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The Foundation

Page 1. The Ten Commandments

Page 2. The Lord’s Prayer

Page 3. The Foundation

Page 4.  Introduction to Christianity: The Beginning. Love. Faith. The Law. The Temple

Page 5. The Road to God:

The First Stage (The First – Fourth Commandments)

The Second Stage (The Fifth – Tenth Commandments)

The Third Stage (The New Commandment of Love)

The Completion

Page 6. The One Coming to Christ


The World & The War

Page 1. Introduction

Page 2. Ecumenism

Page 3. Materialism


Christian Mind

the entire file The Mind may be downloaded @ Library Pages of websites: Systems Logic, Sunday's Thoughts_2, and Christian's Mind & the World



Page 1_January_2016

The New Year, the New Beginning.  The Place of Learning. The Guardian. The Point of Entry

Page 2_February_March_2016

The House of Prayer. The Essence. A Child and the Kingdom. The Way of Judgment

Page 3_April_May_2016

The Final Definition. The Security/Welfare of the World. The Lazarus' Saturday. The Holy Pascha. The Thomas' Sunday.

The Love and The Law. The Understanding and The Law

Page 4_June_2016

The Living Water. The Destiny of Nation. The Blessing in the Night. The Power of Coercion

Page 5_July_2016

The Survival. The House of Prayer. The Danger of Lies. The Code of Survival.  Reading THE BOOK OF ECCLESIASTES

Page 6_August_2016

The Liberation. The First Standpoint: Establishment of the Absolute

Page 7_September_October_2016

The Second Standpoint: Perception and Understanding of the Law. Revelations of the Absolute: the Honor and Authority of the Son of God, the Word–God.

for October 9, 16, 23 & 30: Reprints: The Web of Life, The Future (2010), The Danger of Lies, The Total Ruin, The Sparrows, The Lilies of the Field, The Desirable Knowledge, The Lost Worlds

Page 8_November_December_2016

Learning the Truth. The Prophecy. Reprints: The Most Needed Things: Mercy; The Last Warning; The Abundant Good; The Tablet of the Heart; The Good Shepherd

The Fulfillment. The Blessings of Christmas. The New Year‘s Resolutions


Page 1_January_2015

The Knowledge

Page 2_February_2015

Memories of the Past. The Sinful Heart, the Desolate House, the Wasted Land. The Point of No Return. The Blessing in the Night

Page 3_March_2015

The Universal Religion and the Purity of Faith. The Mind and the World. Forgiveness. The Victory and the Peace.  Rejection

Page 4_April_2015

Lazarus of Bethany and Judas Iscariot.  The Holy Pascha. The Breath of Life. The War

Page 5_May_2015

The Door into the Future. Invincibility. The Greatest Gifts. Wisdom and the Riches

Page 6_June_2015

The Strange Knowledge. The Mirror. The Origin and Nature of Man

Page 7_July_2015

The Complete Knowledge. The Steps to the Complete Knowledge: Acceptance of the Absolute; Understanding. The Inevitability of the Law

Page 8_August_2015

The Law of Love and the Ultimate Justice. The Kingdom for a Child. Wisdom and Fear. Perception of Wisdom

Page 9_September_2015

The Ones Believing. The Example for the Believers. The Reality of the Emptiness

Page 10_October_2015

The Treasure. The  Freedom of Perfection. The Blessing for the Nation. The Way of the Earth

Page 11_November_2015

Inhumanity and Mercy. The Light of Creation. The Mind: Introductory Note; the Worth of Man; the Gate for the Good and the Gate for the Evil

Page 12_December_2015

The  Mind – Introductory Notes: the Gate for the Good and the Gate for the Evil. The Miracle of Christmas.



Page 1_January_ 2014

Wisdom & the Lessons of Solomon

Part 1. Wisdom and the Place of the Reason

Introduction. Concept of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Reason/Intelligence. The Place of Wisdom and the Order of Reasoning. The Search for Wisdom

Page 2_February_2014

Wisdom & the Lessons of Solomon

Part II. The Lessons of Solomon

Apostasy. Failure. Conclusion

Page 3_March_2014

The Length of Days. The Desirable Knowledge. The Total Ruin. The Web of Life. The Good Shepherd

Page 4_April_2014

The Light of the World. The Salvation of All Flesh. The Resurrection. The Fire for a Child

Page 5_May_2014

The Silence Before the Storm. The Origin of Illness. The Time. The Lost Worlds.

Page 6_June_2014

The Unity and Division. The Liberty and the Law. The Lilies of the Field. The Departed Thoughts. Learning the Truth

Page 7_July_2014

The Absolute Truth. The Ultimate War. The Absolute Weapon. The Absolute Mercy.

Page 8_August_2014

The Ultimate Judgment. The Code of Life. The Perfect Law of Freedom. The Completeness. The Absolute Good

Page 9_September_2014, Page 10_October_2014, Page 11_November_2014

The Discernment. Part I, II, III

Page 12_December_2014

Christmas. The New Year, the New Beginning


Page 1_January_February_2013

The Nature of Knowledge. The Starting Point. The Methods of Learning. The First Word of Human Wisdom. The Coming

Page 2_March 2013

The Tablet of the Heart. The Way Eternal. The Abundant Good. The Focus

Page 3_April_2013

The Shift. The Creation and the Renewal. The Light. The Lazarus’ Story

Page 4_May_2013

The Resurrection. The Ones Believing. The Great Calm. The Precious Stone

Page 5_June_2013

The Door. The Choice. The True Identity. The Expectations. The Understanding

Page 6_July_2013

The Works of God: Faith, Mercy, Creation

Page 7_August_2013

The Ultimate Truth. The Search for God Who is the Truth. The Clarity

Page 8_September_October_2013

Creation of Man: Preparation, Process, Completion

Page 9_November_2013

The Absolute Good. The Perfect Law of Freedom

Page 10_December_2013

The Light



Page 1_January_2012

The New Year. The Water. The Transformation. The Most Needed Things: Mercy. The Emptiness

Page 2_February_2012

The Ultimate Justice. The Plundered People. The Promise to Come Back. The Foreknowledge

Page 3_March_2012

The Remission of Sin. The Future. The Different Vision. The Survival

Page 4_April_2012

The Perception. Lazarus. Χριστος Ανεστη! The Trust. The Thirst

Page 5_May_June_2012

The Vineyard. The Lessons of the Vineyard: the Leaven; the Material Things; Slavery and Freedom; Rejection

Page 6_July_2012

The Perfect Law of Freedom. The Excellence. The Nature of Man. The Lamp and the Fire. The Virtue and Survival

Page 7_August_September_2012

The Force. The Universal Criterion. The Ultimate Power. The Ultimate Knowledge. The Ultimate Mercy. The Ultimate Purpose

Page 8_October_2012

The Law and the Future. The Repentance

Page 9_November_December_2012

The Gift of Completion. The Peace and the Victory. The Words of One Shepherd. The Example

The Time of Destruction. The Fullness. The New Life. The New Year



Page 1_January_March_2011

The War against Christianity. The Beasts of the Fields and of the Forest. The Survival

The Formula of Human Life. Philosophy. Separation. Purification of Heart. The Hunger. The Unknown Time. The Depths

Page 2_April_May_2011

The Pursuit of Knowledge. The Resurrection. Lazarus. The Holy Pascha. The Name of God. The Blessing in the Night

The Poor in Spirit. The Rejected Knowledge. The Earth without the Foundation

Page 3_June_July_2011

The Kingdom of Heaven. The Fire for a Child. The Bear and the Pigeon. The Statecraft. The Authority to Survive. The Great Chasm. The Water for the Arid Earth. The Silence. The Payment for a Hireling

Page 4_August_2011

The Unassailable Purity. The Defense. The Liberation. The Greatness of Man

Page 5_September_October_2011

The New That Never Was Before. The Last Warning. The Possession of Life. The Vision of Light. Εκκλησια – the Meaning. The Misconception. The Greatest Gift. The Search of the One. The Unknown Path

Page 6_November_December_2011

The Similarity. The End of the Special Reign. The Great Expectation. The Immortality. The Ignorant and Cursed. The Strength. The Accomplishment. The Merry Christmas



Page 1_January_March_2010

Essence of Knowledge. Impartiality of Perfection. Deliverance. Wrath. Lost Worlds. Desolate House. Broken and Humbled Heart. Place of Rest. The First Ultimate.  Richness of Illusion. The Ultimate Choice. Salvation

Page 2_April_June 2010

The End. The Nature of Things. The Fruits. The Stumbling Ones. The Wholeness. The Way to the Home. The Healing. The Mirror. Discernment of Times

Page 3_August_2010

The War. The Signs of the Time. The Sparrows

Page 4_September_2010

The Future. The Absolute Power. Idolatry. Divination

Page 5_October_2010

The Destiny of Man. The Knowledge and the Vision. The Heathenism. Deprivation of Knowledge. The Place of Knowledge

Page 6_November_2010

Cognition of Truth. The Detachment. The Kingdom and Peace. The Power of Love

Page 7_December_2010

The Fallen Asleep. The Human Heart. The Poor Man. The Completed Earth. The Fulfillment



Page 1_2008

The Hebrew Prophets. Unity and Division. The True Vine. The Seal. Wisdom. Time. Web of Life


Priest. Heresy. Imagination. Logic of Death


The Prodigal Son and Judgment of Man. The Kingdom of Heaven. The Lilies of the Valley.The Lamp in the Darkness. Liberty


The Secret Things. The Potential of the Mind. The Fire. The Gold Proved Through Fire. The Light. The Completion


The Curse of Cain. The Evolution of Fear. The Criteria of Judgment. Mercy and Judgment of Men. The Lesson in Mercy. The Forgiveness of Debts. The True and Last Judgment


The Departed Thoughts. The Hierarchy. The Power of Coercion


Slavery. Mysteries. Those Always Learning. Origin of Illness. The Depths


The Nations. The Ancient Kings. The Renewal. The Test. The Chosen Ones. The Way. The Light and Darkness. The Victory


Heathen Philosophy


Page_1   Philosophy: The Beginning

Introduction. The Ancient Foundation. Philosophizing and Symbolism. The Minoan Legacy. Phoenician Civilization. Egyptian Civilization. The Orphic Doctrine. The Main Fruit of the Ancient Philosophical Thought: Heathenism. Conclusive Remarks

Page_2   Philosophy: Plato

Introduction. Theological Doctrine. Concept of Man. Social and Political Doctrines. Conclusive Remarks

Page_3   Philosophy: Aristotle

Introduction. Logic and Ethics. Concept of Good. Theological Assumptions. Concept of Man. Politics. Conclusive Remarks

Page_4  Works of Philo of Alexandria

Introductory Note. The Foundation of Philo’s Doctrine. The Summary of Assertions. Conclusive Remarks

Page_5  Works of Origen

Introduction. Origen’s Legacy. Origen’s World. The Concept of God. Conclusive Remarks

Page_6  Works of Augustine of Hippo

Introduction. Augustine’s Foundation. Augustine’s Legacy. “Compelle Intrare.” “Wise Judge” Concept. Justice, State, and Slavery. Augustine’s Imagination. “Filioque.” Conclusive Remarks

Page_7  Doctrine of Thomas Aquinas

Introduction. Designer of the Empire. “Scientia Divina.” Concept of Faith. The Image of Aquinas’ God. Aquinas’ Image of Christ and Angelic Hierarchy. Concepts of Man, the Pope, and the Papal Office. Common Good and Justice. Schism and Heresy. Conclusive Remarks

Page_8  The Contemporary Heathen Philosophy: Works of Friedrich Nietzsche

Introduction. The Nietzsche’s Predecessors. Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Teachings.” The Dionysian State. Friedrich Nietzsche and Nazism. Conclusive Remarks


Political Theology   

Page_1  Introduction to Political Theology

Preliminary Notes. Imagination and Symbolic Thinking. Political Theology, Ideology, and Propaganda. Implementation and Current Status of Political Theology. Conclusive Remarks

Page_2  The “Hierarchical Church”

Introduction. Definition of the “Hierarchical Church.” The Great Schism and the Origin of the Papal Church of Rome. The Papacy. The Forbidden Chalice. Some Historical Details and Lessons. The Magisterium. Some Secular Affairs. Last tribute to Thomas Aquinas. Conclusive Remarks

Page_3  The Church Militants

Introduction. The Inquisition. The Jesuit Order. Some Details of the Life in the Papal Units. Events from the Life of Jesuits. Conclusive Remarks



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