Sunday's Thoughts
by Alice-Alexandra-Sofia



Page 1 January 2016

The New Year, the New Beginning

The Place of Learning

The Guardian

The Point of Entry

Page 2 February_March2016

The House of Prayer

The Essence

A Child and the Kingdom

The Way of Judgment

Page 3 April_May 2016

The Final Definition

The Security/Welfare of the World

The Lazarus' Saturday

The Holy Pascha

The Thomas' Sunday

The Love and The Law

The Understanding and The Law

Page 4 June 2016

The Living Water

The Destiny of Nation


The Blessing in the Night

The Power of Coercion

Page 5 July_2016

The Survival

The House of Prayer

The Danger of Lies

The Code of Survival


Page 6_August_2016

The Liberation

The First Standpoint: Establishment of the Absolute

Page 7_September_October_2016

The Second Standpoint: Perception and Understanding of the Law 

Revelations of the Absolute: the Honor and Authority of the Son of God, the Word–God

for October 9,16, 23 & 30: Reprints: The Web of Life, The Future (2010), The Danger of Lies, The Total Ruin, The Sparrows, The Lilies of the Field, The Desirable Knowledge, The Lost Worlds

Page 8_November_December_2016

Learning the Truth. The Prophecy. Reprints: The Most Needed Things: Mercy; The Last Warning; The Abundant Good; The Tablet of the Heart; The Good Shepherd. The Fulfillment.

The Blessings of Christmas. The New Year's Resolutions

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