come either through the personal miscalculation and wrong assumptions or through the evil intention and mistakes of the others.

Isaiah the prophet describes misery of not only his contemporaries; the prophet gives warning for the entire chain of generations, which is named mankind. With different words and through different examples generalized until such a degree that they would be clear for the different people of different times and within the different settings, the prophet strives to convey the same message: rejection of God the Source of life carries instant degeneration that progresses into perversion and culminates in collapse – death of men and ruin of their establishments. He attempts to break the wall that man erected to hide himself from the presence of God, yet, he cannot disperse the fog of perplexity and misguided perception that fills the empty mind devoid of wisdom and knowledge of God. Seemingly, the prophet’s efforts are in vain, because generation after generation comes and commits the same lethal error: turns away from God the Creator and Giver of life.

Death of a sinner and ruin of a godless establishment begin at the moment of rebellion against God, when the law is violated, iniquity and sin are committed. However, the processes of degeneration of a particular mind might be latent, covered with the visible material prosperity, and destruction of the nation of sinners and ruin of their states, institutions, and other establishments might last through centuries until the critical mass of evil is accumulated {e.g., Genesis 15:16}. So, is it possible to identify at least some signs of the inevitable collapse?

The referred above prophecy {Isaiah 59:3–11} describes the general pattern of the collapse that follows the violations of the Law of God. However, one detail attracts a particular attention: the people devoid of righteousness, reason, and judgment proceed together as a bear and as a pigeon, and the salvation is gone far from them.

Everything separates a bear and a pigeon: their nature (thus, the level of complexity of energy transformations, which create, sustain, and finish existence), space, time–range, physical and mental abilities, food, accessibility of reserves, meaning of existence, etc. – the entire worlds of theirs are different as different are the earth – domain of a bear and the air – domain of a pigeon; even their interpretations of salvation are incompatible. Then, would any meaningful and fruitful union – for instance, as a purposeful set of mutual co–related actions for achievement of a particular mutual purpose (e.g., survival and peaceful co–existence) – ever be possible between a pigeon and a bear?

And I think: twenty–eight centuries ago, Isaiah the Prophet had a vision of the lawless and godless people who make the useless webs and arrange the bear–pigeon unions. At the Present, it looks like the Prophet speaks in the terms of the systems theory, in particular, in the terms of the concept of collapse.

For instance, within the totality of multifaceted processes of degeneration and collapse, there is one mutual detail that indicates the advanced stages of disintegration – deprivation of judgment–intelligence–reasoning, which is the consequence of impaired processes of knowledge creation–consuming–transmitting. Any interruption of the normal processes of knowledge creation–consuming–transmitting within a system triggers degeneration of the cohesive power. Any degeneration of the cohesive power activates the collapse, firstly, by triggering the processes of disintegration of the wholeness–system/establishment/state/nation, which gradually is transformed into an assembly of different groups/parties/subsystems/organizations with irreconcilable differences and thus, contradictory purposes. Although some deviations of the general pattern of collapse might be found in history of states, nations, and other establishments, an inability of fruitful cooperation and impossibility of salvation/survival are the mutual traits.

Only the adequate assessment and understanding of the actual essence and true purposes of the others would result in arrangement of useful temporary or permanent unions and alliances focused on mutual survival and well–being. Which kind of cooperation might be expected within the unions arranged without actual knowledge of the reality, firstly, the threats the members of the union confront and such vital factors, for instance, as the true purposes of each other and the others? Consequently, if analysis, evaluation, and issuing knowledge of the others lead to wrong assumptions and do not produce true knowledge, the system–member of the union faces the accelerated disintegration instead of expected survival and prosperity.

The history of mankind, especially of the Western civilization, provides many opportunities to study a chain of linked inter–related systems, which have accommodated the entire range of processes of degeneration and collapse, for instance, starting with institution of the papal Inquisition that prohibited to read the Bible (the Dark Ages), and finishing with the totalitarian states of the twentieth century, in which Christian faith was equated to a crime, and the Christians were subjected to “re–education,” “correction” in the mental institutions and labor camps, exile, or extermination.

During the period from the twelfth through the twentieth century, in attempts of survival, the collapsing establishments created new links–unions, increased pressure on the already submitted or assimilated systems with the purpose to deprive them of the remnants of their life–sustaining resources, waged wars, and applied the entire arsenal of the means and methods of destruction, yet, everything was useless. In due time, their unions collapsed being assimilated, defeated, or transformed (eaten out from within), frequently, by the very enemies whose destruction these unions have been created to accomplish.

So, what are the reasons of collapse of such unions, whose participants Isaiah the prophet sees as a bear and as a pigeon?

Firstly, there is no mutual or universal foundation; therefore, the purposes and methods to achieve them are incompatible. The only foundation, which would sustain all purposes of achievement the good – well–being, prosperity, security, and spiritual progress, must be sought in the Law that defines and controls the human nature: the Law of God.

Rejection of the Law of God makes well–being and prosperity impossible, because any violation of the Law is inseparable from instant perversion and degeneration. Although beginning of degeneration might not be written on a face of a sinner, it already progresses by affecting his genetic code and through interruption of the normal circulation of the life–sustaining energy in the mind and in the body, which in due time will culminate in mental and physical disorders, diseases, suffering, and premature death. Moreover, the degeneration–mutation would be transferred to the offspring {e.g., cf. in: Exodus 34:5–7; Deuteronomy 28:1–68; 29:10–29; 30:1–20; Isaiah 65:1–17; Matthew 5:17–18}.

Figuratively speaking, a human being that rejects God and violates His commandments, becomes similar to the crooked brunch incapable of bearing good fruits that has been cut off the tree and cast out to become withered food of fire {e.g., cf. in: John 15:1–6}.

Through the entire history, the traits of the inevitable collapse might be easily detected in each life–cycle of each human establishment that was not founded on the Law of God, and which, therefore, served the evil and accommodated degeneration and perversion of men.

The final stage begins with three inabilities, which develop in mind that has rejected God, therefore, that cut itself off from the life–maintain energy of God, and became devoid of reason, unable to perceive, to create, to learn, and to communicate the true knowledge of actuality:

a/ an inability of comprehension the actuality, especially, identification of the current and developing threats, risks, and consequences of particular actions

b/ an inability of finding the reasons and the sources of danger (e.g., the enemies) as well as the ways of survival (e.g., successful extermination or assimilation–transformation of enemies)

c/ an inability of comprehension the essence and deciphering the purposes of other systems – counterparts, enemies, neutral, manifestly benevolent or threatening establishments.

Then, the latent degeneration becomes manifest: the basic symptoms include

a/ the first direct and visible consequence of the rejection of God (that is self–deprivation of wisdom) – lack of reasoning–intelligence, or simply right judgment in all spheres, including political, social, and personal life

b/ an inability of thinking in the terms of adequate complexity – to analyze the actuality without partiality and to create true knowledge of the actuality

c/ an inability of setting the proper purposes and of accomplishing them

d/ substitution of the information noise and false assumptions for the knowledge that should maintain and protect the system

e/ disintegration of the hierarchy of original values, loss or perversion of traditional values, corruption, crimes, mistreatment of the young and the aged, loss of morality and ethics in all spheres – social, political, religious, personal.

An observer can detect the final stages of the collapse of a particular establishment and come to conclusions concerning the Present and the Future

1/ by identifying the actual purposes (those that would secure survival), officially propagated purposes, and the true purposes that system attempts to accomplish

2/ by the analysis of the actual states of affairs, which reveal details of the inner structure and processes

3/ by comparison the purposes, conditions, and potentials, which the system has been created to accomplish and to achieve, with the actual results of observation.

Recently, the processes of collapse of some current unions and webs started to accelerate, and, as Isaiah the prophet warned twenty–eight centuries ago, there is no salvation until the sinner turns to God, casts out the evil, accepts the good, and establishes own life on the Law, justice, and virtue.

Why those who created such unions in the Past and those who observe similar unions in the Present were (are) not able to recognize their insufficiency and therefore, inevitable disintegration?

Probably, because the same perplexity, clouded perception, and insufficient judgment hide the true nature of those unions from their creators (and those who strive to make them work) under the same darkness that comes with the death of reason – consequence of rejection of God, of which Isaiah the Prophet warned in the remote Past – the Past of irreversible collapse that with each passing day looks more and more like the Present…




51. Sunday, June 26, 2011

 The Statecraft


…Blessed is the people of the Lord God.…

{Psalm 143:15}


David the king said: blessed is the people of the Lord God God {Psalm 143:15}.

In the time of David, the people had the memory of the Law given through Moses and of the miracles that accompanied their exodus, starting with the deliverance from Egyptian slavery and finishing with the conquest of the Promised Land. The prophets still assisted the king’s endeavors; moreover, David the king was told that through his Descendent, his kingdom would endure forever {2 Kings 7:12–16}.

Indeed, the kingdom of David became the first and the last kingdom of ancient Israel in which the people and their king had the fullness of protection and blessing of God.

However, David also established the core of evil – abuse of the authority by king {to who Moses referred to as to the chosen of the brethren – Deuteronomy 17:14–15}.

David saw the women in a neighboring house of a soldier of the king’s army, and he liked her. David the king took the woman and she became pregnant. David summoned the soldier in Jerusalem: David expected that his subject would cover the king’s sin. Yet, the soldier did not come to his house, to his dishonored wife, although two evenings David spoke to him, and sent him to take rest in his house, and gave him food to eat before the king, and finally, made him drunk. Nonetheless, both nights the soldier slept near the king’s doors, among the servants of David. So, David ordered to send the soldier to the most dangerous place of the battle and to leave him alone that he would be surely killed by the enemies with whom David waged the war.  

David’s actions can be construed as a substitution of the will of the mortal king for the Law of God {the sixth commandment – you shall not kill, and the tenth commandment – you shall not covet your neighbor’s possession – Exodus 20:13, 17} and the intentional use of the king’s authority and power of coercion with the purpose to inflict evil on the innocent man.

David’s punishment was severe  {2 Kings 11:1–27; 12:1–12; 13:1–39; 14:25–27; 15:1–23; 16:11–22; 18:5–33; 19:1–7}:

– his child died

– the sword never left the house of David and the evil out of his own house arose against him

– Abessalom, David’s most beloved son, who arranged murder of Amnon, his brother (for the rape of Themar, his sister), rebelled against his father, and usurped David’s authority; he also took his father’s women in the sight of all Israel.

Yet, all the suffering, with which David paid for his actions, did not erase the established precedent from the history, as well as did not resurrect the murdered man.

Solomon, son of David, received from God understanding to judge his people, understanding, and knowledge, which still is not re–discovered by the contemporary science. He built the temple in which the people prayed God and their prayers were heard. During the Solomon’s reign, the ancient kingdom of Israel reached its maximal strength, and the king’s power, authority, and riches were greater than those of his contemporaries:  it was the gold age of the history of Israel. Then, the strange thing happened: Solomon’s heart turned away from God to the idols, although


God twice revealed His presence to Solomon

God gave Solomon all he asked and much more than he asked

God warned of a possibility of the destruction in the Future, if Solomon is not loyal to God

initially, "wisdom" of Solomon exceeded
"wisdom" of the surrounding nations, including Egypt

{3 Kings 3:5–14; 9:1–9; 11:1–13, 26–40}.


What was the crucial point at which Solomon began his transformation into the one who did not keep the commandments and the ordinances of God and who God spared only because of His mercy, for the sake of David who was the servant of God, and for the sake of Jerusalem, the city chosen by God {3 Kings 9:9–13}? Could it be violations of the commandments and ordinances, which God gave through Moses, and which include, for instance, the following

– for all the people of Israel: by all means to keep the commandments, the definitions of righteousness and justice, and the ordinances of God; to chase all enemies out of the presence of the chosen people; to exterminate the plague of heathenism and idol–worship from the Promised Land; do not marry the heathens, and do not turn back to Egypt {Exodus 34:11–16; Deuteronomy 6:17–19; 7:1–5; 12:1–2; 17:16; 20:16–18}  

– for a king: to prevent corruption {Deuteronomy 17:15–17}, which comes through

a/ multiplication of horses (in the time of Solomon, the plenty of horses not only secured the fastest transportation; it was a demonstration of wealth and authority, probably, similar to the personal supersonic jets in the Present)

b/ connections with Egypt for the sake of acquiring horses {seemingly, in the meaning of improper alliances with the Egyptians, from which God freed His chosen people, as well as with the heathen nations of the Promised Land  – Deuteronomy 6:12; 7:1–4}

c/ multiplication of women

d/ exceedingly excessive multiplication of the riches?

Solomon violated the referred above commandments and ordinances of God, which are established for the prevention of corruption of kings: he took seven hundred wives and three hundred of concubines – women of the heathen nations, which were forbidden for the people of Israel; he married Egyptian woman, daughter of pharaoh, and he exceeded all other kings in riches. So, in his old age, the women turned away Solomon’s heart after their idols. Moreover, Solomon built places of worship to the idols of the Moabites, Sidonians, etc., and sacrificed to those abominations. Solomon did that what was evil before God, and he went not after the Lord as David his father. Then, although Solomon knew that for his sin before God, his kingdom is to be divided, and ten parts of it would be given to Jeroboam his servant, Solomon attempted to murder the future king {3 Kings 11:1–13, 26–40; 2 Chronicles 9:22–28}. It looks like to his idol–worship, Solomon added the revolt against the will of God.

Explanation of the Solomon’s actions cannot be found with the logic derived from the Law of God, because they are unreasonable: his state is built on the mercy of God and with understanding and riches granted by God, yet, by denying God, he destroys the very foundation on which his state is built.

However, the Solomon’s actions are within the logical realm of the pattern of self–deification with such inseparable consequences as misjudgment, misinterpretation of own abilities, abuse of authority, erroneous purposes, and either non–admissible or ineffective actions. This pattern is common for all rulers who assume own absolute superiority over other beings, and therefore, rely excessively on the power of coercion and on the weaknesses and submissiveness as the natural features of the others.

In general, it might be concluded that


David the king established the core of destruction
as admissibility for a king to violate the commandments of God

David’s son, Solomon the king, developed this core into admissibility for a king to deny God,
even by turning to idol–worship.


The consequent history of the ancient kingdom of David became mostly the history of idol–worship and decline with sporadic “return to God of our fathers” and attempts of some kings to renew the broken covenant with God and to restore the glory of the kingdom. As much as it could be inferred from the history, the irreversible collapse began in the time long before the Babylonian exile, because the Book of Jeremiah contains the indications of the advanced destruction {Jeremiah 2:8; 43:1–31}:

1/ the summary of processes, which are possible only if the heathenism takes the place of the knowledge of God: the priests did not speak for God, those held by the law did not know God, the prophets (in fact, diviners) prophesized by the idols

2/ the ruler’s manifest defiance of God and His ordinances. For instance, Jeremiah the prophet sent to Joakim the king of Juda the book with the words of God that warned that the destruction is coming; therefore, the king and his servants should seek forgiveness of God and turn away from their evil. The ungodly king ordered to read the book (roll) by parts, then, he cut the part of the book (roll), which was read, and cast it in the fire until the entire book (roll) was gone in flames. By these actions, the king openly violated the ordinances of the kings given through Moses {Deuteronomy 17:14–20}:


the words of the Law had to be written down into the book for the king
who must keep it for all days of his life and learn the commandments of God

the king must be the keeper and executor of the Law of God,
so, his kingdom would be safe and prosperous.


So, the ancient glory and prosperity of Israel became the memory of the Past.

The summary of the history of ancient kingdom of Israel is terrifying, yet, the lessons of the history are straightforward:

1/ the kings who had to serve God and to execute the will/Law of God, therefore, to rule the kingdom in peace, righteousness, and wisdom, became the enemies of God, who corrupt their subjects and ruin the kingdom bringing suffering, poverty, and death instead of well–being and prosperity

2/ the main condition of survival of the state and nation is loyalty and love to God

3/ the foundation of statecraft is the Law of God

4/ the first sign of the future collapse of the state and nation is deviation from the Law of God and ungodliness protected, propagated, or allowed by the state or its ruler(s).

And I think that the essence of statecraft is establishment of the system for the literal execution of the Law of God – the system, which secures observance of the Law of God by the subjects of the state, and therefore, arranges the optimal conditions and terms for the people’s growth, development, and perfection. Only in the state under protection of the Almighty Lord God, the people are safe, live in prosperity, and reach the highest perfection of human nature created in the image and likeness of the perfect God. Any other governing system, which is not founded on the Law of God and which does not pursue the good of its subjects as it is defined by the Christian teachings, inevitably collapses. The history of mankind, and especially, the Western civilization, provides plentiful confirmations that


only in God are strength and wisdom and life and well–being of man

only through wisdom granted by God all human institutions and establishments prosper.


Many kingdoms, empires, states began and ended their existence after the ancient ungodly kings, who ruined the kingdom of David, came into oblivion; all of them have the same core of destruction; only details and time–range differ because of different time–space–complexity parameters (different lands, reserves, population, availability of resources, technical progress, possession of weapons, armies, etc.).

The core of destruction is the heathenism*1*, firstly, as the ability to admit existence of any other power besides the power of the Almighty God–Creator. The ability to admit existence of any other divine power inevitably produces the false gods–idols and culminates in idol–worship, whatever the idols are – people, animals, celestial bodies, concepts, ideas, human establishments, etc.

The Aristotle’s concept of “divine state” illustrates advancement of the heathenism, because the head of the state, by default, has to be deified in order to be suitable for management of the “living deity.” The history of the totalitarian states of the twentieth century with their cults of state, political party, ruler’s personality, etc., provides the vivid examples of that what the deified rulers bring to their subjects.

In the end of the road, is any difference among all the idols ever invented by the human mind? There is none, because all of them embody the same perversion: enmity and hatred to God. Consequently, collapse is the common destiny of the human establishments, which are not founded on the Law of God; the difference is only in time–range of existence and the scale of suffering inflicted on those under their authority. If so, is any meaning in all the efforts, shows, discussions, contests, competition, struggle for people’s votes, and propaganda by which the politicians attempt to exalt themselves and to portray themselves as the experts in statecraft?...






*1* Concerning the heathenism, see posting Philosophy: the Beginning, Folder Philosophy, Page_1.  


 52. Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Authority to Survive


…I have given you the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions,

and all the power of enemy.…

{Luke 10:19}


Lord God Jesus Christ has sent His disciples to preach His coming and to heal the sick. When the disciples returned, they were filled with joy, because they tasted the gift of God: even the demons submitted to them in His name. But God said that He saw the arch–enemy falling out of the Heaven as lightening. Then, God reveals additional meanings of His gift: He gave them the authority to tread (την εξουσιαν του πατειν) on snakes and scorpions and all the power of enemy (την δυναμιν του εχθρου), and nothing shall harm them. However, His messengers should not rejoice because the enemies are obedient to them; they should rejoice because the names of those He sent are written in the Heaven {Luke 10:1–20}.

Men do not need a special authority (την εξουσιαν) to protect themselves from dangerous reptiles, insects, and other animals – they are creatures of flesh, and their power (την δυναμιν) to harm a human being is limited by a physical impact (bite, strike, poison), which can be prevented: men have enough physical power (την δυναμιν) and weapon to overcome and to kill physical enemies.

Yet, in this case, the power (την δυναμιν) as the ability to act is not enough; something else is needed: the authority (την εξουσιαν; as εξουσια --  the right, will to act, power to act) given by God.

So, what are these creatures and which kind of detriment they are enabled to inflict on a human being if physical power of men is not sufficient for protection from the power of these enemies, and if they are harmless only for those who have the authority given by God?

The Holy Scriptures contain numerous references to asp and basilisk:

– when Moses describes the idol–worshipping nations, he mentions sacrifices to demons and idols, which are abominations; those who worship them have no understanding; their vine (that is their national root) is the vine of Sodom producing the wine that carries the rage of serpents and incurable rage of asps {θυμος δρακοντων ο οινος αυτων, και θυμος ασπιδων ανιατος – Deuteronomy 32:16–33}

– those who dwell under protection of God, they will trample over the asp and basilisk*1* {Psalm 90:10, 13}

– Isaiah the prophet describes those who “have hatched asps’ eggs” with the basilisk within (in fact, Isaiah conveys the essence of the Orphic serpentine “theology”*2*): they are the corrupted, devoid of discernment and trusting in vanities ones, who are defiled with sin and bloodshed, whose ways are the ways of iniquity, destruction, murder, and perplexity, whose works are as the spider webs unsuitable for use, whose unions are ineffective as ineffective is the union of beast–bear and bird–pigeon, and whose salvation has gone far from them {Isaiah 59:3–11}

– St. Paul the Apostle refers to the description of those who do not seek God, who turned away from God and became worthless: their throat is the open grave, they use their tongue for deceit, and poison of asps is under their lips {Romans 3:13}.

Therefore, the warning concerning the lethal poison of idol–worshipers – the death, which watches over those who turn away from God, is one of the main themes of the Holy Scriptures, which runs through the entire Book of Life {Deuteronomy, Psalm 90, The Book of Isaiah the Prophet, The Gospel According to St. Luke, and Epistle to Romans by St. Paul the Apostles}. Obviously, the Holy Scriptures refer not to the creatures of flesh, which might be rendered harmless with physical power and weapon of men; the reference is to something other perceived in image of the deadly dangerous creature, which the human mind might unknowingly or intentionally accept and die.

What is this other?

The references to the poisonous creatures – snakes, vipers, asps, scorpions, and basilisk – convey the warning:

– the other carries the lethal poison

– the other is similar to the ancient shrewd brute of Genesis, which is referred to as the serpent and as the reptile cursed to crawl, to eat earth, to which head man would keep watch, and which would keep watch on man’s wings {Genesis 3:1–16}*3*.

Through the functions of head (the brain), the knowledge is communicated–transferred to other beings, and the serpent’s head carries the lethal poison. As soon as a human body is deprived of visible/physical wings, the word  πτερναν might refer to the following features of mind:


love for self–exaltation and pride

↓         ↑

the ability to soar with imagination into the different real and imaginary realms,
yet, finish with the evil
{God refers to human imagination as to intently bent upon the evil from man’s youth – Genesis 8:21}

↓         ↑

the desire of superiority and exaltation, firstly, the desire to be exalted because of self–ascribed wisdom
{therefore, to lose caution, which is necessary for discernment the truth and the false,
and to fall into the trap set up with deceit and lies,
deliverance from which is promised only to the one who dwells under the protection of God – Psalm 90(91)}.


It could be inferred that this other is death, which consumes the earth, and this earth is man without God.

Without God, man is nothing, a dissipating dust, because only by the breath of God, man became the living soul, and only by the Holy Spirit of God man becomes a child of God and enters the eternal Kingdom {Genesis 2:7; John 1:12–13; 3:3–7}.

Only in God man has the true life, because the breath of God gave life to a human clay; the energy of God sustained life of an original human being created into the image and likeness of God; then, only through Lord Jesus Christ – the Word–God – man has found the way back to God the Creator and Father: the Holy Spirit of God creates a child of God from the creature of earth.

The following features describe the actual difference between man–earth and man–child of God:

a/ love to God or hatred to God

b/ the choice between God and idol; the mind has to make a choice –
who is the focus of life, who is the meaning of life, who is the master

c/ love to the people or animosity and enmity to the people

In summary, all comes to the ability of discernment between good and evil and between truth and false. Only God gives life and wisdom – the ability of discernment between good and evil and the ability to chose the good and to create the good; His power annihilates evil: He is the source of life, the Absolute Good, in Whose presence evil does not exist.

Any evil that humans suffer has the only source: the human heart–mind, which had rejected God and consequently, became unable

a/ to maintain the world granted by God

b/ to obtain and to possess well–being –
mental and physical health, prosperity, happiness

d/ to live and to sustain life of other creations of God.

Consequently, those human beings, who decide to live without God, would go through life on the Earth as the earth, as the creatures of flesh/dissipating dust. Man belongs to the reality/universe/world, which he takes as his treasure, in which his heart dwells {Luke 12:34}. If man rejects God and denies His existence, if his heart–mind is focused on the world of the matter, if he identifies himself as a creature of the matter without soul and without God, he belongs only to the world of the matter, which has no other end but disintegration–death. Those who choose death are the food of death.

Death penetrates the soul–heart–mind of man by deceit, through the false knowledge; this false knowledge – the knowledge of death – is the heathenism*4*.

The essence of ancient heathenism was summarized into the Orphism – doctrine of “absolute divine” animal – cosmic arch–dragon, which impregnates the cosmic egg, which harbors the arch–serpent/beast {to which the Holy Scriptures refer to as to asp, viper, serpent, basilisk, snake, etc. – Psalm 90(91):13; Isaiah 59:3–10; Matthew 23:33; Luke 10:19} – filled with forms–essences of all living creatures *2*. The Orphic serpentine “theology” became the main doctrine of the heathen world, the “mother–board” of all cults practiced by the ancient snake–worshipers in Greece, Mediterranean, and Asian countries.

The main manifestation of death, which destroys the human heart–mind and which transforms a human being into the living dead, is the idol–worship: following the false religions, worship to the false “gods” – idols invented by corrupted human imagination.

The false religions are numerous, and perverted mind invented multitudes of idols – “other gods.” For instance, who would instantly recognize the direct connection between the Orphism and the cult of the state or the ruling party or the personality, on which the totalitarian regimes are built?

Nevertheless, whichever image the evil takes, the essence of the heathenism as well as of each idol and each rite of idol–worship is the same: they all are different forms of acceptance, recognition, and worship of the same arch–enemy of man, the evil one, to which Lord God Jesus Christ refers as to “the father of lies who was the murderer of men from the beginning” {John 8:44}.

From all tragedies, catastrophes, and kinds of death that human beings exiled from the Paradise had to suffer because of their own thoughts, words, and deeds, the greatest tragedy and calamity is the substitution of the arch–enemy, the canning beast, liar, and murderer, for the true God the Father and Giver of life.

Therefore, the Holy Scriptures reveal the actual value of the authority to prevail over the power of enemy as one of the greatest gifts of God, the gift of survival. The meaning of this gift is disclosed through  

a/ mentioning of the arch–enemy, which is the liar and the murderer of man from the beginning, and which was cast out from the heaven with the speed of lightening

the mind is given understanding that the arch–enemy carries only evil,

yet, it and its evil are nothing before the power of God,

and there is no place for the evil in the Kingdom of God


b/ explanation that the reason for joy is in belonging to the eternal Kingdom of God, not in the ability to control the demons – servants of the arch–enemy, which within the temporal time–space settings are enabled to “possess” the corrupted/perverted human heart–mind and therefore, to inflict on man mental disorders, insanity, and death, yet, which will meet their end along with the temporal world of the matter, and which never enter the Kingdom of God


the mind is given understanding of the true value of man

and the true meaning of happiness –

all of man is in God Who gives man the eternal life in His kingdom


c/ warning of St. John the Apostle: be aware of idols


the mind is given one more reminder that the greatest danger – death – awaits the carefree mind,

that flippantly accepts as truth any knowledge without understanding

what is its real meaning and who is behind.


The power or authority to discern the lethal poison of evil within the thoughts, words, and deeds of men, the authority to cast out the false knowledge, and – the most significant of all – the ability to steadfastly pursue accomplishment of the law given by God and to execute commandments of God are the greatest gifts of God, because they enable the human heart–mind to pass the main test – to choose the good and life: to live the earthly life by God, that is by the Absolute Good, with wisdom–understanding of the true values. Cognition of the good and the ability to create the good prepare a human child for the eternal life with God.

And I think of the responsibility of those who know; especially of the crucial responsibility of the parents and exceptional value of human family for a child. The parents – father and mother – are responsible not only for a physical well–being of a child and his preparedness for the human society. The greatest responsibility of parents rests in preparation of a child for the Kingdom of God, so their child by flesh would become the child of the Holy Spirit of God. Only faith in Lord God Jesus Christ and knowledge of God open the eyes of the child’s heart–mind, enables him to perceive the eternal Light and to become a human child of God for ever {John 1:12–13; 14:6; 1 John 3:1–18; 1 Corinthians 3:16}. Therefore, the main purpose of parents, this is for what they live for, is to transfer to their child their love to God, their faith in God – the knowledge of life.

The chosen people were given the ordinance: the first–born male child must be holy to God; he must be presented to God in His temple, so a child would be offered to God for protection, education, and receiving gifts of God – life, understanding, wisdom. The first–born were the heirs, on their shoulders was the responsibility to keep a family/tribe/nation according to the Law and commandments of God: they were the carriers of the Law and of life who transferred the Law and life to the next generation. By the first–born sons, who are sanctified to God and who are holy to God, the chosen nation was expected to carry the Law of God and to survive. Moreover, the natural place of children is with God, for of such is the Kingdom of God {Exodus 34:19; Mark 10:13–16; Luke 2:22–23; 18:15–17}.

Where most of good parents can take their sons today  – to eateries of the fast food, movie theaters with show of evil and violence, malls for shopping, libraries filled with books propagated evil and hatred to God, amusement parks, etc.?

If to judge by the crimes, violence, quality of life, and self–reflection of the people within the societies (especially in countries that identify themselves as “the godless nations” and in countries that are under the power of the enemies of the Christian faith), the social, entertaining, and charitable institutions spread evil and false knowledge. Moreover, in the Western countries, which identify themselves as the free nations, –

– the places of worship, in which a child would not be abused by the predators in sheep clothing that mask themselves as “preachers” or “priests,” became the rare phenomenon

– the law and other protective institutions defend propagation of corruption and perversion (through which the spiritual death proliferates) as well as the right to corrupt and pervert the others, especially children.

All Medieval plagues taken together are as nothing in comparison with the contemporary plague of evil that pollutes the mind of the people, and especially children, within the contemporary societies. The human institutions instead of establishments that preserve life and dignity of men became the cages filled with merciless beasts – predators that corrupt, abuse, murder, and deprive each other of any good.

Sometimes, the people ask: why God tolerates unspeakable evils of men, and why He does not intervene for the sake of salvation of physical life and freedom of His creations?

Man is free to choose between the good and the evil, between life and death. The only source of evil in the earth is the human heart–mind, which admits the evil into own life, contemplates the evil, and embodies the evil into the material structures of the world of the matter. Only human mind makes the ultimate decision:


 either to become the servant and the child of God who loves God and who lives by God


to become the enemy of God, the embodiment of arch–evil
who lives by consuming the earth – other men and their earthly possessions


For the sake of knowledge of good and evil, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and discarded His warning concerning death inseparable from the knowledge of evil. So, we all have to pass through the Earth – setting for our education in the matters of the good and the evil – and to make the very own ultimate choice: the good or the evil, life or death.

Therefore, the enemies of God are kept on the earth because all human beings born into this world have to complete their cognition of the good and the evil, to exercise their right to choose between life and death: to choose the good and to become ready for the homecoming, for entry into the new world in which there will be no evil, suffering, and death {Revelation 21:3–5}.

Yet, now, with each passing day, the burden of evil growth, because the knowledge of evil is destroying the world of its carriers; the lawlessness began its work in the quite remote Past {1 John 4:3; 2 Thessalonians 2:7}, and now it steadily proceeds with the ultimate extermination of the human world.

However, the mind is given knowledge of life, or at least indication, where the knowledge can be found, how to discard evil and cast it out, away from own heart–mind, how to prevent own transformation into the living dead and how to live in dignity and to be prepared for the exit from this world – homecoming.

This life–giving knowledge is only in the Orthodox Holy Bible, which conveys as much unchanged words of God as it was possible to preserve through all generations of righteous and diligent scribes and monks who copied the Holy texts by hand. When I refer to the Holy Bible, I do not mean the intentionally disfigured texts, which had to convince in the power of man to stand between God and other man, and especially, the contemporary gender–neutral or similar editions, which intentionally tamper with the words of God, substitute “politically correct” wording for the words of God, and re–write the definitions of law, virtues, and the human nature.

Until the time has not run out, until we have the air to breeze, the light of the Sun to see, the water and bread to sustain physical existence, we must continue our struggle for survival of human reason, for preservation of human dignity and traditional human values–virtues, love, mercy, search for the truth.

We should remember that the true authority comes only from God, and, while we live under the power of the laws enacted by human institutions, we have the rights to survive by choosing our own manner of life, preserving our conscience, exercising the freedom of thinking. We should remember that only God gives the authority to discard the false knowledge and the wisdom to survive, to protect ourselves from the arch–evil as well as from false, propaganda, and issuing corruption. From this authority the grave responsibility arises, the responsibility to preserve and to transfer the knowledge of life to the others, so they would also find their own road to God the Father…







            *1* The basilisk is a crawling monster carrying death, with breath that spreads lethal poison, similar to Gorgon Medusa of the Greek myths; see posting The Earth without the Foundation, May 29, 2011; Folder 2011, Page 2, April–May.

The Old Testament has a direct reference to basilisk; for instance, “thou shall trample over the asp and basilisk” {Επ ασπιδα και βασιλισκον επιβηση – Psalm 90(91):13}.


*2* Concerning the Orphism, see posting Philosophy: the Beginning. Folder Philosophy, Page_1.


*3* In the Septuagint, it is written: αυτος σου τηρησει κεφαλην, και συ τηρησεις αυτου πτερναν {Genesis 3:16}.

The Greek word τηρησει(ς) stands for to keep guard over, to watch over, as a derivative from τερος – to watch by keeping eye on, or τηρεω – to guard, to keep, to observe.

In the English versions of the Bible, the word πτερναν  is translated as heel – derivative of φτερνα (as in Αχιλλεια φτερνα - Achilles' heel, of the Greek myths).

However, its origin is more complicated: it is a compound word with the roots of the words with the following meanings:

πτερον – wing (of a bird); also πτερυγας – in the reference to God in Psalm 90(91):4

πτερωνο – to grow/acquire wings.

            In general, πτερναν  should denote wings, or something similar, which is needed to carry up, to lift up, to soar, to be winged.  


*4* As much as it could be inferred from the texts of the Holy Scriptures, the heathenism began as the revolt against God Who sent Adam (and with him, all his offspring) out from the perfect world to the earth cursed for the sin of man. Three references in the Holy Scriptures allow inference that the heathenism as rejection of God began in the time when Adam still lived at the Earth {Genesis 5:1–24}:

a/ in the Septuagint {Genesis 4:26; 5:3–24}, it is written that

in the time when Enos the son of Seth, the grandson of Adam, was born, the people began to hope on the Name of the Lord 


Enoch, the seventh from Adam, grand–grandson of Seth, was taken by God.        

 b/ St. Jude the Apostle mentions that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied the final judgment of God and condemnation of the ungodly sinners who spoke against God and made ungodly works {Jude 14}.  Final judgment of God is destruction of the arch–evil and its servants as well as all the knowledge of the evil, including the heathenism and all the suffering inflicted by the evil on the creations of God, because in the new world it will be none of them {Revelation 20:10–15; 21:1–8}.

Enoch’s end is unclear. There is no mention of his death: he was well–pleasing to God, and then, he was not found, because God translated him, or, as St. Paul the Apostle writes, Enoch was translated not to see death. The references to Enoch, to Elijah’s departure, when the prophet was taken from this world and to resurrection of Lazarus {Genesis 5:24; 4 Kings 2:1–18; John 11:38–44; Hebrew 11:5},  reveal the ultimate authority of God over His creation: whichever form (flesh or spirit) they have to pass through, even death as disintegration of the matter/flesh, which comes into existence to accomplish some purposes and to meet its ultimate end – disintegration, has no power over them, when God decides to change their natural end.

            Therefore, during the first thousand of year in the pre–Flood Earth, the people were given the hope on the Name of the Lord (that is on deliverance by the Messiah), and in the same time, those who rebel against God began to practice the heathenism, probably, initially as the revolt against God and rejection of God. However, man is not able to live without God: when he rejects true God, he empties his soul. Man is not able to survive with empty soul–heart–mind: he fills the emptiness with any “other god” – false deity, the idol.

            So, in their revolt against God the Father and Creator, men began to deify the arch–enemy, the shrewd brute cursed by God for the evil it inflicted on man.

            Anyway, they were not able to choose something else, because their arch–enemy was given them as the response to their choice to discard the warning of God and to believe the words of the brute {Genesis 2:16–17; 3:1–15}.

            Their heart was intently and continually brooding over evil; they corrupted the ways of all flesh on the Earth and filled her with their inequities. Eventually, the corrupted ones and their world were destroyed by the Flood; only Noah the Righteous and his family were spared along with the creatures chosen by God {Genesis 6:6–14; 7:1–23}.

            However, it looks like the remnants of the Past survived in the memory of Noah’s family: Noah who began new life on the second, after–Flood, Earth with sacrifice of the living creatures spared by God, obviously, with the intention to please God with death of His creations. The Holy Scriptures conveys the words of God Who answered the Noah’s sacrifice with decision do not curse the Earth because of works of man whose imagination is intently bent upon evil from his youth {Genesis 8:15–22}.

            Then, Cham, the son of Noah, sinned against his father, and his son Canaan, cursed by Noah, became the father of the cursed nations {Genesis 9:18–27; 10:16–20}, one of which is known as Sidonians or Phoenicians (concerning the Phoenicians, see postings The Curse of Cain – August 2, 2009; Folder Archive, Page_5_2009; Philosophy: the Beginning, folder Philosophy, Page_1).





53. Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Great Chasm


…a great chasm has been fixed between us and you.…

{Luke 16:5}



From all parables of the New Testament, the story of Lazarus the poor and a certain rich man is the most tragic one.

There was a rich man who lived merry in luxury. At the doors of his house, Lazarus, a poor man, had been laid: sore–plagued and longing to be filled with crumbs from the table of the rich man; even κυνος coming licked his sores. So, eventually, Lazarus the poor died, and the angels carried him in the place of rest, “into the bosom of Abraham.” The rich man also died, and was buried, and being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Lazarus the poor in the place of Abraham. The one that was a rich man beseeched Abraham to send Lazarus just to dip his finger into the water and cool his tongue, for he is suffering in this flame. But Abraham answered that he already received good things in his lifetime as well as the Lazarus received bad things. Now, Lazarus the poor man is comforted, and the rich man is suffering. Besides, a great chasm has been fixed between those with Abraham and the one who is in the flame, so neither those desiring to pass from here to the suffering one have power not those from there may cross over. Then, the rich man implored Abraham to send Lazarus back, into his father’s house, so his five brothers would learn his destiny and would not come into the place of torment. Again, Abraham answered and said that those still living have Moses and the Prophets; so let them hear Moses and the Prophets. The rich man said: no, but if the one from the dead comes, they will repent. Then, Abraham said, if they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if the one from the dead should rise {Luke 16:19–31}.

Traditional interpretation stresses the responsibility of sharing the gifts received from God: riches and other possessions, knowledge, whatever the one has, because even the poorest beggar has something to spare – bread crumbs with sparrows and kind word with the strangers. The focus is on the insensitivity of the rich man who each day could see the miserable, sick, suffering, and hungry human being at his doors, yet he did nothing; only the beasts had mercy on Lazarus. However, as with all texts of the Holy Scriptures, the complete meaning is richer than the one on the surface.

The story of Lazarus the poor foretells the resurrection of another Lazarus – Lazarus of Bethany, the friend of the Lord, whom God resurrected four days after his death. Many people believed in Lord God Jesus Christ when they saw Lazarus the resurrected. Yet, the chief–priests, Pharisees, and the members of Sanhedrin decided to put to death Lord God Jesus Christ along with Lazarus whom God raised from the dead, for many people became the believers because of Lazarus’ resurrection {John 11:1–57; 12:9–11}.

So, God in His mercy gave His people one more miracle to wake up the heart, to clear eyes and ears, and to choose life – and what happened?

In spite of the miracles that only God does, the chief–priests decided to exterminate God Who resurrected the dead one and, along with God, the dead one resurrected to persuade the people, so the people would not follow Lord Jesus Christ. The chief–priests, Pharisees, and the members of Sanhedrin were afraid that the Romans could come (although the Romans already governed Judea) and take from the chief–priests and Pharisees “the place and the nation” {John 11:47–48}. Obviously, they were afraid to lose the spiritual, law–giving, and other authority over the people. And what in fact, was their authority? It was authority to corrupt and to kill the people for the sake of own vanity, enrichment, and self–aggrandizement {Matthew 23:13–15, 23–36}.

The Holy Gospel reveals transformation of the priests and elders of the Israel. The only meaning of their existence was keeping and observing the Law of God, transferring the knowledge of the Law and knowledge of God to the people, and protection of the people from the false knowledge that would re–invent idol–worship. Yet, they begin to perceive the life–preserving Law of God as the threat to their own existence. Consequently, they became powerless until such a degree that they were not able to recognize God, to understand that He speaks with the same authority with which the Law was given, and that His actions are the exact fulfillment of the promises of God conveyed through the Prophets. Ultimately, centuries of secret and open idol–worship and violations of the Law of God transformed some of the shepherds of the chosen people into the “Serpents! Offspring of vipers!”; the guardians and teachers of the Law become the blind leaders of the blind who lead their people into the pit {Matthew 15:12–14; 23:29–33}.

The story of two men with the same name – Lazarus – facilitates comprehension of the meaning of “the great chasm,” the abyss that separates the living and the dead, and the authority that is needed to become the living one born of God {John 1:12–13}. Everything is possible for God – even the corpse that four days was in the tomb comes into life; each gift of God is a precious treasure carrying life and well–being of man; however, the greatest gift is the freedom, the freedom of choice – the freedom to live or to die.

On the other hand, the freedom, which is given for cognition of the good and the evil and for making the ultimate choice, carries life and death, blessing and the curse – exactly as Moses warned his tribesmen in the beginning of human civilization, in the days of the Law–giving {Deuteronomy 30:11–20}. By exercising this freedom, the human mind begins either descent into the inferno of the all–consuming flame that annihilates the evil, iniquities and sins of men or the way up, into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Seemingly, it looks simple: everyone is free to make a choice:


either to be with God

or to serve figments of human imagination

either to observe The Ten Commandments

or to violate the Law

either to live with human dignity by love to God and to the others

or to live as the beast consuming possessions of the others and murdering the other

either to live

or to die.



However, in fact, is a contemporary society different from the ancient society in which the authorities established to preserve the Law of God condemned the Son of God, the Most Righteous Man, to death for His precise fulfillment of the Law of God given through the prophets: for His teachings of love and justice and freedom?

Almost everything in the contemporary societies is stamped with the label “freedom”: all believe that they all are free, that they live in the land of freedom, and that they can do everything for own well–being, firstly, to choose the best for themselves and for their families (for instance, the best service provider, the best political party, the best leader, the best representative,  the best educator for children, the best market, the best investments, the best health–care – although mandatory–and–chosen–by–someone–else, the most reliable sources of the daily news, especially concerning the war and peace and world affairs, and so on).

However, could any freedom of choice exist for those who have


neither knowledge of truth

nor ability to discriminate between truth and lies

nor moral courage to believe in that what the others reject

nor authority to survive by making the right choice – by choosing God?


And how to obtain the wisdom of discrimination between truth and false, if neither the very meaning of truth is known nor the source of truth can be found, because most of the contemporary human institutions either train people to live without God or disallow any mentioning of God? Then, has freedom the room for existence today, if from the childhood the people are enslaved by the evil through false knowledge, propaganda, perverted education, culture of corruption and violence, which transform a human being into the beast and therefore, advance dehumanization and bestialization of the societies and other institutions of men?

From such a point of view, the great chasm’s parable elaborates understanding of the meaning of division, the dividing sword that God has brought into the earth {Matthew 10:34–36; Luke 12:51–53; Ephesians 6:17; Hebrew 4:12–13; Revelation 2:12, 16; 19:15–16, 21}. The greatest chasm, the abyss of division, which no one may cross over, opens


the mind that became the carrier of the evil – the slave of the evil destined to be annihilated by the Word–God


the mind that lives by God and by love to God and to the others.


And I think that still, even at the brink of the great chasm, is the hope: God, and the only God.

Only Lord God Jesus Christ, the Word–God, grants the authority to cross over the abyss between life and death, to survive the battle with the evil, the personal Armageddon (that is the earthly life of every human being).

If the Word–God becomes the essence, the precious Seal of life engraved into the mind that belongs only to God, observes commandments of God, and lives by God, the Spirit of Truth comes, and a human child of God is born into the eternity {John 1:12–13; 3:3–7; 6:63; 14:6, 15–17, 23–26; 1 John 3:1–3; 5:11–13; The Song 8:6; James 1:16–25}.

The great chasm’s parable reveals the greatest tragedy of the others, those who are not the children of God: the perfect creations designed for the eternity who by own free will become the lifeless dust unable to respond the touch of the Master and therefore, destined to perish in the flame of re–creation…


54. Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Water for the Arid Earth



I spread forth my hands to Thee, my soul as the arid athirst earth…

{Psalm 142(143):6}



In the time of the Old Testament, the time of expectation of the Lord, it was said:


I spread forth my hands to Thee, my soul as the arid athirst earth
{Psalm 142(143):6}


and then, it was expectation of fulfillment of the promise


He will come to us as the early and latter rain to the earth
{Hosea 6:4}


and it was explained to the teacher of Israel:

man must be born from  above, through the water and Spirit,
because flesh gives birth to flesh,
yet, the one who receives the birth from the Spirit 
becomes able to enter the Kingdom of God
{John 3:5–6}

and then, it was confirmed in conversation with the woman that lived with the people of Samaria rejected by the Jews


whoever receives the water given by the Lord he shall never be thirsty again,
but the water of God will become in him the fountain of water
springing into the life everlasting
{John 4:3–14}


and then, it was the last reminder concerning the promise of the salvation – the fountain of the living water out of the house of the Lord Who is the Holy of Israel {Isaiah 12:2–6; 44:3–4; Joel 3:18}:


whoever believes in Lord God Jesus Christ, from him the water of living will flow
{it was said of the Holy Spirit
Who would come after glorification of Lord Jesus Christ  – John 7:37–39}.


and ultimately, it was fulfilled, when the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified and gave up His life for salvation of the world:


one of the soldiers pierced His side with a lance,
and at once the Blood and the Water came out
{John 19:34}.


The cycle of creation is accomplished, the ancient promise is fulfilled, and the destiny of the world is completed {Genesis 2:4–9; John 1:1–5, 9–14; 3:13–20; 6:38–58; 14:15–28; 15:12–13; 16:5–28}:


In the beginning, there rose the fountain from the earth
and watered the entire face of the earth,
yet, God did not rain upon the earth because it was not a man to cultivate her…
…God created man from
χουν απο της γης
– pouring dust of the earth
and made to spring up all living fruit–bearing creations out of the earth

the Word–God, the Light and the Life of the world, became man,
so His
Blood would wash out the curse
that disobedience of the first man brought onto the perfect world

the Word–God re–created human nature
and enabled man to receive the Holy Spirit
{to Whom the Scriptures refer to as to the Rivers of the Living Water
and to the Fountain of Life –
John 7:37–39; Isaiah 12:2–6; 44:3–4; Jeremiah 2:13; 17:13; Joel 3:18}

by the Holy Spirit of God,
man obtains the authority to be a child of God
and becomes the dwelling–temple of the Living God

the Water of the Living poured out
and transformed the arid athirst earth/man
into the immortal child of God:
the mortal creature of arid fruitless earth became the living being
that carries within the fountain of immortality


Although the Word–God left the world {John 9:4–5; 16:28; – and that is why the world is coming to its end, because anything in which God dwells does not perish}, yet, He comes to each person who believes in Him and observes His commandments: the human soul saved by Lord God Jesus Christ becomes the temple–dwelling of the Living God – the Almighty Holy Trinity and obtains life everlasting {John 6:38–40, 47; 14:1–28; 16:16}.

And I think of the countless generations that passed through the earth before and after fulfillment of the promise of salvation. They transformed the fruitful and abundant lands into the wasted soil and polluted deserts – places for mutation and suffering of the living beings. In today’s overpopulated, scarce, hungry, and thirsty world, children of men are not welcome, and insufficiency of everything becomes the standard of living…

Yet, even within the world destined to destruction because of iniquities and evil of men, there is the hope, and there is the salvation, because He, the Holy One of the Father, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ washed away the sins of those who believe in Him; He is the Way, and Light, and Life: He is the Door into the Kingdom of God, and all are invited. Whoever we are now – sinners or righteous, humans or beasts, rich or poor, wise or foolish, good or bad – we all are invited, because we all are the children of the One and only God–Creator and Father.

It is the matter of personal choice –


to accept the invitation of God, and to be transformed
from the arid earth
(that is man with
η ψυχη ανυδρος
 – the arid soul)
into the carrier of the spring of immortality


to reject God,
 and to remain the arid earth, the dissipating dust coming into the oblivion…




55. Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Silence



…on thy walls, O Jerusalem, have I set the watchmen

all day and all night,

who shall never cease to remind of the Lord.…

{Isaiah 62:6}


The watchmen are set by God on the walls of His city; all day and all night they call upon the inhabitants and remind them of the Lord {Isaiah 62:6}.

These watchmen are the slaves of God, the prophets, and their mission is to warn the wicked and to advise them to turn away from the iniquities, so they would not die for their sins and errors.

However, the people do not like those who remind them of their errors and iniquities; they disregard the warning of the messengers of God and try to make them silent. They are busy with daily chores: they set idols in the house devoted to the name of the Lord, and they have built the altar to burn their children with fire as the sacrifice to idols; they forsaken the Law, which God set before them, and they went after desires of their heart and after the idols of their ancestors. Thus, they all commit adultery, and the nation became the assembly of treacherous men.

Falsehood prevails over truth, and people go from one evil to another evil; they deceive and wound each other; they practice mockery and enmity and iniquities, usury upon usury, and deceit upon deceit, and there is no knowledge of the Lord.

There is no wisdom left in the wise, because they rejected knowledge of God. There is no prosperity and happiness, because the iniquities of men burn as fire and people are as those burnt by fire: no man has compassion for his brothers. There is anxiety instead of healing, and the people chose death rather than life. They have no hope, and all their idols are incapable to deliver them from the consequences of their iniquities.

 The priests and prophets became defiled; they commit iniquities in the house of the Lord and prophesy by the idols. They who set to be guardians of the people and teachers of the Law transformed themselves into the “offspring of vipers” with “incurable rage of asps,” the blind leaders who lead their people into the pit. True prophets who speak the words of God are imprisoned, persecuted, murdered. Ultimately, Jerusalem became the city that stones and kills the prophets – the watchmen sent by God {Deuteronomy 32:16–17, 33–38; 3 Kings 19:9–14; Isaiah 9:18–19; Jeremiah 7:25–28; 8:1–9; 9:1–14; 23:10–19; Ezekiel 33:1–20; Zacharias 1:2–6; Matthew 15:12–14; 23:1–37}.

So, there are no watchmen left, no one cries in the wilderness, the earth is immersed into silence. Those who dare to mention God are the subject of mockery; profanity took the place of praise, people run after multitudes of idols, and the blind leaders lead their subjects into the pit of destruction. Perplexity, unspeakable ruthless and irrational crimes, poverty, dishonor, treachery became the inseparable attributes of the daily life; humans transformed themselves into ruthless predators.

Anyway, do the societies proud to be the godless nations need God? So, they learned to live without God and without everything that belongs to God, firstly, without love, mercy, wisdom, and freedom.

The ancient prophets wrote of the silence of God, so, men go down to the pit because they encounter the worst from all evils – separation from God, when the iniquities of man stand between him and his Creator {Psalm 27(28):1; Isaiah 59:1–15}, and there is no one to hear, to tell the truth, to help, to save, to love…

And I think, what would happen if the great prophets of the Past arise today to remind of the Lord? Would they have any reception and any response different from those, which were given to Elias, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist? Could it be any chance to hear them today, if there is none who would listen, if silence of reason came, and only sounds of destruction are heard?


56. Sunday, July 31, 2011  

The Payment for a Hireling



…Is not the life of man upon the earth, a state of trial,

and his existence as that of a hireling by the day…

as a hireling waiting for his pay?.…

{Job 7:1–2}


So many generations passed through the face of the earth and nothing is left. Tombs and caverns keep the bits and pieces of earthly possession of the departed, and things, which did not turn into the dust yet, sometimes come to the light to fascinate or to terrify those living today. Although some of the thoughts written down or engraved into the stones survived their creators, yet, the entirety, that what was their world, has gone with them forever. They were born, lived their time, and gone taking with them their thoughts, expectations, hopes, vanities, pleasures and suffering.

They came naked into this world, consumed as much as they could, arranged and destroyed as much material structures and establishments (houses, states, societies, empires) as they were able to arrange and to destroy, and gone, unable to take anything with them. Even their bodies were left here, at the earth, to disintegrate into the dust, to become the building blocks for the next working cycle. What is, then, the meaning of life for a creature of dust born to become the dust?

Many thousands of years ago Job asked: is not the time–life of man similar to a day of a hireling {Job 7:1–2}?

If so, what is the work that we are hired to perform, and what is the pay that we should receive for all our efforts, and what is worthy of keeping if there is nothing in this world that would stay with us forever? Would it be any reason to collect and to keep things, if everything is taken away? Is any reason to go through life with all pleasures, joys, sufferings, pains, and losses, if death finishes everything and nothing is left? Even memories of those who loved us would vanish when their keepers meet the same end as we do…

Then, the prophet was sent a vision of the plain filled with a multitude of dry human bones. The Word from God came, and the bones joined into structures, and were covered with flesh, and became bodies. Then, the breath of life breathed and the dead rose to life and stood on their feet, a very great congregation. With this vision, the prophet received the God’s promise to put His Spirit into the dead ones, so, they shall live {Ezekiel 37:1–14}.

Then, the promise of God became the reality of men: the Word–God re–created the dead and enabled us to rise and to receive the breath of life – the Holy Spirit of God.

Since, the Holy Spirit of God comes to dwell within a human being who accepted the Word–God and observes the words of God, whose soul–heart–mind lives by God as a body lives by bread and water. Since, through the Word–God, the Fire of everlasting Light is ignited within darkness of dead world, and those who were the food of death become the carriers of Light and immortal children of God living by God and for God {Matthew 5:14–16; 18:11, 14; Luke 12:49; John 1:9–13; 4:14; 6:47–58; 14:23; 1 John 1:1–4; 3:1–2; 5:11–13}.

So, the labor of man is love to God, faith in God, cognition of God, and the deeds of love for the others; his reward is the life everlasting {John 6:27–29; 11:25–26; 1 John 3:16–18; 4:7–21; 5:11–13}.

And I think how difficult it is – to complete the work we are born to do: to find God within own soul, to come to understanding of the meaning of life and death, to comprehend the difference between flesh and spirit, to discern the true light of the spirit within the blind matter, to see behind the faces that conceal the reason, to keep hope when nothing is left, to love the others when those others respond with hatred and evil, to acquire knowledge that cannot be found through knowledge of the matter, the knowledge of life that has neither analogue nor likeness in this world, to create the good within the world of the evil…

How many hirelings are gone without accomplishing their task, how many of them still have to come and struggle in vain…

Indeed, only God gives wisdom, from His presence knowledge and understanding come, and all wisdom and knowledge are free for those who seek and find God; ultimately, all flesh comes to God. God is everything of man, and all of man is in God – the beginning and the end {Psalm 61(62):5–8; 64(65):2; Proverbs 2:6; Ecclesiast 12:13; Revelation 21:6}.

When this knowledge comes, it sets us free from the bonds of the matter, from the slavery of evil, from despair and fear {John 8:31–36; 1 John 4:15–18}: we discover our true self – the image of God within us, and we understand that there is no death, nor hirelings, nor rewards: everything is Love of God and everything is in Love to God: that is the worth of all knowledge; nothing more and nothing less…




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