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The War

The Signs of the Time

The Sparrows





The War



…Do not think that I came to cast peace on earth;

I came not to cast peace but a sword…

…I came to cast fire into the earth…

{Matthew 10:34; Luke 12:49}


When the St. Apostles and Evangelists Matthew and Luke convey the words of God, in which He defines His purpose, they both use the same word βαλειν {Matthew 10:34; Luke 12:49}. The root βαλ–  originates the cluster of words with the meaning to cast, to throw forcefully, to shoot, to impact through weapon; to injure as the result of action. Currently, some of these words are used to identify ballistic weapon, missiles, etc., and results of weapon’s impact. Thus, God came to bring the weapon (the fire and the sword for those who would follow Him), which would ignite the division – the war, and so intense this war must be that it would dissever family ties and transform even the members of the same household into enemies {Matthew 10:34–36; Luke 12:49–53}.

By its very nature, any war is ruthless: war is the most inhumane form of deprivation of enemies of their life, wealth, and other possessions.

Yet, the core message of the New Testament’s Books is forgiveness, tolerance, forbearance, mercy, sharing of possessions, and love, which enables a human being to give up his life for the sake of the others, and which is greater than faith and hope {Matthew 5:38–48; Luke 6:28–38; John 13:34–35; 15:12–13; 1 John 3:10–18; 1 Corinthians 13:4–8, 13}. Consequently, the Christians must imitate actions of Lord God Jesus Christ; for instance,

–– when the people living in a village of Samaritans did not accept the Lord, because He was going toward Jerusalem, and His disciples (who already were given the power to control the forces of nature) asked the permission to tell fire to rush down from Heaven to destroy the villagers as Elijah the Prophet did, God rebuked them and said that they do not know of what Spirit they are, for He did not come to destroy the souls of men, but to save. So, they went to another village {Luke 9:51–56}

–– when the servants and soldiers of the high priest and Pharisees led by arch–betrayer Judas Iscariot came to take the Lord Jesus Christ and Peter drew his sword to fight for the Lord, God ordered Peter to put his sword into the sheath, because all who take a sword shall perish by the sword {Matthew 26:47–52; John 18:3–12}. 

So, how to reconcile the referred above texts of the Holy Bible, and what kind of war we, the Christians, must wage on the Earth, and which kind of weapon we have for this war

–– if our Lord God and Savior asked God the Father to forgive those who crucified Him {Luke 23:33–34}

–– if we have the commandment of God to love and forgive the enemies who took our possession, wounded our body, and inflicted upon us grief and suffering

–– if we must not use any weapon of men to retaliate by destroying or wounding bodies of our enemies?

So, what kind of war is it, if in fact, we have nothing from this world to defend ourselves against the coercive power of mighty authorities, their armies, weapons, and oppressive forces. All that we have in our possession is the invisible fire – the Holy Spirit of truth, the Teacher, the Spirit of God – within our soul, and the invisible sword – the Word–Law–commandments of the God – in our heart and mind {John 14:16–17, 26; Revelation 1:16}. Yet, during all centuries after crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, in all cases when it was (or is, or will be) the time to leave this world, they did not protect the Christians of the Past, as they do not protect the Christians of the Present, and as they will not protect the Christians of the Future 

–– from the stakes at which the papal Inquisition burned alive those who refused to worship the pope and to recognize him as the earthly substitute of God, as well as those who refused to accept Catholicism/Aristotle–Aquinas’ political theology and recognize it as the Christian teachings; for instance, as Jan Hus who was burned alive, because he did not accept Aquinas’ innovation/Manichean heresy – communion with one element when the papacy deprived the Catholic laity from the Cup of Eucharist, and because he rebelled against Aquinas’ perversion of the Christian teachings and deification of the pope (see posting  Heresy – July 6, 2008)

–– from the Catholic crusaders who sacked Constantinople, murdered, raped, and tortured the Greek Christians and plundered the temples of Christian God

–– from the Bolsheviks–Marxists–Communists who blew up the Christian temples and executed priests and the faithful

–– from the followers of Nazism, Maoism, radicalism, transhumanism, atheism, darwinism, and ethics–free sciences, and all kinds of perverts who hate Christian God and the Christians

–– from the Muslims in the Islamic countries who kill the Christians for their faith and fulfillment of the commandment of God to preach the Gospel to all the creation {Mark 16:15}, who pay by murder and hatred for the help they receive from the Christian missionaries, who close Christian temples and seminaries (whichever still survived under centuries of oppression, persecution, and intolerance) and gradually eradicate Christian population, while the Muslims in the Western countries (Europe and the US) use the tolerance of the people, benevolence of the authorities, the power of Western laws, constitutions, and traditional liberties to build their places of worship, to spread their faith, and to bring their body–mutilating laws, “honorary killings,” terror, and hatred to the Christianity and Christians into the societies of the people who (because of ignorance, or indifference, or inability to identify the strategies of the war with “the infidels” behind propaganda and slogans of peace and tolerance, or inability to recognize the purposes of global advancement) allow them

1/ to live in their midst

 2/ to enjoy charitable services and privileges established by the Christians

 3/ to creep into the law–establishing and controlling institutions

 4/ to assimilate and digest their countries, and to use their assets for establishment of the global Islamic empire


–– from the totalitarian and other slavery–based regimes, which are intolerable to the very idea that spiritual and any other kind of freedom might be allowed to their subjects or exercised without their control and permission

–– from all other past present and future enemies of the Christian faith

–- from the inevitable evil of the last days when we, the Christians, will be betrayed, tortured, murdered, and hated by all nations for the name of our Lord God Jesus Christ {Matthew 24:9–10}…

So, what is this war, which is not to be fought by armies, by swords, missiles, and other weapons invented by men, and in which we, the Christians, survive only if it is the will of God to prolong our earthly existence or to give us a chance to complete our works?

This war is fought by the Spirit and power of Almighty God {Zacharias 4:6}. As St. Paul the Apostle writes {Ephesians 6:10–12}, this war is not against blood and flesh (human beings); this war is against the evil powers, which have the tight grip on this world, against the methods and constructions of the evil by which it rules the world, and against darkness of this age of ignorance.

For the victory in this war, we are sustained by the Word–God, armed with faith and knowledge of the words/commandments of God, and protected by love and mercy of God. Therefore, each act of fulfillment of the commandments of God, each act of kindness, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, assistance to the others, which is committed according to the main commandment of Christian love, –– any such act confirms our faith, draws the ultimate victory {1 John 5:3–5} nearer, and decreases the time of our earthly trial.

This war is the personal spiritual war of a human being

against sins, which are the manner of life within the world governed and consumed by the evil

against every embodiment of evil, which encroaches on freedom of conscience,
on freedom of thinking, and freedom of choice between the good and the evil

against any temptation to violate the commandments of God

against any compromise with the world,
which would facilitate the earthly existence for the price of betrayal of God.


In this war, the human soul–heart–mind is tried, proved, and purified in the furnace of affliction as silver or gold is melted and tried by fire, so all impurities and additions would be burnt out and it will become perfect in its purity {Isaiah 1:25; 48:10; Malachi 3:2–3; Luke 12:49}.

Now, the time of tribulation came and the Western civilization has to pay for violations of the Law of God in the same manner as it is written in the Holy Scriptures {e.g., Deuteronomy  28:15–68; 30:11–20; Isaiah 1:21–24, 28–31; 2:6–21; 5:1–30; 9:16–20; 24:1–22; 33:7–12; 34:1–16; 59:1–18; 65:12; Jeremiah 16:11–13; Ezekiel 15:1–8; 26:19–21; 33:25–29; Matthew 24:2–44; Mark 13:2–37}: for rejection of God, for disregard of the commandments of God, for the worship of idols of wealth and power, for predatory plundering and pollution of the Earth, for the papal Crusades, for all the wars waged against other nations, for greed, envy, corruption, perversion, bestiality, for all crimes against God and against men,

–– the curse of the Law – “the wrath of God” predicted by Moses and the Old Testament’s prophets and confirmed by the Word–God is falling upon the Earth and upon those who live and upon those who will be born

–– lies, envy, hatred, corruption, vice, evil imagination, perversion, and false pride took the place of righteousness; so, degeneration of human nature, weakening of reasoning, abnormal mutations, incurable diseases, impoverishment, spiritual slavery took the place of healthy and prosperous life; wisdom, freedom, and beauty left the world, because they are the companions of children of God, not human beasts, which consume each other

–– the enemies already took their place at the highest levels of the hierarchies of the power, and filled the lands, so those who have refused to serve God must now serve their worst enemies in humiliation and disgrace {Deuteronomy 28:47–52}.

All that is needed for those who desire to understand the Present and to see the Future, is to substitute the contemporary names of the Western countries and nations for “Jerusalem” and “Israel,” then, the ancient texts of the Holy Scriptures will become the precise description of the Present (just read the daily news) and forecast of the Future.

And I think that now, in the time of reckoning, the ruthlessness of this war is especially clear:

–– the very presence of it foretells a very real possibility of personal troubles and problems and even untimely death of a body (none of the hierarchies of power, especially, headed by the enemies of Christian faith, tolerates free–thinking people who live by the Word–God)

–– defeat in this war means the separation from God – that is the spiritual death, which is more dreadful end than multitudes of physical deaths.

St. Paul the Apostle revealed his vision of the Christian’s life in his and in the last times {2 Corinthians 4:8–11}, so we should know what to expect, so we would make our choice to be or not to be a Christian knowingly. The Christians always bear dying of Lord Jesus within, so also life of Lord Jesus Christ may be revealed in them. Death – death for this world of sin and corruption – works in them; besides, humiliation, mockery, persecution and death are all that the world of evil is able to give them. With life and death, the Christians must imitate our God and Savior; it means that although they might die as the criminals, yet, their conscience does not condemn them, because they love God and accomplish His will.

Yet, if given a choice {because the Christianity is the precious gift of God, and only those who are chosen by God the Father, come to Him through His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – John 6:44–45; 14:6; 15:16}, would any Christian

–– prefer the comfort and safety of the cozy dark cave of ignorance ruled by the powers of the evil to the narrow and difficult road of cognition illuminated by the Light of God?

–– prefer life without God and comfort of submission to the powers of the evil (which in return for unreserved obedience and worship could promise prosperity, entertainment, fulfillment of all imaginable and unimaginable desires, even all kingdoms of the earth with their wealth, might, and glory) to the cross and the yoke of our Lord God and Savior {Matthew 4:8–10; 10:38–39; 11:29}?



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The Signs of the Time



…When you see the cloud rising up from the west, you immediately say,

a storm is coming; and it happens so.

And when a south wind is blowing, you say,

there will be heat; and it happens.

Hypocrites! You know to discern the face of the Earth and of the heaven,

but how is it that you do not discern this time?

And why even from yourselves you do not judge what is right?...

{Luke 12:54–57}



        In Luke 12:54–57, and afterward, in Luke 21:29–31, Lord God reminds His listeners and followers that the ability to forecast the weather is just a part of the faculty of deliberation, and that His creations should use the faculty of judgment–discernment of the good and the evil, if they want to be human beings, not hypocrites (hypocrites are impostors–pretenders who defraud the others by facade, deception, and lies). If the mind wants to know the Future, it has to employ its natural abilities. One of the mind’s natural abilities is the faculty of judgment or reasoning. This faculty allows discrimination of the good and the evil and consequently, discernment of the signs of the time, which is established to actualize the choice of man: cognition of good and cognition of evil.

        The faculty of judgment/deliberation/thinking/intelligence is based on three pillars:

        1/ knowledge of the Law of God; the Law stipulates, sustains, and controls the human nature and the nature of the world, in which human beings have to exist and to accomplish their purposes; the Law is the foundation on which the power of human reasoning flourish; knowledge of the Law is necessary for discrimination between good and evil, for making the choices/decisions, which would lead to maximal good, and to the further development–optimization–evolution –– of very own as well as of the surrounding world

        2/ compliance with the Law of God, that is existence in accordance with own nature; those who comply with the Law undergo development–optimization–evolution; those who violated the Law and as the result, perverted own nature, are incapable of further advancement–evolution; they undergo degeneration and destruction; the first sign of perverted nature is loss of wisdom and weakening of the power of reasoning

        3/ the ability to use knowledge of the Law of God; knowledge of the nature of things opens for us possibilities to control them and to use them for achievement of our purposes, for own maximal advantage as well for advantage of those who are depend on us

        The Law provides the only basis for human reasoning, intelligence, and conscience, which determine life and prosperity of man. The ability of right judgment – although it is inseparable property of the human mind created according to the image and likeness of God – has no foundation in the corrupted mind, which has disregarded the Law and corrupted and perverted itself with iniquities and evil. Only compliance with the Law of God, that is life in accordance with the commandments of God, enables the right judgment, firstly, as the abilities

        a/ to discern the works of the Law of God

        b/ to make right choices/decisions

        c/ to act in harmony with the forces of the nature created and sustained by the Law.

        These abilities are given to do the human job: to accomplish the purposes a human being was created to accomplish; for instance, to employ the optimal conditions and possibilities for development and actualization of the highest creative potential.

        The overall significance of the Law might be comprehended if to understand that the Word–God, Who created all and by Whom all life exists, came to fulfill the Law, not to destroy it. The Law is eternal; the heaven and the earth are temporal: they will pass away, but the Law of God conveys the unchangeable truth, which will never pass away {Matthew 5:17–18; Luke 21:33; John 1:1–4; Psalm 101(102):26–28}. It means also that the Law is and will be the foundation of life until the end of times: until the last breath, all creations of God either live by the Law or die by the Law.

        Furthermore, the ability of right judgment is the property of the righteousness; the righteousness is observance of the Law/commandments of God, and observance of the commandments of God opens the life everlasting. Consequently, those who disregard the Law should expect neither good nor life {John 12:48–50; Revelation 22:14–15}, because they themselves, by their own free will, rooted themselves out.

        Comprehension of the Law makes the old question – is evil compatible with wisdom, or does evil genius exist – meaningless combination of words: the evil is not able to create by thought, and the “evil” and “genius” are not compatible. Any unbiased analysis of the history of mankind would lead to the only conclusion that none of all evil minds was able to create the good:

        –– the countless empires, philosophies and religions established by men, and atheistic–materialistic–darwinian sciences led in the Past and continue to lead in the Present to the increase of human suffering

        –– nothing was created that could bring the actual real good; many assume that the ability to deprive the others of their possession or to use them for advantage of more developed nation/society/corporation determines progress, which would lead to prosperity. However, any deprivation of the conquered/subjects, ultimately, increases insufficiency of the conquerors/leaders; it deepens division within societies and among the nations and accelerates degeneration and collapse of political and social establishments.

        For instance, if to consider the health and the overall happiness of mankind, it is evident that wars, lethal diseases, hunger, crimes, dissatisfaction with quality of life, mental and physical disorders, and insufficiencies of all kinds multiply with each new generation. If any of those tribulations does have a change – this change is only increase in scales: all evils swell in proportion to the proliferating corruption of minds and bodies. Although many minds have been, are, and will be honored as benefactors of mankind, the ultimate value of their gifts to humanity was, is, and will be the acceleration of destruction. For instance,

        –– untested and poisonous drugs, which supposedly cure one disease, yet trigger the worst suffering, diminish mental and physical strengths, and culminate in premature death

        –– the most “creative” minds distinguish themselves with improvement of the abilities to kill, especially, with weapons of mass destruction.

        Another appalling consequence of the corruption is the deterioration of reasoning: wisdom left the contemporary societies. Wisdom cannot to be found, for instance, in the societies which exist in accordance with the rules of Darwinian evolution and multiply slaves by mind and slaves by body – worshipers of the only religion they know: survival of the fittest.

        In such societies, the fittest are not those who live by the Law of God; the fittest are the slaves who fit the parameters of the cages, which the human–beasts with the access to the power of coercion designed for those who do not have any power to protect themselves from coercion.

        However, even in such societies, knowledge of the possible Futures, or the ability to discern and to interpret the signs of time, remains the most valuable commodity sought after by those who control the hierarchies of power, because such knowledge might provide a chance of survival or – as they assume – a possibility to alter the dreadful Future.

        In general, it might be said that the signs of time are indicators of a particular phase of the life–cycle. From such a point of view, the signs of time might be likened to the symptoms of disease, which is destroying a body: they indicate the latent processes of decay and deterioration, which lead to the collapse of a system or an establishment (for instance, nation, state, civilization).

        However, the abilities to read the signs of time are lost along with wisdom, which enters only the righteous mind that loves and serves God and which is not compatible with enslaved mind that worships idols devised for enslavement and “total control” of men.

        The slavery of the mind does not have boundaries: enslaving and cult of mediocrity penetrated all societies and all countries without exception. The richest countries of the world have the most sophisticated practices of mind’s enslavement, especially, through the culture of death, politics, and education, which have excluded God from the world He created and keeps alive only because of His boundless mercy. As the result, the typical mind within such societies lost the ability to recognize the symptoms, to interpret the conditions and events, to infer the overall state of the surrounding world; it became unable to identify the signs of the time, to comprehend the Future, and to envelop the created knowledge into one thought–concept–forecast–prophecy. Such a mind has lost the natural ability to discern the signs of the time, therefore, to know the Future (for instance, as the Hebrew Prophets knew).

        And I think that if these two abilities – to discern and interpret the signs of time and then, to know the Future – still are present in the contemporary societies, there would be no work for the media and political analysts who make their living through critique of misjudgments and failures of the others. Ultimately, each society gets what it deserves and it gets it only as the consequence of own choices and decisions: the leaders implement the Future designed or deserved by those who gave them the authority to act on behalf of the others. Many centuries ago, Hosea the Prophet wrote down the words of God: “And I gave thee a king in My anger, and kept him back in My wrath” {Hosea 13:11}. It means that good rulers come to the righteous people, and the corrupted people, who committed crimes against the others and who because of their iniquities and ruthlessness deserve the “wrath of God”*1*, receive destroyers and hangmen.

        From such a point of view, the signs of the hard times should be sought not only in the rulers’ personalities, advisors, and servants; the signs of the Future should be inferred not only from the rulings and laws enacted by city councils, congresses, parliaments, and chambers of trade/commerce/etc. All the dreadful signs of the time of tribulation can be read in the heart and inferred from the actions of people who have forgotten the main commandments of God – love to God and love to the others, the main human ideal – perfection and mercy of God, and the main criteria of judgment – love and mercy*2*. The signs of coming disasters and hard times can be foreseen or inferred from

–– ruthlessness and lack of benevolence

–– the crimes committed by a neighbor against neighbors

–– the crimes of those in a position of trust against those who trusted them with their health, valuable possessions, and the very life

–– cruel mistreatment of animals and other creations of God given into dominion of men

–– pollution and predatory plundering of the Earth

–– crimes of one nation against other nations…



*1* The Hebrew Prophets employed the term “wrath/anger of God” to identify the forces of destruction unleashed for termination of the nature perverted by violations of the Law of God.


*2* The main criteria of judgment – love and mercy are in the Gospels:

        –– love to God and love to neighbor are two greatest commandments on which the Law and the Prophets are established –– Matthew 22:36–40; Mark 12:28–34

        –– be perfect as your Father in Heavens perfect is –– Matthew 5:48

        –– God desires the mercy, not sacrifice –– Matthew 9:13; 12:7

        –– the meaning of the greatest love and the greatest title of man –– John 15:10–15.

St. John the Apostle summarizes these words of God in practical inference–question: “Whoever has means of life in the world and sees his brother in need, yet, closes himself from his brother – how does the love of God abide in him?” –– 1 John 3:16–17.



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The Sparrows



…Are not two sparrows sold for an assarion*?

Yet not one of them shall fall on the earth without your Father.

But even the hairs of your head all are numbered.

Then, do not fear: you differ from many sparrows…

{Matthew 10:29–31}



The Gospel’s text reiterates the truth known by all who believe in God: nothing in the world happens without the will of God. So, how can we reconcile the actuality of countless disasters, troubles, problems, misfortunes, and other evils, which became the manner of existence for many of us, with another truth – the perfect and all–forgiving love of God Who sent His only Son to expiate sins of men and to give His people the life everlasting {John 3:14–17; 10:11, 17–18, 27–30; 14:1–3; 15:9–17; 1 John 4:7–10, 14–19}?

The answer can be found in the beginning, when the Law was revealed. At this moment, the people received the knowledge of the human nature, dignity of man, righteousness, mercy and justice, which are the inseparable properties of life built according to the will of God and according to the human nature. Simultaneously, the warning was given that those who violate the Law of God (for instance, abandon God and His commandments, worship idols, kill, steal, commit adultery, and defy other commandments of God) deprive themselves of the well–being, happiness, and the very life {Exodus 20:1–17; 24:12; Deuteronomy 6:4–7; 11:1, 13–17; 30:8–20}.

So, we all have freedom to make own choice: good or evil, blessing/well–being or curse/corruption, life or death {Deuteronomy 30:15–20}. So, if as the consequence of the summary of individual choices, the world became the place of suffering, injustice, and sorrow, who else, but men, can be blamed for the existing evil committed or unleashed by men?

        In the time of hopelessness, grief and tribulation, when there is no place to come, no door to knock, no one to beg for help or mercy, God and His love are the only source of consolation and the only light in the darkness. As darkness is not able to overtake light {John 1:5}, in the same manner, evil of men is not able to overcome love and mercy of God. However, we all have to pass through the difficulties and obstacles of the earthly existence, to be tested and purified in the furnace of affliction {Malachi 3:2–3; 1 Corinthians 3:13–15}. As gold and silver are purified and refined with fire, which burns all impurities and additions and prepares precious metals for the works of the craftsman, as a sword is forged by fire and force, in a similar way, our heart–soul–mind must be tried and trained with difficulties, obstacles, and temptations. The purpose is to make us suitable for the purposes of God.

Hard labor, insufficiencies/evils of all kinds, diseases, plagues, suffering, sorrows, grief, and death became the permanent companions of men since expulsion from the paradise: the history confirms that they always intensify with corruption and iniquities of men. Now, the Earth began to wipe out human race for the iniquities and crimes committed by humans against God, against each other, against other living creatures, and against the nature. There is no need to possess particular abilities of a prophet to foresee that evils and crimes will multiply, and suffering will become more and more immense with each day.

However, the worst of all problems is inability to turn to God and ask for forgiveness and healing, because when evil enters the mind, it becomes desolated and ruined house forsaken by the Owner: the faculty of deliberation degenerates, and power of reasoning weakens, and wisdom leaves. Dwellers of darkness, slaves of sin, and the children of arch–evil {John 8:34–47; 3:9–21; 1 John 3:9–10} rise against God and against those who keep His commandments. For instance, during all turbulent times of the relatively recent Past, starting with the French revolution and finishing with establishment of totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century (communism, fascism, Nazism), the first target was Christian religion, and the first victims were the believers, especially the Greek Christians.

Now, the new period of oppression is to begin. The western societies, which exercised their freedom to abandon God and disregard His Law, should prepare to face their new masters with their laws. The Future might be learned from the reality of Present – the system of laws, authorities, justice, and religious intolerance actualized in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. This regime will eradicate all western freedoms and liberties gained as the result of revolutions and wars: freedom of speech, freedom of access to information, freedom of religion… Anyway, the greatest freedom already is lost by many: freedom of being a child of God.

Again, the Holy Scriptures provide explanation for those who still want to learn: those who did not serve God in gladness and good heart because of abundance of all things and freedom, they will serve their worst enemies in slavery, oppression, humiliation, and in need of all things {Deuteronomy 28:48–52}.

Probably, the new masters will not begin immediately to crucify the Christians, publicly chop out hands of thieves and heads of criminals, flog fornicators (that is those who have pre–marital sex), and stone adulterers at markets and arenas (for instance, similarly to Taliban’s practices of execution). Gradually, through the consolidated controlled efforts of all media channels, state policies, education, and definitely, persuasion and enforcement,


the perception of the society will be adjusted

any kind of opposition will be oppressed

overall development will be reversed to the point at which the human civilization started

{Deuteronomy 19:19–21}

(Indeed, if a spoiled child does not want to learn his lessons,

even the kindliest parents would coerce him to start again.

If a nation established on faith and freedom rejects God and His Law

and becomes the servant of evil and oppressor spreading corruption and death,

would it not be justly to make her drink the same cup she forced on the others?

So, in the time left, probably, at least some slaves will learn how to follow the good and obtain freedom…)

the general population will be degraded to the level of slaves – Aristotelian human chattel

that is kept alive and allowed to reproduce only for needs of slave–owners

the body–mutilating laws of new masters will become mandatory for all.


It might happen that first years of enthronement of new masters and completion of assimilation of the remnants of the Western civilization will be a relatively peaceful transitional period –– until the general population will be subdued and prepared for acceptance of the ancient laws of ruthless retribution { Deuteronomy 19:19–21}: eye for eye, paralyzing for paralyzing, death for death, etc.  Historically, in all cases of the regime change, enactment of repressive laws and policies restricting or eliminating freedoms of the pre–unrest times follows a period of lawlessness, especially, when the Law of God is violated and the lawlessness is accompanied with utter corruption and devaluation of morals and ethics. Expectations of the peaceful completion of destruction of the Western civilization are based on an assumption that a culture built on Freud’s perverted “meta–psychology” would not have problems with development of “the pleasure of submission,” as well as it is not be capable of resistance to its destroyers.

However, the Christians must be prepared to face discrimination, increased taxation, and oppression instantly; then, gradual eradication will start.

Well, we the Christians are the endangered species since crucifixion of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ; it would be illogical to expect anything better: a slave is not greater than the Lord is, nor a messenger is greater than the One who sent him, nor a disciple is greater than the Teacher is {Matthew 10:24; John 13:16}. Besides, whatever happens to us is the will of our Creator {Luke 12:6–7}.

And I think of the words of God – why He speaks of the sparrows, the smallest birds, which are the food of many and which have no place to hide and no weapons to defend themselves from the birds of prey, cold, hunger, and other difficulties of their life?

Many years ago, when I was a child and my Mother taught me to be merciful and kind to all living creatures, she said that the biological life of sparrows is in the range from 10 to 12 years, yet, in average, they do not live more than six months because they are eaten by predators, exposed to the elements, considered as the nuisance by farmers, and treated without kindness by many.  She fed them with bread crumbs and I watched their behavior. I learned to love the small defenseless birds; then, I understood why they are mentioned in the same context as man – “the crown of creation,” who might possess weapons and lead mighty armies…

Could the words of God, which give us hope and trust in God’s mercy, also carry the lesson of humility – the virtue of the righteous heart almost forgotten in our time, the time of self–exaltation and enormous pride followed with dishonor and disgrace?




* An assarion – a smallest coin in the land and in the time of first coming of our Lord and Savior.



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