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January 2011


Sunday, January 9, 2011


The War against Christianity



…And you will be hated by all because of My name…

{Mark 13:13}

…For Your sake we are killed all the day long;

we are counted as sheep of slaughter…

{Romans 8:24}



Many centuries ago the fate of Christians was sealed and foretold: because of our faith in Lord God Jesus Christ, persecutions, betrayal by relatives and friends, and violent death are the final destiny of many of us {Matthew 24:9; Mark 13:9–13; Luke 21:16–17}.

Yet, we have no right to answer by violence to violence or retaliate murder and persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ, even our own children, because retaliation and violence would transform us into the same kind of human beasts as our enemies and hangmen are – and such a transformation is worst than physical death.

Many centuries ago, at arenas of the pagan Roman Empire, wild beasts with their teeth and claws tore apart, dismembered and devour bodies of living human beings – the Christians: men, women, and children. The Christians were killed because of faith in Lord God Jesus Christ, rejection of heathen cults, and refusal to recognize that the emperor might control human conscience and regulate connection between God and man.

Now, the Christian Churches and the streets of Islamic countries became the arenas at which the human beasts blow up – tear apart and dismember –- bodies of Christians: men, women, and children.

In the nearest future, such scenes will become the daily reality of countries, which still identify themselves as the civilized Western world: they already live in fear, because they are unable to stop advancement of islamization and, with it, violence and death.

The arch–evil behind the Roman emperors of the Past and those who use the human weapon (Islamic suicide–bombers and Islamic militants) to dismember and blow up human beings today is the same, only

– the means of destruction have different appearance, because human beasts took the place of wild beasts of Rome

– the contemporary weapon of destruction works in greater scales, that is much more effectively (from the criminals’ point of view); it kills more and more with each day, because explosive devices (often packed with nails and strategically placed for infliction more human suffering) took place of claws and teeth.

With the rare exclusions (for instance, similar to the French government, which granted asylum and admitted to hospitals the wounded Christians who survived bombings of their church in Baghdad), the Christians worldwide should not expect real protection, compassion, or deliverance.  Those who have earthly power and authority will do nothing, because

–– in the Islamic countries,


– the Islamists openly call for destruction of the Cross and extermination of Christianity

– the Islamic militants destroy Christian churches and kill Christians

– the Islamic authorities execute those who propagate Christian faith or convert into Christianity,
prohibit education of priests, and oppress freedom and rights of the Christians
by all possible means and ways forcing those who still are alive to flee their native countries


––- in the countries, which in the recent Past identified themselves as the countries of freedom and recognized Christianity as their own inheritance


– the authorities serve other masters now

– the politicians, in their political correctness and fear before their current masters,
are even afraid to identify Islamic terrorists with their actual name “Islamic terrorists”

– the political and civil authorities, in their powerlessness before advancement of islamization,
became capable of only to compile reports of human rights violation, hearing in the committees,
or offering to build more schools for education of population in Islamic countries

– ultimately, the fate of the Western authorities will not differ from the fate of the oligarchs
who betrayed the last Byzantine Emperor
when the Islamic armies besieged Constantinople


We have no one to protect us on the earth – only God is our hope. In this time of tribulation, we should adhere to our faith, to re–examine our expectations and the actuality in which we live. We have to remember that we are different and the ways of the earthly powers and establishments are desecration for us, because we are the children of God. And, as the children of God, we should not have expectations of good in this world of evil where our God was crucified for us and for our salvation.

We have to beseech God for forgiveness of our hangmen as Lord God and Savior did at the time of crucifixion; we have to pray for those who hate and persecute us, and to forgive those who celebrate our death and destruction of our churches and who deprive us of our earthly possessions.

We should also remember that at the time of death, we are taken from the world prepared for the final destruction coming with suffering of unimaginable scales, from the world in which humans would seek death as deliverance, but she will flee from them.

Then, we will became capable of understanding that the sooner we pass the threshold of death {that is the sooner we leave this world and enter our eternal home – John 14:1–2; 2 Corinthians 5:1–5} the greater is the mercy of God to us, and especially because this world, in which our brothers and sisters in Christ are killed and persecuted, has entered the last period of times.

The earth already started to wipe out humans from her face: the habitual spaces begin to shrink because of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes, mudslides, wildfires, drought, pollution.

The ills of contemporary societies flourish and multiply daily:


– polluted air, land, oceans, and rivers

– poisoned food

– genetic experiments and triggered abnormal mutations
of animals, plants, bacteria, viruses

– disappearance of honey–bees, bumblebees and
other insects, birds, and animals,
because of genetically modified plants and overall pollution

– contamination, poisoning, and extinction of fishes and other creatures of the sea

– poisonous drugs developed on rodents, yet, applied to humans

– human mental disorders, drug–addiction and suicides of epidemic scales

– incurable diseases and allergies

– wars, genocide, crimes

– inhumane treatment (especially children and the aged)

– ignorance resulting from inadequate education,

– mass corruption, perversion, and bestialization

– degeneration and incapacitation of protective
and other political and social establishments

– other consequences of rejection of the law of God
and the traditional Christian values ––

–– all these evils each day make sick and kill more people
and exterminate more other living beings than anyone could ever imagine.


There is no nation left unaffected by the plague of lawlessness and inhumanity resulting from the denial of God. Evils are proceeding from nation to nation, and nations rise against each other {Jeremiah 32:32; Matthew 24:7}.

The great whirlwind of destruction {λαιλαψ μεγαλη seen by Jeremiah} already is brewing and mystery of lawlessness already is at work {2 Thessalonians 2:7}.

How much time it will take to transform the world into the place where people would seek death and long to die, yet death will flee from them {Revelation 9:6}?

Nobody knows the answer. There is no possibility to know when the final Day will come {Matthew 24:36, 42–44}: it might be tomorrow, and it might be thousands of years after tomorrow – for our God, thousand of years is as one day; for this world, each additional moment of existence is a chance to increase the number of those who might become the children of God, therefore, be saved and enter the life everlasting {2 Peter 3:7–15}…

Christians have own never–ending Armageddon: each thought, word, action, with which we encounter all evils – difficulties, injustice, persecutions, suffering, and ultimately, death – either confirms or defies

– our love and commitment to God

– our rejection of the world of evil

– our preparedness for the kingdom of God
{1 Peter 4:12; 2 Peter 1:10–11; 2 Corinthians 4:8–11, 17–18}.

As always, in the time of suffering, our faith is tested {Matthew 24:12–13} – God help us do not weaken our faith, do not let our love to grow cold, do endure all that we have to suffer and do come to our salvation!

We, the Christians, must not succumb the evil, we must not answer with evil; we must not retaliate, although still, some of the Christians have access to the powers, which are able to crush the armies of beasts.

We, the Christians, live by God, not by the powers of this world; we know the Future, therefore, we should ask forgiveness for those who kill and persecute us, and to accept untimely ending of our lives as the greatest mercy.

We, the Christians, have no other way, because if we call ourselves the children of God, we must be perfect as our Father is, and we must love the world and all its inhabitants – humans and beasts, good and evil, righteous and sinners – even now, and especially now, when the world is rushing toward the horrifying end, and the arch–evil rose against us in the last and most dreadful war from all wars ever waged…

And I think: what would happen if I have a servant, the all–mighty Jinn of Arabian Nights who obeys all my orders? What if I command, and the Jinn obediently and instantly will

– bring all Christians who now are living in the Islamic countries into the countries in which they will not be killed and persecuted because of their faith

– transfer all Muslims from Europe, Americas, Australia, and Africa into the Islamic countries from which they are spreading over the world

– wipe out all traces of Muslims’ existence (especially their mosques, weapons and the bases of militants) from all Western and non–Islamic countries, so, nothing would left that might harm Christians and people of other faiths and walks of life

– encircle the Islamic part of the world with the impenetrable wall in comparison with which the Stalin’s iron curtain and the NATO’s missile shield would look as children toys, so those within will not be able to leave their part of the world; so, they would enjoy themselves and use their explosive devices, body–mutilating laws, and propaganda for their very own consumption

– erase the memory of enemies hidden behind the impenetrable wall (especially, their religion and their crimes against humanity) from the mind of people of the world?

Then, the Jinn will vanish along with the remnants of memories of evil, which blown up the Christian Churches and murdered human beings because of their faith, and which would never enter our world again…

Would all these wonders

– make Christian faith acceptable and venerated by all remaining population

– prevent destruction of the world

– make impossible appearance of another embodiment of arch–evil?

Of course, it would not do, because the root of today’s troubles is in the inerasable Past, in centuries of denial of God and violations of His commandments:


violations of the Law of God inevitably are followed
with corruption and degeneration–perversion

corruption deprives of ability of right judgment,
therefore makes impossible decision of the problems,
especially, defense against assimilation by the enemies

degeneration–perversion culminates in inability to continue existence
according to the nature, because
all protective systems are incapacitated and all the powers are lost

and that is when the destroyers come.



As vultures, rodents, and insects consume carrion, in similar way the enemies assimilate and destroy the degenerated civilizations, nations, states, and the societies unable to sustain existence of human beings according to the normal human nature, that is in accordance with the Law of God. Then, the destroyers themselves become the food for the next wave of destroyers and perish as their victims perished. This pattern describes the entire history of mankind.

The first target is the life–sustaining nets; that is why the first attack is always against those who keep the knowledge of life, who are able to protect and to restore the good. Today, this attack is against us, the Christians: our God is the Light of the world, and we, the carriers of Light, are the first to be exterminated or extinguished, so the darkness would become absolute…

Then, even if my childish fantasy becomes the actuality, and the Arabian Jinn would take away the entire Islamic world, in which it was created, and vanish with it forever, so, this particular kind of enemies of the Western civilization is no more, another evil (e.g., internal anarchist–marxist–socialist–atheist–darwinist–freudist–neonazi–neoheathen or any other godless kind of movement or criminal activity leading to civil and other unrest) will arise inevitably.

Only one thing is able to break the cycle of death by eliminating any ground for planting and development of the seeds of evil within the human heart. This thing is known from the beginning: the adherence to and fulfillment of the commandments of God – the eternal unchangeable Law {Deuteronomy 30:10–19; Matthew 5:17–18}.

Indeed, the only true enemy of man is the changeable unfaithful heart that forgets own nature, defies God, sinks into the perishable world of the matter, and, when overburdened with the worldly matters, loses abilities to perceive and comprehend the truth and to follow the path of wisdom, the path into the eternal life. In comparison with this enemy, all other destroyers are nothing more than the particles of dust carried away by the wind of destruction, which is unleashed by the lawlessness…  





Sunday, January 16, 2011


The Beasts of the Fields and of the Forest



…All you, beasts of the field, come, eat, all you, beasts of the forest…

{Isaiah 56:9}




There is no humaneness and there is no human being without God: any godless being is just a beast, the creature of the earth, the powerless matter, which rises from the earth, exists for the sake of consuming and reproduction, and, in its time, is killed/consumed by other beasts or returns into the earth from which it was taken. Only knowledge of God transforms a creature of the earth into a human being.

Four texts of the Holy Scriptures reveal the unbreakable link of the very meaning of humaneness with God and elaborate the true foundation on which the human nature exists and ascends to its original perfection: the connection with God–Creator Who is the Source of wisdom – the highest form of life–sustaining knowledge reachable by the human mind.

1. The Prophet complains that his attempts to understand destinies of the sinners and applications of evil are unsuccessful until he is attracted to the sanctity of God, so he comprehends the ultimate end; he acknowledges that he was vile and bestial (κτηνωδης) before God: he knew not. However, God led him and guided him with His counsel and accepted him in glory. So, he has nothing to seek and desire, because in the earth and in the heaven only God is everything; all have failed, yet, God of his heart is his portion (μερις) for ever {Psalm 72(73):13–26}.

The essence of the message conveyed by Psalm:


God is everything of man

wisdom and understanding signify presence of God

wisdom reveals the ultimate end–completion of everything

knowledge of God and love differentiate man from the vile beast.



2. The one who wrote down The Book of Wisdom {Wisdom, in the Septuagint} speaks of the mysterious wisdom: in the beginning, God created the wisdom for His works, before the foundations of the world were made. Since, the wisdom is God’s companion. Wisdom is the most precious gift, which God bestows on man: the wisest of men seek wisdom by all means as the greatest treasure, because wisdom is the state of knowing and loving God; in this state,

a/ the “eyes of heart” are open, so the mind becomes capable of the perfect knowledge of the world of the matter: there is no mysteries and unknown uncognizable things for man who has wisdom granted by God {Wisdom 7:17–21}

b/ man naturally achieves prosperity, lives complete, happy, and fruitful life on the earth

c/ a human being passes the road to the eternal life.

Similar references to Wisdom might be found in the Books of Proverbs attributed to Solomon the king in Jerusalem, who wrote that wisdom seeks those who turn to God in a quest of knowledge and understanding: wisdom prepared the feast and invites all who are foolish and without understanding to come to eat and to drink {Proverbs 2:3–12; 4:5–9; 8:1–36; 9:1–5}.

However, if to take into consideration the Solomon’s end {he turned away his heart from God and began worship the idols of his women –- 3 Kings 11:1–10}, the only actual wisdom that can be traced in his works is recognition of the wisdom of God, in which the mind of Old Testament’s king identified some of the attributes of God that would be revealed only with coming of the Word–God {John 1:1–5, 9–10}. The invitation of the Old Testament’s wisdom to come to the feast and likening of the gifts of wisdom to food and drink introduced the reality of the Future {John 6:32–58; 4:13–14}, when


God Himself would teach His people

wisdom–knowledge of God would become the true sustenance of man

the human soul would live by the Word–God
as a human body lives by daily bread and life–giving water.


3. Isaiah the Prophets speaks of the promise of God: God shall accept the strangers who worship and love the Lord; He will bring them to His holy mountain and gladden them in His house of prayer; He will accept their worship, because a house of Lord shall be called the House of prayer for all nations. Then, seemingly unexpectedly, Isaiah mentions the beasts (θηρια) of the fields and of the forest {Isaiah 56:3–11}: they all are called to eat, because

–– they are all blinded and ignorant (who have not cognized – ουκ εγνωσαν)

–– they are beasts with the soul that is hungry and does not know what it means to be filled

–– they are κυνες ενεοι ου δυνησονται υλακτειν, ενυπνιαζομενοι κοιτην, φιλοντες νυσταξαι  – beasts speechless, powerless beings of the matter*1*, bed–dreamers, addicted to slumber 

–– they all – every one of them – became estranged, each according to his own way.

Who are these wild beings with the hungry soul that never was replete, and why they are called to eat, although they are self–estranged, blind, ignorant, and powerless dreamers?

What besides love and compassion would make anyone to care for the hungry and sick beasts of the fields and the forest?

The next text of the Holy Scriptures answers these two questions.

4. The Lord came to the borders of Tyre and Sidon (land of Canaan populated by the people who created the Phoenician civilization*2*). A heathen woman, who was a Syrophoenician (Cananean) by ancestry, felt to His feet and implores Him to cast out demon from her daughter. God does not answer; only after His disciples intervene, He tells that He came to save the people of Israel: first, the children should be satisfied, because it is not good to take bread from children and to cast to the beasts (κυναριοις*3*). Yet, women answered: yes, Lord, even the beasts under the table eat from the crumbs of the children. And Lord God tells her that for her words, her daughter is healed {Matthew 15:22–28; Mark 7:24–30}.

Why the Lord mentioned words of the heathen woman and why He eventually answered her prayer? Could it be because

– she knew that only love would make children to feed beast under the table

– her answer revealed that she knows that beasts also live by the mercy and love of God {Matthew 5:43–48}, although they receive only the crumbs from the table of those who are the children and have everything

– when she felt to the feet of God, she – an ignorant beast – was lifted up, at the level of those who know, and therefore herself became a child of God who is able to see God and to accept His mercy?

This text of the Holy Scriptures reveals the harsh actuality of our life – the inner division among all humans who apparently are similar, because all live in the same world under the same Sun, who have the same nature, therefore, the same vital necessities, the same feelings, emotions, abilities, potentials, similar understanding of happiness and peace, who die from the same apparent causes, violence, and diseases: 


those who have love and knowledge of God are the children of God

the heathens, who neither know nor love God, are the beasts.


In summary, the referred above Holy Scriptures’ texts provide the most significant definitions of the human nature:


1. God is everything of man

2. Wisdom is the most precious and desirable gift of God to man,
because wisdom
wisdom is the state of knowing and loving God and the ability to actualize
this knowledge and love within the world created by God)
is true sustenance of human soul similar to food and drink,
without which a human body has no life–sustaining nourishment

3. Man without God is a powerless speechless matter without reason
in the Prophet’s vision, speech is the feature that confirms possession with intellect)
living by dreams, incapable of perfect knowledge and comprehension of the reality

4. Knowledge and love of God transform the beast into a human being;
the difference between the mind that knows and loves God
and the mind that serves “other gods”
is similar to the difference between a child and a beast.


Many centuries have gone and multitudes human beings passed through the earth since Isaiah the Prophet conveyed the invitation of wisdom. The highest Wisdom, Λογος –– Lord God Jesus Christ, the Word–God through Him the world came to be and by Him it exists –– came and left, leaving the precious knowledge and love, the Daily Bread by which a human soul lives.

Yet still, the world is full of hungry empty souls that do not know what it means to be filled and satisfied.

The powerless beings, the dreamers addicted to slumber –– the dream worlds of false knowledge and false religions –– come and pass away, generation after generation, without being fed with the Bread of life…

Moreover, when the children want to feed them and to share with them their Bread, the beasts rise, bite, devour, and kill, only do not be disturbed in their misery of deprivation and evil, so they would not wake up and see the Light, fill hunger, seek and find love, knowledge, and understanding, eat the Bread, and become humans…

And I think that ignorance of the knowledge of God and inability to love Him and all His creations might be likened to the lethal disease, which enfeebles and incapacitates until such a degree that only in the dream the dying one can find comfort...






*1ου δυνησονται υλακτειν – in the English version of the Holy Bible is translated as “will not bark,” as derivative of  υλακτω – to bark; however, such translation

a/ is not consistent with the overall meaning of the Prophet’s message – Isaiah already defined  κυνες as speechless: there is no place for verbosity in the Book of Life

b/ does not take into consideration the complexity of the ancient Greek that is one of the most elaborated languages with utter flexibility, connectivity and freedom of word–creation: sometimes, one compound word conveys the meaning, for exact translation of which in other languages dozens of words and sentences would not suffice.

For instance, in this particular case, ου δυνησονται υλακτειν   conveys the meaning of powerless being of the matter (earth), because

ου – means no, or not

– the compound word  δυνησονται includes the roots

δυν||η – part of compound words with the meanings of power, strength, potential, be able to, can, stand

οντ – being

– the compound word  υλακτειν  includes the roots of words

υλ||η – matter, substance (philosophical term)

ακτε – part of the words indicating land, soil, sea shore,

κτ||η – the root of ancient word  κτηνεσι – the creatures of the earth, which received their names from Adam {Genesis 2:20}.


*2* Concerning the Phoenicians and their religion see posting The Curse of Cain – August 2, 2009; Archive_Page_5_2009.


*3* Although many interpreters translate κυναριοις {Mark 7:27} as “dogs,” the precise meaning is “domesticated beasts.” In the Antiquity, the wild beasts of the fields (cheetahs, tigers, lions, and other animals) were tamed and kept at the courts of rulers as the symbol of the power over the realm of beasts as well as over men; some of them (e.g., cheetahs) were also used in hunting. The compound word  κυναριοις  contains the roots of words for identification of two kinds of beasts – subdued to man or domesticated (κτ, κυν, or  κυ) and wild (ρι); for instance, 

ρι- as in θερια {Genesis 2:19}, θηριαλωτον – referred to by Jacob {Genesis 31:39}, and θεριων {Daniel 4:12}, which denote wild beast of the fields

κυν– as in κυνων of nomads {Job 30:1}, and –κυ–  as in σκυλος, that is "dog.” 

In summary, κυναριοις is derivative of words used in the Septuagint for definition of living creatures–beasts: κτηνεσι – the animals, which received their names from Adam {Genesis 2:20} or  κτηνους referred to by Moses {Exodus 11:7}, that is as contemporary  κτηνος - “beast” or “brute”, and  θερια or  θηριαλωτον  {Genesis 2:19; 31:39}. The contemporary κυναιλουρος (cheetah) is also a derivative close to κυναριοις.

The overall meaning of this text discloses the difference between

–  the chosen people – the holy nation of priests who are entitled to receive the Messiah – the daily Bread and the knowledge, which sets man free

– all the others who do not possess the knowledge of God and to whom God refers to as to κυναριοις – the beasts.




 February 2011



Sunday, February 6, 2011



The Survival



…I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse:

choose thou life, that thou and thy seed may live…

{Deuteronomy 30:19}



With the revelation of the Law, the people received also the ability to make a choice between good and evil, law and lawlessness, blessing and curse, life and death: now, they themselves are responsible for own survival and survival of their children {because iniquities of the fathers affect the offspring up to the third and forth generations – Exodus 34:6–7}.

Fulfillment of the Law is not difficult; the commandments–law of God are the human nature – it is in the heart, in the mouth, and in the hands of man to make it into own life {Deuteronomy 30:9–20}.

At the time of Moses, survival of man was directly linked with observance of the Law – the commandments of God. The summary of the Law also has been made known: those who want to live should 1/ love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and 2/ love the neighbors as they love themselves*1*.

At the time of the New Testament, the significance of the Law was confirmed: Lord God Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Law; until the earth and the heavens pass away, the smallest part of the law will not pass unfulfilled {Matthew 5:17–18}. One more time, salvation is offered: God came to save that was lost, so, none of the creation of God would perish.

The Gospels explain meaning of salvation as healing and restoration of the human nature. Salvation is accomplished through the following processes:


the heart–mind–soul re–discovers own nature:
with the words of God it recognizes own true birth–face  
–– the image and likeness of God ––
as man recognizes his face in the mirror

by receiving the teachings of Lord God Jesus Christ,
a human being perceives own life

–– τον εμφυτον Λογον ––

the inborn (or implanted, instilled, innate) Word,
through which the life–saving power comes

with Λογος, the Word–God,
the human heart–soul–mind receives
the authority/power of becoming the child of God:
it becomes ready for acceptance of the Holy Spirit of God

with the Holy Spirit of God,
the heart–mind–soul comprehends the Law of Love
and begins to live according to the human nature:
it becomes the living embodiment of love –
love to God and love to all creations of God

a human being who cognized love,
accomplishes the law of God by thoughts, words, and deeds
and becomes the dwelling of God, the child of the Almighty Father

the child of God is prepared
to enter the house of His Creator
and to dwell with God through the eternity.


        Survival is the essence of human wisdom – wisdom as the ability to live at the earth and to accept the salvation offered by God to all those who want to go further, to live with Him forever. The law of God not only preserves a living human being; it assists in survival at each level (or dimension) of human life:

life of a body

life of the mind

life of the soul.

        Survival of man is to cling to God and to accomplish His commandments – the will/law of God at all levels of existence: by thoughts and intentions (heart–soul–mind), by words (mind–body), and by deeds (body).

        Everyone understands the meaning of physical survival. From all the points of view –– theological, philosophical, and practical –– it is the same and it is simple: do not do evil to the others and evil will not come upon you. Therefore, love secures physical survival, because love to the others prevents the thoughts, words and deeds, which would cause any detriment, suffering, and death. In general, the essence of all acting civil and other laws of the Western civilization re–iterates The Ten Commandments, although the “politically correct” politicians (who accept gifts of the Creator – life, health, wealth, etc., yet turn away from Him their mind and soul and deprive the others of knowledge of God) forbid display of the Ten Commandments in the courts, persecute, and scorn those who want to give life–saving knowledge to all.

        Survival of the mind and the soul is unavailable for those who knowingly reject God and His Law: in fact, they dwell in death.

        Those who intentionally deprive the others of the knowledge of God are the murderers and liars, because they keep the mind in ignorance of the Law and fill it with false knowledge – the dreams of death, therefore, corrupt and pervert the nature of those who depend on them in their access to knowledge. They are murderers, because with their lies they make unavailable the possibilities of survival for the others, and their ultimate destiny is death {Revelation 21:8; 22:14–15}.

        And I think of the greatest tragedy of human beings

        –– those who are deceived and deprived of the knowledge of God, the life–giving knowledge that secures survival of human soul


        –– those who willingly (because of hatred to God) or unwillingly (because of ignorance) preclude the others from coming to God.

        In the days when, in the Islamic countries, Christians are murdered for faith in Lord God Jesus Christ, and when the Islamic suicide–bombers and Islamic militants brought the war for advancement of the Islamic Caliphate at the world–wide level, therefore, made the unexpected and violent death a real possibility for everyone of us and at any place we live or visit – Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Detroit, Moscow, Berlin, Washington, Athens, etc. – survival of the soul–heart–mind becomes the only option and the main purpose.

        We should not be afraid, because death of a body is just a beginning. Although we are not able to protect our bodies from those who murder us, we still have our God and Father and with Him, eternal life.

        Hence, in our remaining time at the earth, let us fulfill all good whatever is left unaccomplished, to say everything good what was not said, to thank for everything what is left unappreciated, so every moment of life will be complete–filled with love and appreciation for the beauty and happiness and love we received from the others, and firstly, from our God.

        Ultimately, everyone faces death.

        With our death, we return home.

        Where our murderers will go?

        When I think of the end, all I can do is to pray:

Lord God Jesus Christ,

have mercy on those who deprive us from our earthly life

forgive us for all that we have done wrong and for all the good we left undone

and help us to reach our final destination, the house of the Father

{John 14:1–6}.







*1* see postings The Ten Commandments and The Road to God – Foundation folder at this website.






 Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Formula of Human Life



…Mercy and truth have merged, justice and peace have befriended.

Truth has risen from the earth, and justice has poured down from the heaven.

For the Lord will give virtue,

and our earth shall yield her fruits…

{Psalm 84(85):10–12}



The ancient prophecy describes the time of fulfillment: mercy and truth became one, justice and peace co–exist, truth has risen from the earth (or the earth became the appropriate dwelling for truth), virtue and justice came from God. Then, the earth would bring forth her dues – fruits. Yet, until the act of God – giving the virtue – becomes the actuality, there are no fruits; mercy, truth, justice, and peace are separated.

Consequently, the reader can infer that the separation makes the earth incomplete, devoid of justice and virtue, and therefore, infertile.

What is this earth that could bring fruits only if she receives virtue accompanied with the unity of mercy, justice, truth, and peace?

Man is earth, γη, and the world, into which he is born to labor, procreate, and die, he calls earth, γη. From the earth man was created, and into the earth he returns, after his spirit departed to God Who gave it. Man lives by fruits of the earth, and whatever he does, creates, destroys, consumes, he uses the components of the world in which he lives; everything that is given by (or obtained from) the earth, and is used by man, has its end–consummation on the earth. The original sin resulted in separation of man from the Creator, because of mistrust and rejection of the words of God {Genesis 2:7, 16–17; 3:1–10, 19, 21, 23–24; Ecclesiastes 12:7; Isaiah 45:12}: the road back was closed, and only through death human spirit returns to the Creator.  

With separation from the Creator, man became unable to see the face of God and to live; the life of the spirit became veiled: darkness has fallen onto the world, which began existence with creation of the light. The world of man became flat, one–dimensional, and dark – unperceivable beyond the human senses focused on perception of the matter. Moreover, the evil descended on the entire world given into dominion of man and  poisoned it as the rotten core poisons the fruit – the earth was cursed in the labors of man and carries punishment for transgressions of the people {Genesis 1:1–5; 3:8, 17–19; Exodus 33:20; Psalm 106(107):8–10; Isaiah 9:2; 24:5–6}.

Since, a human being has


to begin life within the flat world of the matter devoid of knowledge (truth) of His Creator

to claim knowledge of truth – knowledge of God, of himself, and of the world,
in which he has to find the road back, into the home of Father and Creator

to discover the Kingdom of God within, therefore,
to comprehend own divine nature and the idea of Kingdom of God

to cognize truth, to find the road, and to enter the house of God.


Those who perceive the Word–God through the teachings of Lord God Jesus Christ {the Gospels} receive the authority to become the child of God. The child of God is a being living by God Who is the Spirit {John 4:24}. Through the faith in Lord Jesus Christ and by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the child of God perceives the world beyond the limits of the matter; such a perception – the spiritual life – facilitates the victory over the world mentioned by Lord God Jesus Christ and His beloved disciple, St. John the Apostle {John 7:39; 14:15–18; 16:33; 1 Peter 4:6; 1 John 5:4}.

        Restoration of the unity of a creation with the Creator {John 17:21–23}, is completed with acceptance of the attributes, which transform


the human clay {Isaiah 64:8} into the dwelling of God {John 14:23}

a mortal creature of earth into the immortal being {James 1:18;1 Peter 1:3}

a human beast {Isaiah 56:9–11} into the child of God {1 Peter 1:23; 1 John 3:1}.


These attributes are

        –– mercy; mercy and love of God are inseparable; they are the components of perfection, which a human being should imitate if he wants to become a child of God {Matthew 5:48; Luke 6:36; 1 John 4:7–8, 17–18}

        –– justice; the highest justice of man is do not judge the others, so he would not be judged: after coming of Lord God Jesus Christ, for those who believe in Him and accomplish His commandments, the true meaning of the Divine Justice is love –– forgiveness of sins, mercy, and life {John 3:17–18; 5:24; Matthew 7:1–2; Luke 6:37; 1 John 3:14; 4:16–21}

        –– peace; peace is the only condition that secures continuation of life; peace of the spirit is given by God to those who believe in Him {John 14:27}

        –– truth; truth is the knowledge of the world, the knowledge of human nature, and the knowledge of the Creator; this knowledge transforms human beings into the friends of God and opens their heart–soul–mind for the Light that illuminates the path to God the Father {John 15:14–17; James 1:18}

        –– virtue; virtue is the highest level of perfection; when the Prophet speaks of the virtue that would make the earth fruitful {Psalm 84(85):12}, he speaks of the Word–God, Λογος,  thorough Him all came into being {John 1:1–4}; virtue is the definition of perfection of God as much as the human soul–heart–mind is able to perceive and comprehend it; this perfection of God was revealed and comprehension became possible through Lord God Jesus Christ {John 14:9–10; 1 John 1:1–3; 4:12–13}. Through acceptance of the Word–God, the one receives the life–giving Spirit of God {John 14:15–17, 26}. Through accomplishment of commandments of God, a human being becomes the true likeness of God; then, God the Father, His Son – the Word–God, and His Holy Spirit come to dwell in the human heart–soul–mind {John 14:23}. The one in whom God dwells is the true fruit of the harvest of the Lord: the being matured in truth, virtue, and justice, therefore, in wisdom.

        The presence of God, life for God, and life in God transform a human being—creature of earth into a new creation destined for the eternal life – life with God {Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; John 14:1–3; James 1:18; Revelation 21:3–5; 22:4–5}..

        Then, by passing the threshold of death–exit from the limited world of the matter, the human soul returns into the kingdom of the Creator, as the prodigal son completes his self–inflicted exile and returns home, to Father {Luke 15:11–24}.

        The explanations given St. Peter, St. John, and St. Paul the Apostle concerning establishment of the dwelling of God, children of God, and love of God {e.g., 1 Peter 1:11–25; 2 Peter 1:3–12; Ephesians 2:1–22; 1 John}, make the meaning of the ancient prophecy clear and, at the same time, facilitate understanding of the Gospels:


by the mercy–love of God, the Truth of God {John 3:16; 1 John 1:14} entered the earth

the crucifixion of the Highest Virtue,
the blameless innocent Son of God Who took on Himself the sin of the world,
undid the evil of men and satisfied the Divine Justice,
so we, fallen and lost creatures of earth, could regain our birth–right
and become the children of God {1 John 4:9},
not His enemies–beasts who reject His will, violate His Law, and murder each other as the beasts of prey:
without God, there is no humaneness and there is no humans

Divine Justice poured down from the heaven and restored the human nature: the image and likeness of God;
the Word–God  – Λογος – has transformed the human heart–soul–mind into the dwelling of God,
and the knowledge of God revealed in Jesus Christ opened the eternal life {John 11:25–26; 14:23; 17:2–4, 6–8}

the Divine Truth, Mercy, and Virtue entered the earth and made it fruitful,
because the fruit of the earth is the human child of God prepared for the Kingdom of God

the justice and peace of God dwell together within human heart–soul–mind ––
the precious fruit of the earth created and cherished by God


        And I think that this particular ancient prophecy one more time reveals the meaning of life–sustaining knowledge: each completed thought conveyed by the Holy Scriptures reflects the law on which the world is built and exists. When the ancient prophecy disclosed the formula of life – the unity of mercy, truth, justice, peace, and virtue, it foretold the essence of the Christian teachings. When truth, mercy, justice, and virtue become inseparable, the human heart–soul–mind obtains the peace of God and, as the perfect fruit, ripens for the purposes of the Creator {Isaiah 5:7; Luke 43–45; John 15:1–8}. Indeed, the prophecies written for generations illuminate darkness of the murky world; as the lamp in night they shine until the bright Star of morning rises {Psalm 101(102):18–21; 2 Peter 1:19; Revelation 22:16}…




  Sunday, February 20, 2011





…Watch, lest anyone robs you through philosophy and vain deception

according to the tradition of men,

according to the elements of the world, and not according to Christ.

For in Him the entire completeness of the Godhead dwells bodily,

and you are having been completed in Him Who is the Head

of all ruling powers and authority…

{Colossians 2:8–10}




In Greek text of the Epistle to Colossians 2:8 – Βλεπετε μη τις υμας εσται ο συλαγωγων δια της φιλοσοφιας και κενης απατης, κατα την παραδοσιν των ανθρωπων, κατα τα στοιχεια του κοσμου, St. Paul the Apostle warns of a possibility to be robbed; he uses word συλαγωγων, that is a compound word composed with the roots of words:  συλησις – pillage, robbery (especially of temples); αγωγη  – education, upbringing; αγωγιον  – load, contents; αγωγος  – pipe, pipeline, conduit. The alternative translation of the logical block  κενης απατης  might be “vain/empty illusion.”

Therefore, through philosophy and illusion, the mind might be robbed of its cargo–possession it received and the education it was given; it might be deprived of the channel–connection through which it received its possession. The following text defines the precious source of the mind’s possession – the source is Christ, and conveys a warning of the false knowledge that is “not according to Christ”: philosophy (with which men traditionally compose knowledge of elements of the world – στοιχεια του κοσμου – that is the world of the matter) is depriving. The Apostle reminds us of the only source of true knowledge: God. Christ is God; the entirety of the knowledge of God is embodied in Him; the entirety of all powers and authorities is in Him, and in Him a human being finds own completeness and fulfillment. We must be watchful, so the false knowledge would not rob us of our possession – true knowledge of God, and would not close our connection with God.

In the referred above text, St. Paul the Apostle introduces two domains of knowledge originated by the different sources.

1. The truth and actuality of God in which the mind finds completeness and actualization of own nature; this knowledge belongs to the domain identified as theology. The source of theology is revelations of God. For the human mind, theology is unlimited, completed, unchangeable, and all–inclusive as its Source is: theology provides the universal framework for life of the mind and the foundation on which mind comes to all intentions, makes all discoveries, composes all creations, and achieves its perfection–readiness for the Kingdom of God.

2. The realm of assumptions created by the mind, which the mind accepts as the knowledge of the elements of the world and imposes onto the κοσμος ––  the entirety of visible and invisible universes, chaotic realms and realities, structured systems, components, elements, etc., perceivable or assumed to exist and to influence purposes and life of men; this domain of knowledge was named philosophy.

Traditionally, philosophy is considered as the pinnacle of human wisdom; the very name φιλοσοφιa signifies love of (or inclination to) wisdom. However, the Apostle’s text leads to the inferences:


a/  if philosophy is originated by traditions – vain deception and empty illusions – of men;
then, as any illusion, it is misleading and deceitful;
it robs/deprives of true knowledge

b/  traditional knowledge of the elements of the world, which
is compiled by the means of philosophy, might be deceitful

c/  philosophy and the issuing knowledge of the world, which are composed
according to the tradition of men (vain deception/illusion), contradict the Word–God.



What is behind the Apostle’s warning, and what, in fact, is philosophy –


–– the pinnacle of human wisdom


–– the false knowledge of vain deception and empty illusions,
which deprive of true knowledge?


The “tradition of men” ––  the set of rules, with which different minds compose the shared world of false assumptions and dreams, was born when Eve, through misleading deception of the shrewd brute {Genesis 3:1–15}, discarded the true knowledge given by God–Creator and incorrectly assumed a possibility that any other truth and any other power might exist besides God. Since, all human beings have the choice between two sources of knowledge, and this choice defines their destiny:


1) the Law of God that sustains the actuality of the world created by God


2) the human imagination, which interprets the world
according to own desires, purposes, dreams, and passions.


The choice between two sources of knowledge became the choice between life and death indeed, as Moses the Prophet warned {Deuteronomy 11:26–28; 30:11–20}:

1/ knowledge of God (granted through the Old Testament’s prophets and through the Gospels of Lord God Jesus Christ) sustains the human mind destined to become the dwelling of God; this knowledge makes the mind invincible and its creations indestructible. Moreover, the evolution–optimization of the world of men might be accomplished only through the mind that seeks wisdom, which can be granted only by God, and embodies this wisdom into its creations

2/ knowledge originated by “imagination of the heart” – by the dreaming mind  of false prophets, priests–diviners, and philosophers who created the imaginary worlds of false religions – the heathenism. This inadequate to the actuality knowledge always is insufficient, therefore, false; moreover, as soon as it deprives the mind of true knowledge, its authors are criminals. Indeed, the false prophets and all those who disseminated figments of imagination as true knowledge have prevented (and continue to prevent) the actualization of the human potentials; they transformed mankind’s history into the list of vanished civilization and destroyed empires.

So, what is the problem with the human mind?

Why philosophy–creation of the mind might be false, if the mind carries the image and likeness of God, the imprinted inborn Word–Λογος through Whom a human being becomes the dwelling of God and, therefore, the special being capable of accessing

– the highest Truth {John 14:6}

– wisdom, which transforms human earth–clay into the living temple of the Living God and human slaves into the children and friends of God {John 14:15–23, 26; 15:14–16; James 1:18, 21; 1 John 3:1–2; Job 10:9–10; Isaiah 64:8–9}?

According to the nature, the human mind searches for true knowledge of the universe, its Creator, and itself within the universe created by God. Each human mind is born into the three–dimensional world:


God, the Almighty Omnipotent Holy Spirit
Whose law–energy–power creates and controls life
at each level/realm/world discernible by a human being

man – the unity of
spirit–heart–soul (energy) mind–intelligence (information) body–flesh (matter)

the world –
manifestation of the energy embodied into the information and the matter



Cognition of truth–actuality of the three–dimensional κοσμος –– God ⇒ man ⇒ world –– is the essence of the mind’s existence, because without knowledge of the higher and lower levels–dimensions–realms, a human being is not able to survive and to accomplish the purposes for the sake of which a human being lives.

The mind must know God–Creator Whose will–law controls human life and the world accommodating human existence.

The mind must know the world, which accommodates human existence.

The mind must know own nature – firstly, the terms and conditions of own survival in relation to the will–law of God–Creator and in accordance with the laws controlling the world of the matter, or operations of “the elements of the world” as the Apostle said.

For us, the Christians,

–– the teachings of Lord God Jesus Christ (the Gospels) is the only true knowledge of God, the Christian theology – unchangeable, complete, and all–inclusive as its Source – God – is {Psalm 101(102):25–27}

–– Christian theology is the only true source of the entirety of knowledge of God that might be cognizable–accessible by human mind, the foundation on which the mind is able to live–exist–create knowledge of the universe and knowledge of own nature and own place, potential, and purposes within the universe.

The Christian theology is the unchangeable knowledge of the Word–God, Λογος, revealed through Lord God Jesus Christ. This knowledge sustains existence of mankind and life of human heart–soul–mind; it is the foundation of human intelligence–wisdom and, as such, the only foundation on which the mind is able to exist according to its nature and to achieve the highest potency according to its nature. Theology might be likened to the perfect complete universe

a) which the human mind enters to complete the purposes of own existence – to actualize its essence within the world of the matter

b) within which the human mind exists, discovers and fulfills the laws that control the human world and life of a human being, and accomplishes purposes of own existence

c) in which the human mind matures and reaches perfection–readiness for the next phase of existence.

Theology is the knowledge of God conveyed through the Holy Scriptures: the Books of the Old Testament and the Gospels of The New Testament – is life of human mind and foundation of human reason; it is knowledge of the precious Bread and life–giving water {John 4:10–14; 6:32–35, 45–51}, which must be taken with blessing and appreciation, yet which never must be changed–polluted by human imagination.

If to borrow the wording of the Holy Scriptures, theology might be compared to the fertile soil of the vineyard {Isaiah 5:7; John 15:1} within which the seed–mind of man awakes to life, grows, and brings the fruits the human mind should bring during the life at the earth.

The mind is not capable of changing knowledge of God and His laws, because the mind is not able to modify the laws, conditions, and terms of own existence in the same way as the seed is not able to change the sun, rain, soil, and other components needed for its growth.

Consequently, any human modification of the constant and unchangeable knowledge of God, His Law, and His words inevitably results in creation of false assumptions – heresies, which lead to perversion, degeneration, and spiritual death.

However, when Eve and Adam decided to accept the lies of the shrewd brute and to reject the words of God {Genesis 2:16–17; 3:1–13}, the truth became the alternative, the choice between life and death each human being makes: the possibility of creation and acceptance of false knowledge was established.

If the mind is deprived of knowledge of God, it works in a regime of insufficiency; such a mind is incapable of cognition the actuality.

Consequently, if the mind does not have knowledge of the actuality (or if the knowledge the mind possesses/is able to access is inadequate, or insufficient, or false), the mind employs compensating means.  In a search of truth, in an attempt to replenish insufficient knowledge of the actuality, the mind works with interpretations and images–dreams born by imagination: it creates own assumptions concerning κοσμος  and the perceivable world of the matter as the part of κοσμος; then, it accepts and propagates them as the adequate knowledge of the actuality.

The mind deprived of true knowledge does not live according to its nature: it dreams. Then, the mind accepts its dreams – the set of beliefs and assumptions born by imagination deprived of knowledge of God, as knowledge, although this knowledge is not adequate to the actuality: it was produced at the inadequate level of complexity. With the inadequate assumptions (or beliefs), the mind considers the appearances and surfaces of things, events, and phenomena and creates another set of assumptions, which – as the mind presumes – describes the laws controlling the actuality. Then, the mind assumes that through such a process it obtained the complete comprehension of the laws behind the appearances and surfaces, and therefore, came to the true knowledge of the actuality, while, in fact, is has deprived itself of true knowledge and will deprive of true knowledge all the others who would accept its false assumptions as truth.

However, if the laws are not known, the observations and assumptions concerning the phenomena, which came into being according to some laws, do not reflect the actual essence–nature of the observed phenomena*1*. Without knowledge of the source of the laws and the meaning–definitions–terms of the laws that control the actuality, the adequate or true knowledge of the actuality never can be found: whichever assumptions are created, they are doomed to be insufficient, therefore, misleading and thus, destructive.  

It is one of the general systems law: any insufficiency of knowledge leads to degeneration–corruption of the cohesive (life–maintaining) power; for the human mind, as for any system, there is no exception from this law. The history of mankind illustrates consequences of the degenerated–corrupted cohesive power (corrupted because it is insufficient; any non–replenished insufficiency inevitably culminates in corruption–degeneration, and then, in collapse – death or destruction).

For instance, all collapsed, vanished, and destroyed establishments of men share two mutual features:

1/ they are based on the assumed/imaginary (false) knowledge with an inadequate level of complexity created by the mind deprived of true knowledge of God

2/ they embody insufficient–inadequate, therefore false, knowledge, which ruins those who accept it as truth.

False knowledge is created with the logic of insufficiency or the logic of death*2*.

The adequate, or life–sustaining, knowledge might be created only within the special framework, which at the level of human mind was named wisdom. The mind that possesses wisdom is capable of operating at three levels of complexity; or it might be said that three domains of knowledge sustain human wisdom, therefore, maintain natural life of the mind: theology, philosophy, and epistemology.

The most significant feature of human wisdom is the ability to observe the law of adequate complexity; firstly, do not mix the levels of consideration; for instance, do not apply philosophy–fruit of human mind for creation of theological knowledge, which already is complete, because it revealed by God.

Consequently, at least four abilities are necessary for a human mind that strives to obtain wisdom – to become able of cognition and creation the life–sustaining knowledge (life–sustaining knowledge is knowledge adequate to the actuality):

1/ the ability to discern the different levels of complexity and to apply the adequate means of cognition–perception, creation and actualization–embodiment of knowledge

2/ the ability to ascend to the highest level of complexity – the knowledge of God–Creator; this knowledge determines the way into the Eternity, it is theology, knowledge of God

3/ the ability to cognize the essence–nature of things, which determine creation, existence, survival, and destruction of the material subjects (a material subject is a manifestation of the energy embodied into the information and the matter) within the time–space–complexity settings of the worlds of the matter; the foundation of this knowledge is philosophy

4/ the ability to survive by embodiment of the created knowledge of the manifestations of the matter into the structures and systems composing, sustaining, and controlling the world of the matter; for instance, words, concepts, sciences, hierarchies of power, establishments, civilizations; this knowledge traditionally was identified as epistemology; now it is evolving into the more advanced science, the science of creation–accumulation–preservation–transfer–application–management–embodiment–actualization of knowledge.

The original purpose of philosophy (philosophy as the second level–domain or component of the overall framework–setting of human knowledge) is knowledge of the world of the matter, in which a human being has to survive: to maintain own existence and to achieve the purposes of existence adequate to the human nature, therefore to actualize the highest potency of the being that is the unity of


Energy   Spirit––Soul


Information     Mind––Intelligence


Matter  Body––Flesh.


A philosophical inquiry should pursue two purposes:

1/ knowledge of the essence – the actual nature, which determines survival of mankind within the material perceivable world

2/ the most effective methods and ways of embodiment of the knowledge of nature into other peoples’ thoughts, words, and actions through which they would sustain and optimize life of mankind within the material perceivable world.

Consequently, in general, philosophy could be seen as the set of tools, techniques, criteria, and rules of creation and interpretation of knowledge of the lower levels of the cosmos – the world of the matter and organization of human life within it, which the mind employs in its efforts to survive, to accomplish own existence, to actualize own nature within the world of the matter, and to dominate the world.

Consequently, philosophy, as the set of the tools and techniques applicable at two lower levels of the mankind’s universe – for cognition and control of the world of the matter and its use by man, has no adequate complexity for consideration of the theological knowledge that sustains human energy–spirit–soul.

Philosophy, as the summary of assumptions concerning the nature of the world of the matter and the purposes of man, is the foundation on which the mind creates its thoughts and intentions, arranges them into political, social, and military doctrines, and embodies into establishments, with which it expects to secure and to optimize own existence, –– civilizations, cultures, states, societies, social, political, research institutions, systems of defense, etc.

Philosophy behind words, actions, political and social systems defines the destiny of their creators and those who these creations influence or control.

Philosophy that sustains an establishment – civilization, state, political, social, and any other system – reveals the essence, determines and discloses the destiny of the establishment.

However, as any creation of the human mind intended for use within the world of the matter, philosophy should not be ever applied for creation of the theological knowledge, because the theological knowledge has the complexity that exceeds all human abilities, creations and arrangements. Inadequate complexity of consideration results in creation of false assumptions: any application of philosophy for creation of the knowledge of God would result in false assumptions (or heresy). False assumptions accepted as the knowledge of truth are the most potent weapon of destruction from those designed by the human mind.

That is why

–– St. Paul the Apostle left the strict warning of philosophy. Only in theology – knowledge revealed through Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, all completeness and fullness of knowledge, treasures of wisdom, and omnipotence of the ruling power and authority dwell {η κεφαλη πασης αρχης και εξουσιας –– Colossians 2:10}. The Christians possess compete perfect knowledge of God, the true theology given by God Himself and written down by His prophets, disciples, and apostles  – the Holy Scriptures, the Books of the Old and New Testament: nothing more is needed for becoming a child of God, the new being destined for the eternity with God. Any other knowledge that serves the needs of the temporal world of the matter should be left for use only within and for the world of the matter

–– the history of nations, which were led (in fact, misled, corrupted, and made sick–degenerated) by philosophizing theologians, who covered figments of their imagination with the references to the words of God and who masked under the name of “Christianity” the human lust for worldly power and riches, became the history of schisms, religious persecutions, crimes against humanity (e.g., the Crusades and the Inquisition), wars, and iniquities *3*; moral degeneration, physical corruption, and ruin are the adequate descriptions of their culture and daily life

–– the Western civilization, which is built on the theological assumptions modified through application of the heathen philosophy, entered the phase of destruction. 

And I think that one of the reasons why the Apostle’s warning was given, is that the ancient thinkers devised philosophy (firstly, as the means of creation theological knowledge) as the flux –– open for modifications system; the heathen pattern of creation philosophical and theological assumptions embodies continuing cyclical change:  

1/ created assumption is used for modifications of existing techniques and practical inferences; for instance, elaboration of rituals of worship and civil laws of the society, design of new beliefs, recognition of additional deities or cults of neighboring nations, acceptance of new techniques of divination or drugs that allow entering the alternative states of mind

2/ with the modified techniques, new assumptions, and new beliefs, general foundation (basic assumptions and beliefs) are modified or new assumptions and beliefs are accepted with the conviction that they represent the advanced development of human thought

3/ upon the modified foundation, existing before assumptions are modified or new sets of assumptions developed

4/ then, new cycle of modifications begins, and so on.

It means that everything can be modified, including meanings of good and evil, according to the purposes and desires of those who control life of the people. It means also that in the society deprived of the knowledge of God, nothing sacred and constant is left or could ever be accepted as truth.  

 For the heathens, philosophy became the justification of the never–ending repetitive cycle of alterations, which they consider as the progress of human thought leading to creation of the civilized world: life within the heathen society demands constant changes of human “heart,” that is of the core of life-defining knowledge. However, if to compare contemporary assumptions concerning truth, justice, mercy, love, and wisdom to those by which the ancient world lived – has any true progress been accomplished, or has really civilized world came into existence?

If to judge by the contents of the daily news, mankind still lives in the Stone Age: the human beasts enslave, betray, sell, deceit, consume, stone, hang, decapitate, blow up and kill each other by any means possible; they rob and deprive each other of all possible good, firstly, of freedom, dignity, and life. The words wisdom and virtue became meaningless combinations of letters, because people have been robbed of true knowledge; they forgot that what wisdom and virtue are about.

If to judge by the consequences of knowledge created through philosophical inquiries of the dreaming minds – that is if to judge by the conditions of the current world, it looks like the warning of the Apostle was never appreciated and accepted…








*1* The essence of a system is described by the laws, which define and control


–– the nature (including purposes, potentials, and way of operations–existence–achievement of the purposes)

–– inter– and intra–system structures, processes, and connections

–– time–range and manner of evolution–development, actualization, and disintegration.


The systems laws determine when and where a system will come into being; they define the system’s purposes, potency of intra–system cohesive power, patterns of knowledge creation–accumulation– transmission –consuming, consequences of the system’s existence and disintegration for the super–system (e.g., the civilization, society, state, environment) and other parameters, which identify the system’s life–cycle in the Past, the Present, and the Future.


The ability to comprehend the essence (that is to identify the laws, which control nature–purposes–potentials and creation–existence–destruction of a system), is the component of wisdom  in relation to the world of men ( see Wisdom – Archive_Page_1_2008, posting for April 20, 2008; definition of “wisdom in potency” by St. Maximus the Confessor – in Imagination – Archive_Page_2_2008, posting for April 6, 2008).



*2*  See The Logic of Death – Archive_Page_2_2008, posting for October 19, 2008.



*3* See the history of the papacy, especially, Medieval; for instance, in:

New Catholic Encyclopedia. Washington, DC:  The Catholic University of America, 1967.

Encyclopedia of the Vatican and Papacy. Ed. Frank J. Coppa. Westport, Connecticut:  Greenwood Press, 1999.








 Sunday, February 27, 2011





…Has the hand of the Lord no power to save,

or has He made His ear heavy, so that He should not hear? 

Nay, your iniquities separate between you and God,

and because of your sins has He turned away His face from you,

so as not to have mercy…

{Isaiah 59:1–2}



It started in the very beginning, when Adam and Eve hid themselves from the face of the Lord, after they sinned – accepted lies of the brute, discarded truth–words of God, disobeyed Him, and acted contrary to His will {Genesis 2:16–17; 3:1–9}.

Then, the desire of men was fulfilled: they obtained the ability of cognition; moreover, they received the entire world for actualization of their quest for knowledge of good and evil, and because of man’s sin, this world was cursed {Genesis 3:18–20, 22–25} – modified due to the necessity to accommodate sinners and – up to some limit – tolerate the evil they would commit in their search of knowledge.

The perfect fruitful life–nurturing Garden of Delight became the distant memory, and men began to create the world of insufficiency and deprivation of good. In this world, Adam and Eve had to make their first discovery that there are two problems they and their descendents would face:

–– there is no good without God; therefore, there is no a possibility to cognize and create the good for those who are deprived of the presence of God and who reject His words

–– evil is not able to exist in the presence of God and those who commit evil cannot live in His presence; therefore, those who learn and make evil, by their own deeds, prepare themselves to destruction and death.

It means that men entered the infernal circle without any hope to obtain salvation, to restore the original abilities, and to return to the Creator by their own will, through their own efforts.

So, the entire history of mankind became a description of the gradually increasing separation from God. With each sin, with each drop of blood shed by the men, with each injustice and lies, this separation grew wider, the intensity of evil and its control over men increased, and the world of men made one more step to its end. 

However, as soon as evil of men reached some limit, or the measures of sin–evil –– αναπεπληρωνται  αι  αμαρτιαι –– are filled, the earth wiped out the sinners from her face, because iniquities of men burn out the world as the devastating wild fire does. The known methods of extermination include plagues, inherited physical and mental disorders (especially, insanity, delusion, confusion, obsessions of all kinds), darkness of ignorance and perplexity, powerlessness, infertility (land, humans, cattle, insects, plants), slavery, wars, submission to enemies, desolation, drought, famine, and other natural and man–made disasters leading to insufficiency of all kinds, suffering, and death. After the iniquities of men exceed the overall limit allotted to evil, the world of man will be destroyed {Genesis 15:16; Deuteronomy 9:3–6; 28:15–68; Isaiah 1:4–9; 5:20–30; 9:18–19; 13:3–16; 2 Peter 3:1–10}.

If the human heart–mind turns away from God and separates itself from God, it loses abilities of perception and comprehension of essence of things; therefore, it becomes unable to discern good and evil and deprives itself of any possibility of healing – reconciliation with God {Isaiah 6:10; John 12:40}.

The heart–mind separated from God and incapable of creation of the good loses the ability to receive the life–sustaining energy, which can be accessed only through the Word–God. God compared the one who is separated from Him with a withered branch ready to be burnt {John 15:6}.

With coming of Lord God Jesus Christ, the world was given the last chance of salvation: believe the Truth, accomplish the commandments of God, love God and His creations, accept the Chalice of salvation, and live. He who believes and fulfills God’s commandments is not judged; he who does not believe is doomed. The non–believing evil ones have judgment in themselves: they love darkness because they committed iniquities and sins, and they became incapable of coming to the Light; although the Light came into the world to save all, they cannot accept Him, therefore, they are not able to live {John 3:14–18; 5:24; 6:37–40; 11:25–26; 12:44–50; 1 John 5:10–13}.

Yet, where are they who believe and create the good, those who live well according to the words of God and under His blessing and protection, and those who make their lands prosperous and life of the people orderly and fulfilling?

In one of his terrifying visions, the prophet conveys the promise of God: in the time of retribution, God will make the evils of the world and sins to fall on the ungodly; He will destroy the pride of the lawless and bring low the pride of the haughty. When the world would face its end because of the fierce anger of the Lord, those who left would be more precious than gold tried in the fire; there will be none to gather people who would be as a fleeing deer and as a stray sheep, and nothing to protect them from disasters and enemies {Isaiah 13:11–14}.

And I think that one of the meanings of the ancient prophecy is warning concerning the laws of collapse, which explain the processes of destruction. The earth of the ancient prophets is not only the ground on which man walks; man is the earth. The prophetic vision is different from the perception of all the others: a prophet sees the entirety. Although the scientific atheistic mind is not able to see the true foundations of the world, the actuality remains unchanged: the connection of man and the world, which accommodates his existence, never was broken.

Therefore, the core of destruction of the world is in the heart of ungodly man: from this pit, the evil crawls into the world of the living, corrupts and consumes the world as the ancient leprosy ate human body. At the level of visible perceivable matter, everything begins with human corruption, vice, and perversion; then, degeneration and collapse of ruling, controlling and protecting structures that sustain human establishments – empire, state, society, etc. – follow. The pagan Roman Empire provided the elaborated pattern of collapse; the history of her rulers, senate, army, society is well known, although probably, everyone has own opinion concerning the reasons of her destruction.

Now, in the contemporary societies, this destruction might be detected easily: just read the daily news.

So, where are the wise just and merciful rulers, the elders and law–makers full of knowledge, dignity and wisdom, the virtuous youth, the revered aged, the unbreakable families, loyal husbands and wives, respectful children, devoted servants, loyal employees, generous employers, all–knowing educators and scientists, wise healers, successfully battling all diseases physicians, and simply happy, healthy and satisfied with their life people? And firstly, where are those who are able to read the signs of the time and to prevent crisis, unrest, collapse of the society, and war, so the people under their supervision would live?

Is there any place left on the earth where the harmony of wisdom, truth, virtue, justice, and happiness can be found?

Although the evil already amassed by men has made normal life almost impossible and suffering almost intolerable for so many human beings, with each passing day,


the burden of evil increases

false religions and cults are spreading wider and wider

the habitable world shrinks

poverty, perplexity, confusion and animosity
envelop more and more people and nations

the ultimate desolation and death come closer and closer


And I think that the contemporary world, in which people separate themselves from God and nevertheless arrogantly assume that they are alive without God, looks like the Phoenician after–life – the realm of the infernal blinding and separating fog: the dead souls wander helplessly and lonely, isolated, unable to perceive anything and to find the way to the light and life…







Sunday, March 6, 2011


Purification of Heart



…Blessed are the pure in heart, because they shall perceive God…

{Matthew 5:8}



A human being cannot see God and live: only human spirit returns to God Who gave it {Exodus 33:20; Ecclesiastes 12:7}. However, English versions of the Gospel, translate the words of God –– οτι αυτοι τον Θεον οψονται {Matthew 5:8} –– as “because they shall/will see God.”

The Greek compound word οψονται is derivative of

οψις (or ωψ or ωπος) – countenance, appearance, face (as presence); act of seeing

ον, οντος – being

οντως  – really, actually.

The overall meaning is the reality of presence, actuality of appearance: the Gospel mentions the condition (purity of the heart) in which


the presence of God becomes the actuality of man


man obtains the ability to perceive/face/encounter God
as the reality and actuality of own existence.


In the beginning of Gospel According to John it is postulated again: nobody has seen God – never; the only–begotten Son, the Word–God, explains Him {John 1:18}. Then, during the Last Supper, after Lord Jesus Christ told that no one comes to the Father except through Him, Philip the disciple asked to show them the Father. And God answered that the one seeing Him, he has seen the Father –– God the Father is in the Word–God {John 14:6–11}.

Again, man is returned to the dust, into the reality of his existence: a creature of the earth is not able to see the Creator – Almighty Spirit. Only through the Word–God, man might be re–created into the new creature, the child of God who lives by the spirit: through the Word–God, the child of God becomes able to perceive God as the actuality, reality of own spiritual life. The New Testament is all about this new life implanted into the human heart–soul–mind, which then, becomes the temple of the living God.

Lord God Jesus Christ, the Word–God, established the power of becoming the child of God, and this authority is given only those who believe in Him. If the human soul–heart–mind becomes able to believe in Lord God Jesus Christ, it becomes able to recognize its own Creator and Father and comprehend own divine nature. At the moment of recognition and comprehension, a human being discovers own essence – the image of God, the Word–God, the Seal of Love – τον εμφυτον Λογον –  implanted, imprinted within, in the heart–soul–mind. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, to the believer who is redeemed–forgiven, purified, and sanctified by the Word–God, God the Father sends the Holy Spirit. By the Holy Spirit, a child of God comes into existence, learns the Truth, and finds the Way to God the Father. If the child of God follows the Truth and observes the Law–commandments of God, the Almighty All–forgiving Love – God the Father comes, and the human heart–soul–mind is transformed into the dwelling of the living God: the temple of the Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son – the Word–God, and God the Holy Spirit {John 1:1–4, 9–14, 16–18; 3:3–18; 4:24; 14:1–28; The Song 8:6; James 1:16–25; 1 John 1:1–9; 2:1–6; 3:1–10; 4:9–21; 1 Corinthians 3:16–17; 6:19}.

Hence, the eternal life of a human being begins at the earth. A child of God has to be born within the human flesh–earth, by the power of the Almighty Holy Spirit, so, the new creation would be able to achieve the purposes of earthly existence:


to open “the eyes of heart”

to perceive the Light
and to become the carrier of Light

to cognize the Truth
and to be sanctified by Truth

to take the Way
and accomplish it with the mercy and by the will of God

to perceive and recognize the Father
and to accomplish life in God and for God

to become ready for homecoming
and life everlasting with God

{John 14:1–28; 17:1–26}.



The referred above texts convey the words of God concerning the true life that opens to those who want to live; this life is the life of human spirit created by God for the eternity. The purity of heart is a preliminary condition, which makes the life in spirit – perception of God – possible.

Psalm 50(51) explains the meaning and the significance of purified clean heart. David the king in Jerusalem sinned before God: for the sake of woman, he condemned to death the innocent man. Nathan the prophet sent by God told David that his child born of this woman shall die, the sword shall never depart from his house, the evil shall rise against David within his own house, and his women shall be given to another man. So, all that the Prophet foretold came to pass: David begot the evil, violated the commandments of God, and brought death to another man; so, from his own offspring, David received the full cup of suffering, grief and dishonor {2 Kings 11:1–27; 12:1–23; 13:1–39; 15:1–37; 16; 17; 18; Psalm 50(51)}.

After the Prophet spoke and David realized the depth of the consequences; he began to beseech God to be merciful, to blot out his transgression and to give the joy of salvation – all usual petitions of sinners are mentioned in the Psalm. Yet, one more thing David wants: creation/establishment*1* of purification of heart in him {Καρδιαν καθαραν κτισον εν εμοι ο Θεος  ––  Psalm 50(51):10}.

God had mercy upon the repentant sinner: David’s heart was purified; moreover, until the end of his life, David kept the commandments of God and walked before God in sanctity of heart and uprightness {3 Kings 9:4}.

At least three lessons are in the story of David:

1/ God hears the prayer of a repentant sinner

2/ according to the mercy of God and with the help of God, everybody is able to obtain the purity of heart and then, to walk before God in sanctity and dignity, even if the consequences of sin (e.g., corruption, suffering and death of own children) are inerasable

3/ all words of God become the reality of human life; in particular, as it was told {Exodus 34:6–7}, the sins of fathers come onto their children up to the third and fourth generation {see the story of David’s sons and grandsons – 2 Kings 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 3 Kings 11; 12; 13; 14; 15}.

Purification of the heart is not the action that can be performed once and for ever: purification of the heart is the process, the constant work of the spirit that seeks the road to God and struggles to obtain the eternal life. The prayer to God is the beginning, the initiation of the process, yet, continuation and success depend on purity of human intentions and the power of human will. Purification might be seen as a constant process of application of the Law (commandments and ordinances of God) toward each thought, intention, word, and action conceived, contemplated, and accomplished by human being. In summary, the process of purification includes


distinction between the good and the evil

comprehension of evil committed


choice of the good

rejection of the evil.



Only if the Word–God lives in the heart–soul–mind, the mind is able to discern the good and the evil and to comprehend the essence of own (and the others’) thoughts, words, and deeds. Human virtue, righteousness, and wisdom are the derivatives {reflections in the mirror – James 1:18, 21–25} of the attributes of God living in human soul–heart–mind.

Purification culminates in evolution – reaching the optimum, development of the highest potency of soul–heart–mind; the optimum of human mind is wisdom. Wisdom comes to those who develop the abilities to focus on God and to build the entire existence around God and according to His commandments.

In the heart–soul–mind living by God and acquainted with good, the process of purification becomes comprehensive; it is conducted automatically, as breathing of a body. In the depth of own heart, in the world that accommodates our existence, in the others’ thoughts, words, and deeds, the pure heart–mind learns to recognize the symptoms of evil and to keep the source of the detected evil far off, so, the evil would not enter and become the master.

And I think, if to evaluate the earthly life by its essence and its purposes, is anything more valuable than the constant process of purification of the heart–soul–mind? Is there anything more precious than the mind, which is sanctified by the Truth and protected by the purity and knowledge of good?

If to accept that obtaining the eternal life depends on the purification of the heart–soul–mind, it could be inferred that


there is nothing more important for the evolution of human mind,
which in the course of daily life has to go through all multiple and diverse conditions and events,


the ability instantly to discern and reject everything tainted or spoiled or touched by the evil…






*1*  Κτισον  from ancient  κτιζω  – create, build, establish; a contemporary form is verbal noun  κτιση  -- foundation, creation, building, erection.






Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Hunger


…All the labor of man is for his mouth, yet, soul shall not be filled…

{Ecclesiastes 6:7}


 It was after the beginning, when the Spirit of God moved over the water, and the darkness of unknown was over the depths. Beautiful fruitful world – celebration of life–giving creative power of God – began to exist, and the darkness of unknown became the surrounding of the shining Light.

Then, the evil came, death took the place of life, and another darkness – the darkness of separation from God and from wisdom became the lot of human dust {Genesis 1; 2; 3; 4; 6}.

Eventually, men built the world of insufficiency–deprivation of good, the world without knowledge of God and without love to God, the world of hungry souls…

Then, after thousands of years of separation, suffering and deaths, the Creator had mercy upon His creation: the human mind regained the memory of the beginning, of the foundation of life. The mind came to the knowledge of itself as the dying of thirst and hunger vagabond enters the house of his father where he is given water and bread: he drinks and eats, and returns to life, and then, he washes away dirt of the long journey and sees his true face…

So lengthy was the journey, so great was suffering, so long was the time of separation, yet after all, the road is worthy of taking if it, ultimately, leads to home: the homecoming is the greatest happiness.

So far, something else was found or re–discovered: the knowledge with which the mind learns to discern the true essence and actual value of everything, own life included. This true essence, the foundation of everything is the presence of God: only His Spirit creates life, sustains the world, gives comfort and hope to the hopeless and desperate ones…

However, in the actuality of daily life, man thinks in the terms of the matter – things, possessions, food, clothing, etc. Man lives by the matter and works for increase of the material possession – ownership of things. Everything is for the actual or assumed needs of a body: all the labor of man is for his mouth, yet, his soul is not filled {Ecclesiastes 6:7}.

And what about the soul – how to determine is the soul hungry or is it filled? What makes the human soul filled–satisfied–complete?

The source of everything in our world is the divine energy issuing from God: life is manifestation of the divine energy, the living creatures are embodiments of the divine energy; everything lives and breathes because it receives the divine energy from God–Creator. Thousands of years ago, the Prophet wrote that God shall send forth His Spirit and they [the living creatures of the land and the sea] shall be created, and He shall renew the face of the earth: God is the Source of life and He gives the abilities to perceive life and to live {Psalm 103:29–30; 35(36):9}.

The human soul lives by God, and only presence of God gives completeness, satisfies hunger–insufficiency, and leads to accomplishment of perfection – development of the highest human potential: possession of wisdom, firstly, as the ability to create and actualize the good.

Self–identification with a particular religion, confession of particular beliefs, public rituals of worship, acts of charity intended to boost image or to establish a particular reputation, all other deeds intended for public knowledge and performed for the others do not confirm that the soul of the author or performer of the referred deeds is not hungry. The human soul is fed by the Word–God; its food is accomplishment of the will of God, and its way is to follow God. And the will of God is known: to treat the others in the same way that we want to be treated, to love the enemies, to give those who are in need, to lend without expectation to be paid, to bless and forgive those who wronged us, injured our pride, deprived us of the material goods, and so on. The highest point of the road allotted to the human soul is limitlessness: imitation of the perfection and mercy of God {Matthew 5:21–48; Luke 6:27–38; John 4:31–34; 6:35, 47–51; 10:27–30; 14:6, 23}.

Besides, those, who accomplish the commandments of God, build for themselves the indestructible dwelling. Indeed, the more we do for the others the more secure and better and well we become, because we collect imperishable treasure {Matthew 6:1–6, 19–21; 7:12, 24–27; Luke 6:47–49}.

One of the ways to satisfy the hungry soul is assistance to the others, even if this assistance serves only survival of their bodies. It means that we feed our soul when we feed enemies in time of their hunger and when we help the needy (whoever they are) by sharing, through depriving ourselves of some material goods. We live in the world of the matter to learn the vital significance of the immaterial values, and with the price of earthly possession, we acquire the knowledge of the Eternity. The soul receives completion and forgets what own hunger–insufficiency is about through alleviation of hunger and insufficiency of the others.

Therefore, the features of the hungry soul include


deprivation of good

absence of mercy and love to other creations of God

absence of wisdom, firstly, as the inability to accomplish the purposes
of survival, development, and avoidance of evil

inability to create things, which would sustain life and development of the others.



And I think how strange the destiny of man is: 


to learn the knowledge of the eternal and indestructible spirit
within the temporal world of dissipating matter

to fill own hungry spirit–soul–heart through help and sharing of the material things

to obtain immortality in the world of death







 Sunday, March 20, 2011



The Unknown Time



…But about this day and the hour, no one knows… except My Father only…

{Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32}




It was said when the disciples asked the Lord about the end of the world: no one knows the day and the hour of the end but God the Father. The end will come unexpectedly, suddenly, as a snare; it will come in on all those who are sitting down on the face of the earth. However, Lord God Jesus Christ named particular events that are going to happen before the end {Mark 13:1–37; Luke 21:5–36}:


– wars

– persecutions of the Christians

– nation will be lifted up against nation and kingdom against kingdom

– great earthquakes from place to place

– famines

– plagues

– terrors and great signs in sun, and moon, and stars

– anxiety and perplexity of nations

– roaring and surf of the sea

– men fainting in heart from fear and expectation of things

to come upon the earth, for the power of haven will be shaken


Does not this set of symptoms look like the daily news digest?

All these symptoms of disintegration of the world are indications of the end, yet, there is not in the power of the human mind to evaluate the readiness for the collapse of the entire world. The end might come today, tomorrow, or hundreds of years later – no one knows when. All that we know is that we must prepare ourselves for the meeting with our Lord God, when all our deeds, thoughts, and words will be judged, and all hidden or forgotten sins, for which we never asked forgiveness, will be revealed and will cover us with shame. St. Peter the Apostle and other Apostles provided us with the instructions, which reflect the will of God {James; 1 Peter; 2 Peter (especially 3:1–18); 1 John; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians; Ephesians; 1 Thessalonians; and the others}. So, our days must be full of good work and contemplation; besides, if God Himself refers to the end of the world of evil as to our redemption {Luke 21:28}, we have nothing to be afraid of. Ultimately, what do we have to leave behind but slavery of the evil and impotency of the dissipating matter?

However, as of today, plenty of “prophets” are seeking their seconds of fame by spreading doom–day’s predictions, especially those who build their fantasies on the Mayan calendar or similar myths of the ancient heathens. They ascribe to the ancient cannibals (who sacrificed humans by cutting heart out of the chest and then, devoured  bodies of victims, and whose “empire” was destroyed by handful of Spanish conquistadors) the wisdom and knowledge, which no one has. The only thing that can be helpful in consideration of the ancient pagans, who were not able to prevent own extermination, is understanding of danger of heathenism and false knowledge.

Indeed, the greatest punishment of men is deprivation of reason, and those devoid of reasoning have the option to faint in heart from fear and to die as scared and hunted down animal dies before the hunter lifts his axe…

In the beginning of civilization, when The Ten Commandments were granted, Moses warned of danger coming from the false prophets – diviners, (in other words, soothsayers, fortune–teller, oracles, mediums, astrologers, psychics, etc.). The Holy Scriptures refer to the diviners and other false prophets as to “foxes among ruins” who spoke falsehood and “divined a lie.” Divination (false prophesying) is defined as sin, “rebellion against the Lord,” and “abomination to God.” Seeing vanities and prophesying falsehood are mentioned in the context of committing the great oppression by injustice and robbery. False prophesies of the diviners is the grave danger: the false prophets convey “false visions” and “devices of their own heart,” although they pretend to speak on behalf of God. They have own imagination as the source of their “predictions”; consequently, they spread corruption, mislead, deceive, and ruin the people; because of divination the natives of the Promised Land had to be exterminated. According to the Law of Moses, the diviners who emerged from the chosen nation had to be put to death, because they, through their evil and false assertions, ruin the people {e.g., Deuteronomy 18: 10–14, 20; 1 Kings 15:23; Isaiah 2:6, 8; Jeremiah 14:14–16; 23:13–21, 25–32; Lamentations 2:14; Ezekiel 12:24; 13:3–10; 22:28–29; Micah 3:5–7, 11; Zechariah 10:2}.

The main source of the “prophecies” of diviners is either madness – inherited or artificially evoked*1* or deceit, yet, madness gives nothing but madness, and deceit leads to destruction.

So, as of today, when the sun still shines, and the rain still falls, and the spring came, we should bless the Lord our God for His mercy, and to continue our daily work: to live through the remaining days of our life, to accomplish our purposes, to create as much good as we can, to help as many as we are able to help, and to prepare our heart–soul–mind for the Lord, as the good and loyal servant cleans the house before his Master’s coming…




*1* See Divination – Archive_2008-2010, posting for September 26, 2010.



Sunday, March 27, 2011


 The Depths



…Out of the depths I have cried to Thee, o Lord.…

{Psalm 129(130):1}



What is in the depths of human heart –

the knowledge of God and expectation of the mercy of the Father and Creator


the unrest and desperation of evil?

What comes from the depths of human heart-soul-mind into the outer world: harmony of good and perfection of completion or disgrace of wickedness and discord of destruction?

Is the essence of human heart the peace and confidence of righteousness or the disgrace of impiety similar to the foaming shames carried by wild waves of the troubled sea {Jude 13}?

Whatever is in the human heart, it is always before God: His ways are through the deep waters and depths as well as through the highest heavens. Wherever we would go – to the farthest West, up to the highness of the Paradise, or into the abyss of the Inferno, God is always with us, because we carry His image, and breathe by His breath, and live because of His Word and All-forgiving Love. We with all our thoughts, words, and deeds are known to Him as the clay is known to the Master-builder, as a child is known to his Father {Genesis 1:27; 2:7; 9:6; Psalm 76(77):19; 138(139):1-16; Isaiah 64:8; John 1:12-13; 3:16, 36; 1 John 3:1; 4:8, 16}.

Indeed, one of the greatest blessings of the righteous and clean heart is perception of God: awareness of His presence, knowledge of His commandments, and the issuing ability to discard the tiniest impulses of evil, that some people call temptations, yet, which are the signs of continuous testing and which reveal the degree of purification of the soul-heart-mind. Because of knowledge of God given through Lord Jesus Christ and His commandments, we have God as the Standard of highest perfection and the only Model for imitation. We are given the true Light in which we discern the world and the Mirror – the Word-God - in which we see our true face. By comparing that what we are with the perfection of our Lord and Savior, we see the distortions and dirt – our sins and vice, which we gained during our earthly road. Yet, we also know that if we


realize the depths of our transgressions

ask forgiveness

stop doing evil things

begin to create good, to love and to help the others,


then, the life-giving water given by God through Lord Jesus Christ will wash out our iniquities. The divine food – accomplishment of the will of God – will give us life and strength, which we need to prepare ourselves for the house of the Lord {Psalm 35(36):9; Matthew 5:8, 44-48; 18:11-14; Luke 6:27-38; John 1:1-4, 9-14, 18; 3:16-21, 36; 4:13-14, 31-34; 6:35; 13:1-15, 34-35; 14:1-6, 21-24; 15:1-17; James 1:18-25; 1 John 3:9-18; 4:19-21; 5:12}.

And I think: the earth is given to us as the reflection of our own essence. When the monstrous devastating waves born by the roaring depths wipe out the land and carry out fruits of human labors along with their creators, are not they similar to the human wickedness carrying the wars, bloodshed, crimes, and other evils?...









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