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The Silence Before the Storm

The Origin of Illness

The Time

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8_194. Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Silence Before the Storm


…on thy walls, O Jerusalem, have I set the watchmen

all day and all night,

who shall never cease to remind of the Lord.…

{Isaiah 62:6}

…the people turned not until they were smitten, and they sought not the Lord.

So the Lord took away from Israel the head and tail, great and small in one day:

the elder ones and them that respect persons, this is the head;

and prophet teaching unlawful things, he is the tail.

And they that pronounce this people blessed shall mislead them;

And they misled them that they may devour them…

{Isaiah 9:13–16}



The watchmen are set by God on the walls of His city; all day and all night they call upon the inhabitants and remind them of the Lord {Isaiah 62:6}.

These watchmen are the slaves of God, the prophets, and their mission is to warn the wicked and to advise them to turn away from the iniquities, so they would not die for their sins and errors.

However, the people do not like those who remind them of their errors and iniquities; they disregard the warning of the messengers of God and try to make them silent. They are busy with daily chores serving things they made: they set idols in the house devoted to the name of the Lord; they built the altar to burn their children with fire as the sacrifice to idols; they forsaken the Law, which God set before them, and they went after desires of their heart and after the idols of their ancestors. The nation is transformed into the assembly of treacherous adulterous men who run away from their God.

Falsehood prevails over truth, and people go from one evil to another evil; they deceive and wound each other; they practice mockery and enmity and iniquities, usury upon usury, and deceit upon deceit, and there is no knowledge of the Lord.

There is no wisdom left in the wise, because they rejected knowledge of God. There is no prosperity and happiness, because the iniquities of men burn as fire and people are as those burnt by fire: no man has compassion for his brothers. There is anxiety instead of healing, and the people chose death rather than life. They have no hope, and all their idols are incapable to deliver them from the consequences of their iniquities.

 The priests and prophets became defiled; they commit iniquities in the house of the Lord, speak for money, and prophesy by the idols. They who were chosen to be guardians of the people and teachers of the Law transformed themselves into the “offspring of vipers” with “incurable rage of asps,” the blind leaders who lead the people into the pit. True prophets who speak the words of God are imprisoned, persecuted, murdered. Ultimately, Jerusalem became the city that stones and kills the prophets – the watchmen sent by God {Deuteronomy 32:16–17, 33–38; 3 Kings 19:9–14; Isaiah 9:18–19; Jeremiah 7:25–28; 8:1–9; 9:1–14; 23:10–19; Ezekiel 33:1–20; Zacharias 1:2–6; Matthew 15:12–14; 23:1–37}.

Moreover, any kind of guidance is taken away, because the people lost abilities to differentiate the good and the evil:

– those, who should be a model for the others in righteousness and judgment, are ridiculed and disrespected

– those, who present themselves as the prophets while teach things that are not from the Lord, the things invented by their imagination inclined to the evil – the things which reveal the ignorance and malevolence of the teachers, came into the position of the authority, yet, their efforts also are in vain: they cannot corrupt the ones who remain loyal to God, and they are not able to increase corruption of those who already left the Lord and therefore, already reached the highest potency of the evil.

So, there are no watchmen left, no one cries in the wilderness. There is neither a teacher of the good – the one who might be trusted in words he says, nor the one who might recognize the ultimate corruptors, which bring new facets of the evil unknown before. All arsenals of death and destruction are in a possession of men, and the spirit of destruction has been unleashed upon the world left by its Creator, the Overseer of the souls, Who, since, comes only into the soul–heart–mind of those who are His Own to lead them home, out of this world {John 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter 1; 2; 2 Peter 3; 1 John 2:18–20}.

Those who dare to mention God are the subject of mockery; profanity took the place of praise, corruption and perversion became the manner of life, moreover, the norm; people run after multitudes of idols, and the blind leaders lead their subjects into the pit of destruction. Perplexity, unspeakable ruthless and irrational crimes, poverty, dishonor, treachery are the inseparable attributes of the daily life; humans transformed themselves into ruthless predators that devour each other.

Anyway, do the societies, which are proud to be the godless nations, need God? So, they are left to learn what it means – to live without God and without everything that belongs to God, firstly, without love, mercy, wisdom, and freedom. The οικος – habitat –  built for those who should carry the Love and the Truth has lost its Master and Keeper; it became the forsaken desolate place, in which demons play, and which awaits its ultimate ruin {Matthew  23:33–38; 24:1–44; Mark 13:1–2; Luke 13:34–35; 19:41–44; John 16:28; 2 Peter 3:7–12; Isaiah 27:10–11}.

The earth is immersed into silence – the silence of Truth that now has the place only in the heart–mind of those who must complete their passing through the world of the evil on their road home, in the Kingdom of God…

The ancient prophets wrote of the silence of God, so, men go down to the pit because they encounter the worst of all the evils – separation from God, when the iniquities of man stand between him and his Creator {Psalm 27(28):1; Isaiah 59:1–15}, and there is no one to hear, to help, to save, to love, to tell the truth…

And I think, what would happen, if the great prophets of the Past arise today to remind of the Lord?

Would they have any reception and any response different from those, which were given to Elias, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist?

Could it be any chance for them today, if there is none who would listen, if silence of reason came, and only sounds of coming destruction are heard?





9_195. Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Origin of Illness


…the earth… shall not continue to give its strength to thee:

thou shall be groaning and trembling on the earth

{Genesis 4:12}


In the beginning, God created the perfect and beautiful world where, through the Word–God {John 1:1–3}, the water and the earth brought forth the living creatures according to their nature. This world was good; it was full of life and all its inhabitants were blessed to live and to evolve*1*: to increase, to multiply, and to fill their domains. The earth, from which they were created, sustained their existence: all creatures with the breath of life received for food every seed–bearing herb sowing seed and every tree, which had in itself the fruit of seed that is sown*2*. This world did not know insufficiency, illness, and death: God saw all things He created and all of them were very good {Genesis 1:1–31; 2}.

After man made his free choice, the tragedy of suffering and death began: with the knowledge of evil, death entered the perfect world, which originally was designed for the eternity. The nature of earth was changed – “cursed”*3*: pain, labor and sweat awaited those who would seek food to sustain life of their bodies, and in the end of existence, the earth would receive their remnants {Genesis 3:2–20}.

However, that was not all. After Cain killed Abel – his brother, he was cursed from the earth, which opened her mouth to receive the blood of Abel: because of the unnatural and horrifying act of bloodshed, the earth discontinued to give its strength to man. The original life–sustaining connection with the earth has gone forever. The human race has lost the roots, through which it could receive the energy and strength that sustain physical health and longevity. Since, anyone who shed blood of the others, is doomed, because man is created in image of God {in: Genesis 9:6; Matthew 26:52; Revelation 13:10; 1 John 3:11–15}. Cain was the first from the assassins destined to be groaning and trembling upon the earth and to be deprived from the presence of God; he became so weak that anyone that finds him could slay him, so, because of Cain’s plea, God put a special sign on Cain to protect his physical existence. Obviously, the main meaning of the Cain’s weakness was not only the physical weakness (weakness of a body); firstly, it should be the weakness of the mind as inability to secure own survival (would Cain not be protected by the sign put on him by God, anyone could slay Cain) and survival of his descendents: although Cain retained strength to produce offspring, and even founded a city, his entire offspring – all Cain’s descendents – later perished in the Flood {in: Genesis 4:8–26; 5; 6; 7}.

The story of the first world ended with the Flood. After all flesh corrupted its way upon the earth (that is perverted its nature), and all the earth was filled with iniquity, the world became the embodiment of men’s evil: men’s wickedness multiplied and everyone’s heart was concerned with evil and contemplated only evil.

So, καιρος*4* of all men came before God, because the earth was filled with their iniquity, and God decided to destroy men and the earth, which was perverted because of perversion of men. The very source of origin became the source of destruction: the first earth created with the water was destroyed by the water; all creatures, which had the breath of life, died. Only the family of Noe (and the creatures taken into the Noe’s ark) has been spared: mankind received the second chance. Noe began new life with sacrifice – killing and burning – some of those creatures spared by God. And God told that He would not curse the earth because of man and smite all the living, because the imagination of man is intently bent upon evil things from his youth. Yet, the spared men were allowed to populate the next world, to keep it in the dread and fear, and to sustain existence by consuming other creatures of the earth: they were given for meat as the green herbs {Genesis 6:6–14; 7:17–24; 8:20–22; 9:1–7; 2 Peter 3:5–6}.

From the pre–Flood world, men also inherited the ability to become sick. The insult of Noe committed by his son Cham and the Noe’s curse that was cast on Canaan son of Cham for the deed of his father confirm that the mind of the spared people carried memory of iniquities of the destroyed world. As the following events illustrate, the Noe’s curse of slavery felt not only on a body: childish slavery became also the property of the mind and the spirit. Indeed, the cursed nations – descendents of Canaan – became rich and powerful. The created own – Phoenician – civilization, which assumed the power over the sea after collapse of the Minoan civilization*5*; they waged wars, enslaved human beings, bought and sold slaved, and used slave labor, while themselves seemingly (physically) were free. However, the spiritual slavery – the inhumane beliefs that forced the cursed ones to burn their first–born children and to prostitute their daughters, and the slavery of the mind, which was incapable to see the essence of the false beliefs and to free itself of the evil – did not leave them until their entire civilization was annihilated.

So, what does it mean – the slavery of the mind?

Could the slavery of the mind be only an inability to perceive and to comprehend truth?

Such inability should be similar to disease, because it overshadows the mind as the blinding fog of the Phoenician Inferno, where the dead souls were doomed to wander helplessly and lonely, isolated, forgotten by God and by men, unable to see, to hear, to discern, to feel anything, and deprived of any chance to find the way to the light and life.

Such infernal fog as an inability to comprehend the laws, the correlations, the true meaning, and the consequences of the events, became the actuality of sick disordered mind of the one who rejects God and violates His law {e.g., in: Isaiah 59:2–16}, and therefore is doomed {“cursed” – Deuteronomy 28:15–68;30:15–20}  to be enslaved by the false beliefs and to live and to die in the slavery of sin {John 8:23–36}…

In our world, many wrong decisions are made daily and misery and insufficiency of all kinds is the daily reality of the majority: the ability to comprehend the roots of the events and to foresee all their consequences became quite rare phenomenon.

However, the inability to identify the causes and to foresee the consequences is the insufficiency of reasoning – that is illness of the mind. The origin of this illness is insufficiency of knowledge of God, and the only cure for this illness is knowledge of God: only God grants knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Without God, the destiny of men is death, because the world without God is dissipating dust, which absorbs the decaying flesh after its time of groaning, trembling, sickness, and purposeless wandering in the fog of reason comes to the end…





*1* The earth – the world of the temporarily structured matter – accommodates two kinds of evolution of a human being: evolution of a body and evolution of the mind.

The general meaning of evolution is two–fold, or it could be said that evolution has two consequent phases: 1/ development of the optimal potency according to design of the Creator and 2/ preparedness for the existence at the next level of complexity.

Evolution of a body depends on the “legacy of sin” – inherited weaknesses, perversion, and diseases because of transgressions of the parents {Exodus 34:6–7}, conditions of upbringing and life (sufficient or insufficient food and water, climate, and other environmental factors), and evolution of the mind. The evolution of a human being’s body is restricted with the limits of the structured matter that composes his physical body.

Evolution of the mind is initiated by knowledge of God the Creator. As such, evolution of the mind does not have limits even within the temporal world of the material structures, because the knowledge of God the Creator and His Word–God is the eternal life {John 17}. The crown of human evolution is wisdom given by the Holy Spirit that comes because of the Word–God and prepares a human being for the eternity with his Creator{John 14; 15; 16; 17; 18}.

Historically, the people and their rulers attempted to control evolution

– of a body through selective breeding, infanticide, sterilization of the inferior races (Ancient Greece, Sparta, Nazi Germany), and genetic experiments (currently, almost all developed countries)

– of the mind through mandatory education and selective access to information and knowledge.

As of today, the success of the overall evolution of human race might be conditionally evaluated as following.

1/ Physical evolution – development of the highest potency, beauty and harmony of a body: the one can identify symptoms of anti–evolution/degeneration, such as plague of incurable diseases, overall worsening of the quality of life with its negative influence on physical and mental health, increase of insufficiency all life–supporting resources, pollution, unhealthy eating and other habits, negative influence of hormones and drugs consumed through food and during medical treatment, which transform a part of population (women, children, and men) into the malformed masses of disfigured sick flesh, obesity in “developed” countries of Europe and Americas and malnutrition in countries of Asia and Africa…

The harmony, beauty, and strengths of the ancestors, which contemporary people still can envision through survived masterpieces of the art (e.g., ancient Greek mosaics and sculptures of athletes, gods, men and women), are the Past; in the current societies, the beauty and harmony of physical appearance combined with beauty and power of reasoning became the rare exception, not the norm.

2/ Evolution of the mind – acquiring of comprehensive knowledge, wisdom, and achieving of the highest potency of reasoning, firstly, problem–solving abilities. The one can identify the overall human reasoning and mental health of mankind as the collapsing system, because of uninterrupted wars, genocide, hideous inhumane crimes, mistreatment of the children and elderly even in charitable and religious institutions, slavery, terrorism, control over access to knowledge and information, violence, deprivation of women, children, and men of liberties and civil rights (including rights on education, choice of religion, freedom of conscience, and protection from such evils as abuse, slavery, cruel and unjust punishment, torture, and humiliation), pseudo–sciences, corruption of political, religious, and social leaders and their courtiers followed with deceit, corruption, impoverishment, and misery of those who they are supposed to lead toward development and prosperity, and other features of the daily life filled with evil of all kinds, especially hatred, corruption, and deceit.

The general inference is that anti–evolution and degeneration took the place of the evolution:

– anti–evolution in physical/material domain – because of anti–evolution of the mind, firstly, as inabilities to differentiate between the good and the evil, to make right choices, to accept the right decisions, to achieve the good purposes, to create the good

– anti–evolution of the mind – because of rejection (apostasy) or deprivation (forbidden access) of true knowledge of God (for instance, the Holy Bible as forbidden book).


See also Note 11 to posting Total Ruin, March_2014, posting The Good Shepherd, March_2014, – and following Excerpts from Materialism: Note *14* and Note *15*; file The World & the War. Part I. Introduction, Ecumenism, Materialism. – file for download @ Page LIBRARY_2



 “…The world described in the first and second chapters of Genesis was the evolving reality, because all living creatures received the blessing of God to evolve: they had to increase and to multiply and to fill their sphere {αυξανεσθε και πληθυνεσθε και πληρωσατεGenesis 1:22}. In addition to the blessing to evolve (to increase and multiply and fill the earth), man was given the purposes και κατακυρειυσατε αυτης– to subdue and to dominate the world filled with the all living creatures {Genesis 2:28}.

The traditional translation of Greek textαυξανεσθε και πληθυνεσθε και πληρωσατε – Genesis 1:22, 28 – is “Increase and multiply and fill.”

However, the overall meaning of this logical block is much more complicated: it means to evolve, to accomplish/fulfill, to become complete:

in the word αυξανεσθε ξα ( and modified ξη/ξε  – is the root for words denoting development, growth, and evolution (lit. and fig.) as in


αυξανω – to grow, enlarge, increase

εξελιξη – evolution


the word πληρωσατε is the derivative of primary verb πλεωto fulfill, to accomplish, to make full, and then, πληρηςcomplete, full.

Therefore, God’s blessing – αυξανεσθε και πληθυνεσθε και πληρωσατε defines the purposes of man as his own evolution (definitely, development as increase may not be only about physical parameters; multiplication and making all full/complete – that is reaching the higher level of development/complexity at which the full potency can be exercised), within the evolving world (whose inhabitants received the same commandment, therefore, the world itself should be capable of development necessary to sustain evolution of all its inhabitants), maintenance of the evolution of the world accommodating his existence, and reaching the completion.

Consequently, the one can infer that the man of the first two chapters of Genesis had three interconnected purposes:


to evolve himself, to become complete within the evolving world

to dominate the evolving world

to maintain evolution of the evolving world.


Then, after exile from the Paradise, the creative works of man are accomplished by the mind, by creating thoughts – the energy entities, which, having being embodied into the material structures (books, constructions, establishments, societies, empires, other edifices), maintain human existence within the world, which is collapsing because of cognition of the evil.

The creative abilities of the Old Testament’s mind might be seen as the remnants of rudimental abilities of the creation made in the image and after likeness of the Omnipotent Almighty God. In the New Testament, the creative abilities are the natural abilities of the beings that are born by the Word of truth and are evolving into the likeness of the Word–God and συνεργοι {1 Corinthians 3:9}  – co–workers of God .

With coming of the Word–God, a human being is re–created and the process of evolution as the imitation of God – the process, which would result in obtaining the eternal life in the presence of God – is initiated. It means that even within the limited temporal and collapsing world the human mind, through faith and knowledge of God as the gifts of the Holy Spirit, might be enabled to create the evolving systems as it was appointed by God from the foundation of the world…”  

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End of Excerpts



*2* The ability to produce the seed (the core/code of new system) reveals the ability to transfer the energy of life, therefore, to give strength and to sustain life. Along with fruits of the seed–bearing herbs and trees, the inhabitants of the first earth received the energy/knowledge [[as a particular derivative of the universal Code – Λογος]], which prevented any energy insufficiency and therefore, made impossible perversion of the nature. The energy, which was given by the primeval earth and transferred through the seed–bearing herbs and trees made impossible any of those conditions known as weakness, pain, suffering, physical and mental disorders, because the world was created to evolve: to increase and to multiply and to fill its sphere.

In the post–Flood world, the roots of any illness and disorder are the problems with life–sustaining energy:

a/ insufficient food for a body

b/ insufficient or false knowledge – knowledge as the food for the mind, which sustains life of the mind and, therefore, life of the body.

The meaning of knowledge as the life–sustaining energy is opened with the words of Lord Jesus Christ: the knowledge of God and the Word–God that He sent is the everlasting life {John 17}.


*3* The Old Testament menions the word “curse” -- καταρα(ν) and its derivatives, for instance, επικαταρατος {Genesis 3:18}. In the compound Greek word  καταρα,

κατα – a particle with the meaning of completeness, totality, application of force

–ρα– – the archaic root of the cluster of words with meaning of forceful destruction (e.g., ραιω), weakness, susceptibility to adverse influence (ραων), insanity (μωρια/μοριον), and so on.

So, the meaning of the curse might be seen as an identification or prediction of the inner self–destruction and the outer consequences determined by the processes of disintegration.

For instance, the first curse, which the earth received after original sin, defined the meaning of new – perverted – nature. Because of disobedience, therefore, violation of the universal Law – the Will of God the Creator, man whose initial purpose was evolution and maintenance of the world given in his dominion, cognized the evil, from which he had to die: to come through disintegration of his body formed from the dust/matter. Man was created to be the keeper and toiler of the originally immortal world; therefore, he had to be inseparably connected with it. Consequently and inevitably, perversion of the human nature, which results in corruption and disintegration, should have an impact on all domains connected with man: susceptibility to corruption and subsequent disintegration/death had to become the inalienable features of the man’s world. So, the earth became corrupted in such a degree that instead of the fruits that sustain life, it became capable of bringing forth useless weeds and poisonous plants, similarly, as Adam and Eve has brought their fruit of disobedience to their Creator {in: Genesis 1; 2; 3}.

The curse cast by Noe on his grandson Canaan {to be παις, παις οικετης  – child–slave, young bond–servant in household – in: Genesis 9:18–27}, identified the matrix of the evil already imposed on mind of his son (Cham), which through his son (Canaan), had to become the feature of his descendents. The contemporaries mentioned knowledge of curses, malediction, and sorcery demonstrated by the Phoenicians – the cursed descendents of the cursed man {Genesis 10}: obviously, the Phoenicians acquired proficiency in identification of their own evil, which they carried, within the others [[concerning the Phoenicians and their civilization, see the file Ancient Civilization: the Legacy Overview – file for download @ http: //, page LIBRARY_1]].

It might be also that their curses were acts of revenge with which they attempted to impose the evil on those who somehow became their enemy or intervened with their purposes: they attempted to spread their evil on those who they cursed. Probably, their habit to burn their first–born sons in fire [[in their system of beliefs, fire had the purifying power: those who were burnt as a sacrifice received the place in the Phoenician paradise, while all the others who died by other forms of death, were doomed to vanish in the infernal blinding fog]] was the desperate attempt to erase this evil along with its carrier, even if it is own fist–born child.


*4* The Greek word  καιρος denotes not only a period of time; this word defines the moment of accomplishment, “decisive moment,” when something actually happens, or a specific point of the time–space, where a system realizes its potential, creates the most significant knowledge, achieves its purpose, or becomes unable to achieve its purpose.

The evaluation of the pre–Flood world {in: Genesis 6} reveals the meaning of καιρος: God considered accomplishments, actualization, and potential of all men, and all (but Noe) were evil; all flesh perverted its ways: man perverted the world, so it became unfit for the purposes of the Creator, so, the perverted world along with its perverted keeper and toiler had to be destroyed.

The Greek word καιρος conveys the meaning of the moment of accomplishment, “decisive moment,” when something either actually happens or is fulfilledKαιρος defines

1/ the specific time–space point at which a system realizes its potential, creates the most significant knowledge, or otherwise achieves its purposes.

2/ the final phase, or the time of completion, when time–range of existence, which is controlled by the laws of irreversibility of cognition and complexity, is completed because the system

either accumulated knowledge, obtained the level of complexity, and developed the optimal potential according to the creator’s design

or corrupted and perverted its nature and became incapable of evolution–development (that is incapable of accumulating knowledge and reaching its  optimum according to the design of the system’s creator).

 As soon as the καιρος is reached {e.g., Genesis 6:5, 12–14} the system has either to be modified/transformed for the next stage of existence or to be destroyed because of its inability to accomplish the purposes for the sake of which it has been created.


*5* See the file Ancient Civilization: the Legacy Overview – file for download @ http: //, page LIBRARY_1



10_196. Sunday, May 18, 2014

The  Time



            …For surely man also knows not his time: as fishes that are taken in the evil net,

and as the birds that are caught in a snare;

even thus the sons of men are trapped at the evil time

when it suddenly falls upon them…

{Ecclesiastes 9:12}


What does it mean do not know own time, and then, to be trapped into the evil time?

Solomon the king implies that man does not discern love or hatred, although all they are before his face. Then, he complains about the destiny of man:

– there is no memory of the dead, their love and hatred and jealousy vanished

– in the Hades, there are no intentions, nor cognition, nor wisdom.

His final thought is a conclusion that the essence, the whole/absolute of man, is to fear God and to observe His commandments, because God will bring to judgment all that had flowed – the good as well as the evil {Ecclesiastes 9:1–13; 12:13}.

Later, in the New Testament’s time, the lack of knowledge born of an inability to discern the good and the evil became the sign of hypocrisy. After Lord Jesus Christ told {Luke 12:49, 54–57} His listeners that He came to cast the Fire (the Spirit of God) unto the earth (man), He rebuked the people that they know how to discern the face of the earth and the heavens (so they can predict coming of the storm), yet they do not discern this time (the coming of God). Why they, hypocrites, do not evaluate themselves (or judge by themselves), so, they would be able to discern the time?

These two visions of time lead to some conclusions.

1. The knowledge of time is the knowledge of fulfillment of the good and of the evil.

For instance, when the human mind*1* was at the beginning stages of evolution*2*, the wise and discerning heart, which Solomon received from God {2 Chronicles 1:7–12}, led him to comprehension of the essence of man and his purposes. Solomon inferred that man must live in accordance with the Law of God:


God will examine all man’s intentions including those, which have not been accomplished,

although the human mind might lack comprehension and wisdom,

which are necessary

for understanding of own good and of the works of God,

the observance of the Law would secure survival

{Ecclesiastes 6; 7:16–19; 9; 12:13},

at least, during some time–range

until the mind becomes ready for the purposes of God.


2. The logic of Solomon’s thoughts links the evil time with stagnation of the Hades –– the Inferno, the Hell, or the storage of the souls, which completed their life–cycle within the world of the matter, yet which were unable to learn their lessons and now, when their night came, they cannot do any works {also in: John 9:45}.

3. So, according to Solomon, the best thing, which people need to accomplish, if they do want to survive within their current settings with limited knowledge, is to recognize God’s Law as the highest authority and consequently, to embody knowledge of the Law into the daily life: thoughts, words, and actions. As soon as Solomon became an apostate*3*, it is obvious that his advice to the others was not his own experience.

4. Later, when the laws of Moses completed their task as the guardian of men during childhood (the childhood of mankind is the time of learning of the Law of God and preparation to the Christianity) and as the guide to Lord Jesus Christ {Matthew 11:7-15; Galatians 3; 4; 5}, the lack of judgment, mainly, as an inability of discerning the good and the evil and ensuing inability of comprehension of the words of God, became the sign of failure.

For instance, the Pharisees referred to the people who accepted the words of Lord God Jesus Christ as to the “cursed” crowd not knowing the law {John 7:48–49}. However, God refers to the Pharisees as to the “whitewashed graves” full of dead bones and all uncleanness that have outwardly appearance of righteousness, yet, within are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness {Matthew 23:27–38}. The Pharisees’ apparent observance of the customs and rituals along with the inner lawlessness, illustrates the meaning of “hypocrisy” as the utter defeat covered with the name of “victory,” as disgrace called “honor,” as deceit presented as the truth. Although they failed*4*  to comprehend the essence of the Law of God and to live according to the Law of God, they use the Law of God as the property of rulers and as the argument needed to condemn the innocent Son of man {John 7:45–53; 8:39–47; 19:4–7}.

5. The difference between two assessments (in the Old Testament and in the New Testament) leads to the inference that the meaning of time might be envisioned as

– the reality of created knowledge as the overall summary of experience of men – good and bad intentions/words/deeds, which should be evaluated by proximity to the realm of knowledge of the Law – the knowledge which should be created  by the mind and then, embodied into the world with words and actions

– the framework for development of the people, whose main purposes are

a/ to comprehend and to observe the Law in order to be purified with the new knowledge – Christian teachings

b/ to obtain faith and to recognize God – the Creator and the Savior

c/ to begin preparation for the eternity in the presence of God  {Malachi 3:1–4; 4:4; John 1:1–13; 3:1-21; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

For instance, St. Paul the Apostle asks why those who received the knowledge from God [[therefore, who are free from the laws of the material world]] still observe the meaning of time – days, years, seasons – and put themselves back, into the slavery of the weak elements of this world of the matter? He reminds that the main struggle is not with the visible powers of this world, yet, with the evil intentions, which may obstruct the cognition of God; that persistence and steadfastness in faith and learning knowledge of God are the only conditions of salvation; that the mind should be in constant self–guard against false and deceit spread by the heretics and enemies of God; that where the Spirit of God is there is the freedom, so the Christian’s mind must not be slave to the ignorant ones whoever they are; that the words of God are the weapon of self–defense, which secure invincibility against the evil {e.g., in: Galatians 4:1–10; 5; 6; 1 Corinthians;  2 Corinthians 3; 10:3–7; 11:3; Ephesians; Colossians 1; 2; 2 Thessalonians 2; 3, and the others}. 

Definitely, the human mind within the temporal world of the material things operates by the parameters of this world: it cannot discard parameters, limits, and divisions (e.g., days, months, borders of lands, etc.), which determine physical life of a body whose survival is the condition of development–evolution and preparedness of the human essence*1* for the next phase of existence. Therefore, the referred above question of St. Paul the Apostle should be co–related with the inner work of the mind, which in a process of evolution: the Apostle reminds us that we should learn to differentiate the parameters of the limited temporal world from the eternity which opens with the advancement of the mind in comprehension of knowledge given through the Word–God – Lord Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit {John 14; 15; 16; 17}

6. Consequently, the time might be envisioned as the setting or dimension, which accommodates the evolution*2* of the mind:


the mind comes to the compete comprehension of the Law

{the Old Testament}

the mind accepts (or opens itself for) the Word–God

{The Gospels, the New Testament}

the mind reshapes own daily life after the commandments of God

and the mind is transformed into the likeness of the Word–God

the mind reaches the optimal state by completing evolution–development

within the temporal worldly settings: time, space, matter.


So, in general, the meaning of evolution is cognition of God and creation of knowledge, which would annihilate evil from the thoughts, words, and actions of man. The knowledge of God provides the foundation for thoughts, and the thoughts become the building blocks [[e.g., codes of new systems, arrangements of new establishments, designs of new empire]] with which, within time, the mind constructs its own reality – the life within the world of the matter {in: 1 Corinthians 3:9, 11–13}.

As soon as the mind obtains the knowledge of God, which was allotted to learn within the particular time–space–complexity settings, it fulfills its mission of laborer–servant–slave and becomes the child of God – the member of God’s household, the being prepared for the eternity with God. At this point, the power of the world with all its laws and features [[hierarchies of power of coercion, vanity and perverted values, which present the evil as the good and elevate perversion at the rank of the norm, of the dream worlds of the neo–heathen societies, enslaving establishments, corrupted states and dissipating civilizations]] comes to the end, and the mind obtains its ultimate freedom as independence of

– the hierarchies of earthly authorities arranged by the degrees of deprivation of freedom of conscience and deprivation of knowledge and truth

– corruption, ignorance, hypocrisy, wrong judgment

– other evils of the reality of sin/anti–evolution*5* which might be envisioned as the trap for those destined to be consumed by the evil.

7. Hence, the laws, which control the time*6*, should include the law of irreversibility of cognition*7*: the knowledge cognized by the mind should be set as impossible to reverse or to unlearn.

8. Consequently, the meaning of being trapped into the evil time denotes also the time, when the access to the knowledge of God is obstructed or impossible and when the false knowledge supplants the truth. During the evil time, the tree of knowledge of good and evil brings only the evil fruits, and the mind instead of development–evolution undergoes degeneration. Eventually, the mind slips into the dream worlds of death: totalitarian ideologies, cults, and ethics–free atheistic sciences sustain religious, political and social establishments, which enslave the mind and deprive it of the access to unbiased information and true knowledge, therefore, interfere with the freedom of thinking and freedom of choice.

I like the clarity of perception of Solomon the king in zenith of his earthly power, when his ultimate apostasy was only one of the possible futures – a danger that he still could avoid:  the evil time indeed is the deadly trap, which confines the ignorant mind similarly to the fishes caught by the net within the stream and similarly to the birds of the sky trapped by the hunters. His vision also reminds me of the Dante’s Inferno: the circles of death filled with the crowds of those controlled by the archenemy – the trapped ones who are doomed to hopeless suffering because of own ignorance and rejection of the Law of God. 

If to see the mind as the temple–dwelling of the Spirit of God, as a being destined for the different worlds created by Λογος, Αγια Σοφια, the universal Law–Word–God, the Holy Wisdom, within the eternity, the tragedy of inability to actualize own nature within the present settings – just one of the stages at the infinite road, is devastating, indeed. The tragedy of such a mind might be likened to the tragedy of stillborn child, or to the fish disabled within the evil net, which holds it for death…





         *1* Concerning human essence, or inner man, or the mind, see Concept of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Reason/Intelligence in posting Wisdom & the Lessons of Solomon, Folder Archive_2014, Page 1_January_2014


       *2* In theological terms, evolution might be defined as comprehension of knowledge of God – the knowledge that is the everlasting life {John 17}. Consequently, the degree of evolution of man is evaluated by his ability to embody the words and commandments of God into his daily existence – his thoughts, words, and deeds, and is manifested through

a/ the deeds of love, mercy, and assistance to the others

b/ the abilities to create the good for the others

c/ mercy and love to the others

– all of them (a, b, c) committed in righteousness and truth, in imitation of God {Matthew 5:21–48; Luke 6:26–49; John 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; James 2:13–26; 2 Peter 1:2–11; 1 John 3:14–21; Ephesians 8:1–2}.

In the terms of systems logic, evolution is the process resulting in increase of complexity, or ascent at the higher level of complexity [[potency of knowledge defines one of the meanings of complexity; concerning complexity, download file Introduction to the Systems Logic @  website Systems Logic http: // systemslogic–by– / , Page LIBRARY_1]]. Consequently, the observer evaluates degree of system’s evolution by

1/ the development of the optimal potential (capacity, force, efficiency), which the system is intended to achieve according to the system’s design

2/ abilities or preparedness to achieve new purposes at new level(s) of complexity.

In general, the evolution is the breakthrough, the exit from the completed phase of existence, when the mind that has completed absorption of the entirety of knowledge, which sustains a particular reality, ascends at the higher level. Such ascent becomes possible because of the knowledge that transforms the mind into a being capable of existence within another reality, at the different level of complexity.


        *3* See postings Wisdom, The Lessons of Solomon, and Apostasy – Folder Archive_2014, Page 1_January_2014, and Page 2_February_2014.  


       *4* See postings The Vineyard and The lessons of Vineyard – Folder Archive_2012, Page 5_May_June_2012


      *5* The human mind has the choice between two realities: reality of the evolution (life as the ascend to the eternity with God) and the reality of anti–evolution (death as eternal separation from God).

The reality of evolution accommodates development–evolution of the human mind that is cognition of new knowledge and creation of new thoughts, which lead to

– unfolding of own unlimited potency of creation of good

– actualization of the maximal creative potency into the thoughts, words, and deeds with which the mind actualizes own dominion over the world of the matter given into its possession.

The reality of anti–evolution accommodates degeneration of the human mind. Deprivation of the true knowledge of God leads to insufficiency of a particular, vital, knowledge – the knowledge of own nature and of the world in which the mind has to survive and accomplish its mission. In this case, mind is barred from access to the divine energy of creation (accessible through the faith). Consequently, the mind has no choice but to revert into the regime of insufficiency: it feeds itself with the surrogate – images of the matter/flesh, which are perceived/processed by the matter/flesh – and creates insufficient thoughts inadequate to the complexity of the considered subject (e.g., the drugs developed through the experiments on animals and then, applied to human beings trigger off the disorders, which are much worse than the diseases they claim to cure). Ultimately, the mind becomes unable to ascent to the levels of complexity appropriate to its nature: it becomes insufficient/sick and then, it is transformed into the living dead trapped within the evil time – the reality of death. Lord God refers to such minds as to those who see and hear, yet, do not perceive/comprehend, so, they do not turn to God that He would heal them {Matthew 13:10–15}.


       *6* See the following Excerpt from my book The invincible Empire:


“The Concept of Time


…Time is a tool for accomplishment of the purposes of evolution: the dimension of time accommodates processes of the development, optimization, transformation, and destruction at the mankind levels of the Universe.

The law of irreversibility of cognition controls the dimension of time. Irreversibility is impossibility to stop, decelerate, reverse, or interrupt the interminable purposeful transformations of the energy and processes of cognition governed by the universal law. Irreversibility in its exact meaning (impossibility to reverse process) manifests itself when sets or arrangements of energy derivatives attain the specific threshold of complexity and become able to carry and consume the purposeful information.

Some researchers attempt to disprove the permanent character of irreversibility. For example, they refer to experiments with thermodynamic equilibrium in limited portions of the space, where elementary processes involving elementary particles can be reversed under specified conditions [e.g., Prigogine and Stenger 301]. Such property of quanta as existence in two forms – energy and matter – or discernible ability of transformation of the energy into the matter and the matter into the energy (…wave→particle→wave→particle…) confirms that reversibility is the natural property of the energy–source of the matter.

Infinite multitude of the energy–information–matter systems and realities must possess reversibility of the elementary components because they undergo countless transformations in the constant (constant within the temporary singularity – time–space–complexity–bounded Universe) cycle of


... creation ⇒ transformation ⇒ disintegration ⇒ creation ⇒ transformation ⇒ disintegration ⇒ creation ⇒ ...


In general, reversibility should work only at the levels of complexity where the purposeful structures of the matter do not exist yet, or where reversibility is the natural property of energy, which has been transformed into the energy derivative ready to participate in creation of the matter. Perhaps, at the lowest level of complexity, reversibility is correlated with timelessness and therefore, with inability to serve any definite purpose within the world of the structured matter.

When a system/reality cognizes, learns, or reads/scans the universal code [[Λογος]], it extracts from the universal code those patterns of energy transformation, which are consistent or coincide with its levels of complexity. The system’s level of complexity determines and the law of irreversibility controls the consistency of such reading–scanning–perception and realization: the universal code is actualized with the law of irreversibility within the specific dimension – subsystem of time (the Present as the frontier system between the Past and the Future).

The law of irreversibility controls acceptance, accumulation, and transformation of energy and any of its derivatives, including knowledge, by any purposeful living system.

Irreversibility in this context implies impossibility to reverse processes of transformation the energy–information and energy–information–matter while a system accomplishes its purposes. Irreversibility is also impossibility for a system to decrease the level of complexity, while such a system is in a process of realization of purposes.

To decrease the level of complexity means to unlearn what had been learnt as a result of accomplishment of a specific purpose: it is impossible until the specific purpose remains the unchanged reason for the system’s existence. When the purpose is changed, the system has to restructure all knowledge it possessed before modification of the purpose. Any system with modified purposes becomes a new system, because new knowledge inevitably transforms the system’s essence.

A system sustains own existence by irreversible assimilation–cognition of information. The essence of cognition is irreversible assimilation of the active information (the pattern/code/law of energy transformation and transmission or the ‘small energy form’), which activates irreversible transformation of energy and its derivatives – energy–information forms with different levels of complexity: data, information, knowledge. The active information might be conveyed in a form of code, pattern, information, data, concept, thought, system of knowledge, a report, book, library, etc.

The law of irreversibility postulates that when a system cognizes – accepts or perceives – the active information, the accepted energy form triggers off the irreversible inner changes of the complexity and activates changes within all correlated systems and realities. There is no any possibility for any normal system to reverse reading/perception/embodiment of the active information.

The law of irreversibility maintains achievement of purposes with the irreversible continuity of the processes of cognition (irreversible because even if cognition can be stopped when system is destroyed, it cannot be reversed), an increase of complexity, and optimization. The law of irreversibility implies that until the system is able to accomplish the purposes it has been created to accomplish, it is not possible to stop or reverse the process of cognition and to unlearn knowledge created or accepted during accomplishment of the system’s purposes.

Irreversibility and purposefulness are the main system–driving forces of the time–space–complexity–bounded Universe. From another point of view, irreversibility and purposefulness might be seen as two facets of the evolution: within the unstructured chaotic reality of energy formations a system or reality appears; then the system or reality makes the divine energy of creation accessible for the purposes of men and prosperity of their establishments.

Since the Antiquity, philosophers attempt to comprehend the meaning of time. Some definitions correlate time with the sensory perception, necessity to arrange “the division of accidents,” the meaning of the end, and measurement of movement. The matter and movement appear at the “borders of void” to produce the structure according to the “command of the uncreated nature” during the “cycle of the void” [Pseudo–Zeno 5.3.1; 5.3.6; 5.3.8; 5.4.6 156–159]. Pseudo–Zeno envisions time as the dimension that accommodates the “cycle of the void” during which the newly created/ordered/arranged matter and the movement come into existence. A human being perceives time through the sensory perception and describes it with such terms as end, structure, and void.

Contemporary researchers define time as a “construction” [Valery, qtd. in: Prigogine and Stengers 301], and as an “abstract entity, a construction,” based on material objects, events, and processes, the dimension of change for the Nature, and the dimension of purpose for men [Denbigh 3, 154].

ω Such definitions re–iterate the neo–Platonic concept of time. Perhaps, fro a particular angle of consideration, the time could be defined as a principle of arrangement.

There is an opinion that human perception originated the so–called “asymmetries” of time [Horwich 1, 5, 7–8]: the impossibility to learn the Future and the possibility to know the Past

ω Some researchers express doubt about the possibility to know the Past in its original meaning [e.g., Bradley 117]. Indeed, to learn the significance/value of some events or phenomena for the people who lived two hundred years ago, the contemporary researcher should unlearn the knowledge created during two hundred years and enter the reality, which does not include this knowledge in its framework. Besides, the main sources of knowledge of the Past are libraries and archives, whose owners might wish to preserve only the selected information chosen according to the political or any other consideration [e.g., in: Joyce 35, 37]

So, the human mind is endowed with an inability to apply categories of truth to the Future and possibility to classify as “true” or “false” any event of the Past , and  impossibility of backward causation and bias toward the Future.

ω The referred asymmetries portray time, as the disproportional arrangement with now, that is the main multidimensional part centered on the Present, and later, that is the flat linear projection oriented into the Future.

According to the systems concept of time, the purpose is the focus of existence of any systems and reality. From such a point of view, the assumption of “asymmetries” is pointless because every subsystem is irreplaceable and works for one and the same Master, yet, with the different means. As everything created by God, a design of time has the inner harmony and perfection. The time is the singularity/field/dimension, which accommodates each purposeful system or reality of the mankind universe, and where each purposeful system/reality exists within three constantly developing subsystems – the Past, the Present, and the Future.

The Past develops by absorbing the codes of realized manifestations of the universal law accomplished at the Present. Each pattern of energy transformation (process, condition, field, dimension, hierarchy, system) after its realization in the Present (that is an embodiment of the pattern in the particular forms, structures, realities, processes created by energy transformations under particular conditions and at particular timespacecomplexity point), continues existence in a form of the information code. This code carries indefinitely the essence of a system, which existed at a particular time–space–complexity point, and – if it is efficient and effective enough to maintain the consequent processes of optimization – might be reproduced.

The Present is the frontier system between the Past and the Future, or a dimension that makes possible the focus: the Present is the precise time–space–complexity point, where the creative and driving forces, potency and readiness – the adequate level of complexity – of a system/reality converge and interact for accomplishment of a purpose. (The description of a purpose includes such a feature as a realization of a particular set/wholeness of the energy transformation–transmission processes). The transformation of energy and energy–information into the matter constitute the meaning of the chaotic reality of the Present as a stage and source for design and realization of the Future.

The Past absorbs the realized in the Present codes of the universal laws, which were carried by the information that has activated creation of systems and realities in the Present.

All material components of the Future are constructed, experienced, and realized in the Present; how they will be arranged into new systems, which levels of complexity they will be able to reach, is determined in the Present.

The Future might be defined from different points of view. For example, as the infinite multitude of

– the possibilities to evoke into existence systems, realities, structures of order, which are hidden inside the chaotic reality of the Present

– the finite states of existing systems, realities, structures of order (or, the Future accommodates the infinite sets of the finite states of the Present).

The energy forms–codes compose the chaotic supercomplex reality of the Future, which might be envisioned through the analogy with the infinite multitude of alphabets – sets of letters and digits scattered and mixed without a discernible order. Which of these codes (letters and digits) will be read and transformed into complete systems, realities, or processes (the analogy with words) will determine the reality of possible sets of the finite states of the Present (the analogy with concepts). Realization of these codes organizes and evokes into existence – at the Present – the particular energy–information–matter structures, systems, and realties.

Therefore, the Future is designed and accomplished at the Present by cognition and actualization of the codes and patterns of energy transformation, which are determined by the nature–purposes of the existing systems, demands of the environment, and the evolution…

ω In the terms of systems–complexity theory, the time might be defined as the system, whose essence is described with the correlation among the purpose, information, complexity, and irreversibility. This correlation not only constitutes the meaning of time; it determines the range of existence and the meaning of time for any system/reality within the time–bounded Universe.

Any hierarchical level/system/reality has own duration of time, as a period of movement from the point of creation for achievement of specific purposes through the accomplishment of purposes and to the consequent transformation or destruction.

As soon as the purpose exists, exists the time: the systems/realities advance by the irreversibility of cognition throughout their dimensions of the time toward their finite states, which had been designed as the results – purposes – of their existence.

The purpose, knowledge, complexity, and irreversibility of cognition determine the essence of the dimension of time and constitute the nature or essential properties–features of any reality/system within the dimension of time.

The evolution, as an increase of complexity of the world of the matter, can be realized only within such a setting as the dimension of time, and only under the law of irreversibility of cognition. Irreversibility unifies a purpose, knowledge, and complexity in the logical chain:


the Purpose is adequate to the irreversible Complexity of the Knowledge created by the system

the process of creation of Knowledge is irreversible

the Knowledge is created with and transmitted through the intra–system Information flow

the intra–system Information flow sustains the Cohesive Power, which maintains the Wholeness/System

the Wholeness/System exists as a result of the Irreversible system’s life–sustaining processes

(e.g., the irreversibility of cognition)

the Irreversible system’s life–sustaining processes are the processes of achievement of the Purpose.



ω In summary, the time is the developing supercomplex chaotic reality/dimension

– where the universal law governs transformations of energy, which accomplish the purposes of evolution

– that accommodates system–creative and system–driving forces, which sustain existence, development, and optimization of the world of the matter

– that consists from the infinite multitudes of derivatives of the universal energy – systems, realities, and supercomplex chaotic realities in pursuit of the maximal potency and the state of optimum

– where each purposeful system/reality has three subsystems – the Past, the Present, and the Future. All three subsystems are formed by the energy transformation codes, by energy itself, and (at the discernible by the mind levels) by the products/results of energy transformations: energy–information and energy–information–matter

– where the law of irreversibility secures existence of the Past, Present, and Future and determines their correlation

– where information is the carrier of irreversibility, which supports continuity of existence, interconnections, and interactions among three subsystems (the Past, Present, Future)

– that accommodates any purposeful system/reality and provides the settings for realization of the universal pattern of creation for any purposeful system/reality…”



End of Excerpt


*7* See definitions of the law of irreversibility of cognition, the time, and the mind in file Introduction to the Systems Logic – download @ website Systems Logic http: // systemslogic–by– / , Page LIBRARY_1



11_197. Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Lost Worlds


…Go up to the mount… and die in the mount whither thou go up…

…because you disobeyed My word…

…because you sanctified Me not among the sons of Israel

…thou shall see the land, but thou shall not enter into it…

{Deuteronomy 32:48–52}


It happened after the chosen nation received The Ten Commandments. The people came into the wilderness of Sin, and it was no water to drink for men and for their cattle. So, again, as it happened many times before, the congregation rebelled against Moses and Aaron (Aaron was brother of Moses and the anointed priest). The people reviled Moses and rebuked him saying that he brought them, the “congregation of the Lord,” from Egypt {where – as they lamented – they ate flesh, bread, fish, onion, garlic, etc. – Exodus 16:2–3; Numbers 11:4–20}, into the wilderness without fruits to eat and without water to drink. Moses and Aaron came to the doors of the tabernacle to meet the Lord. Lord God commanded Moses to take his rod (the rod of shepherd, with which Moses led the people from Egypt, was kept in the tabernacle; it was the symbol of authority given by God) and to call the assembly. Then, Moses and Aaron shall speak to the rock before them, and the rock shall give forth its water: they will speak and they will bring forth water out of the rock and give drink to the people and their cattle {Numbers 20:1–8}.

Moses took the rod; he and Aaron assembled the congregation before the rock, rebuked the disobedient people; and asked: “must we bring you water out of this rock?” Then, Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock with his rod twice; then, water came out of the rock, and the people and their cattle had water to drink {Numbers 20:9–11}.

So, the people received water from the rock, quenched their thirst, and gave water to their animals.

However, Moses and Aaron did not follow the instructions of Lord God. The Lord did not say “strike the rock with the rod”; He said “speak to the rock”: the word spoken by Moses the prophet and by Aaron the anointed priest had to bring forth water out of the rock, not Moses’ action.

Why Moses and Aaron did not follow the instructions of God? According to the Holy Scriptures, Lord God said to Moses an Aaron that they did not believe Him; they disobeyed His word and did not sanctify Him among the people. For this, they will not lead the people into the Promised Land {Numbers 20:12}.

Would Moses and Aaron obey the instructions of God, the power of the word spoken by the prophet and the priest would prepare the people for the encounter with the Word–God, Λογος, Αγια Σοφια, for Whose works and glorification the new working space of God {cf. in: Matthew 3:11–12; Mark 1:1–8; John 1:1–36; 14; 15; 16:13–15; 17; 1 Corinthians 3:9}*1* – the holy nation and the kingdom of priests – was to be established. This was an opportunity at the very beginning {Deuteronomy 29:2–6} to engrave into the human mind the crucial knowledge, which would define the evolution of mankind: the power of the Almighty God–Spirit is the Absolute power that, in the world of men, comes through the Word {Exodus 19:1–6; Psalm 147:15,19–20; 148:4–5; Zacharias 4:6; John 1:1–14, 17–18; 4:24}.

However, contrary to the instructions given by God, Moses made physical move and acted with a material object – with his rod. This rod was well known to the people. When God charged Moses with the task to bring out His people from slavery, He gave Moses the power to use the rod to demonstrate the power of God:

1/ to ignorant people who did not know their God yet, and who did not begin their road to the kingdom of priests yet

2/ to the ignorant idol–worshipers who worshiped material objects (statues made from wood, clay, stone, etc.), armed themselves with “magic rods/sticks,” and used sorcery and magic to deceive.

As a result of actions of Moses and Aaron in Egypt {Exodus 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 14}, the people could assume that the rod reveals the abilities similar to the skills of the Egyptian sorcerers. At their disbelief, at their level of perception and knowledge of God {Deuteronomy 1:26–33; 29:2–6}, they, obviously, did not take into consideration the facts that only through Moses’ prayers to God and communications with God (invisible to the people), the Egyptians’ sufferings were relieved, the Egyptian army was exterminated, and then, water and food were given in the barren and scorched wilderness {Exodus 4:1–5; 7:8–12,14–22; 8:5–15,28–31; 14:6–16,28–30; 16:11–15; 17:1–7; Numbers 11:1–32; Deuteronomy 29:2–6}.

Therefore, the actions of Moses intervened with the will of God: they opened a possibility of doubt. For instance, the people could assume that it was a hidden reservoir within the rock, and Moses’ rod destroyed the obstacle – stone or even clay mass, which prevented water from flowing and kept it hidden under the rock’s surface. Then, even if it was no hidden reservoir, this miracle could sustain the authority of mortal men – Moses and Aaron, whose power would be gone with their death: it did not undoubtedly reveal the power of eternal God, therefore, did not sanctify the Lord among His people.

The story of Moses and Aaron’s disobedience has the special significance. Through Moses and Aaron, the special knowledge of God had to be given to His people, yet it was not accomplished.

Hence, the one who lives today can infer some lessons; for instance, this event

a/ allows comprehension of the importance of literal executions of all commandments of God, because Moses and Aaron’s disobedience prevented the people who were born and lived in the country of idol–worshiper (therefore, observed worship to the material objects and learned to live only by material objects) from coming to absolute faith in the power of God the Spirit: Moses and Aaron were expected to initiate re–focusing of the mind from the matter (apparent world of the material things – rocks, rod, desert, thirst of a body) to the Spirit that creates and controls the matter (for instance, because of the spoken word, transforms the rock into the water), yet, they failed to confirm the absolute faith in the word of God with their actions

b/ it reveals the responsibility of those who are chosen to convey knowledge that would decide or influence development and destiny of the others

c/ it illustrates how one act of disobedience can influence the entire history of the nation.

If this event manifested the power of spoken word as it should, this event surely would

– sustain faith in invisible, yet Omnipotent, God–Spirit – God–Creator Whose Word creates the world {Genesis 1:1–31; 2:1; John 1:1–3}

– reveal the absolute power of God–Spirit over the world of the material things and beyond the world of the matter

– foretell the coming of the Word–God Who would give His followers the living water of everlasting life {John 4:14}

– sanctify God among the people, which He chose to carry His Law, to preserve His Law for the entire world, and to become the seed of His kingdom on the earth

– reveal existence of the world that lives by the Spirit of God {as it would be told later, in: John 4:23–24}, therefore, to change the present and the future of those who would be able of comprehension the power of the spoken word, if this word is spoken by the power of God.

The world, which would come into being, if Moses and Aaron follow instructions of God, never happened. Now it is possible only to ask:

–– did the Moses’ strikes destroy the wholeness of foundation on which the kingdom of priest would flourish?

–– did one act of disobedience and disbelief bring forth the flow of acts of idol–worship and other violations of the Law {e.g., those described in the Books of Kings, Isaiah, and Jeremiah}

–– could disbelief of Moses and Aaron make possible materialism, with such consequences as relapse into idol–worship and apostasy*2*, which ultimately, brought the Vineyard of the Lord to the total ruin*3*?

The end of this story is very sad: Aaron died on the top of Mount Or; then, the time of Moses’ departure came. As the Lord God commanded him, Moses claimed the Mount of Nabau and the Lord showed him the Promised Land, yet, Moses was not allowed to enter into it: he had to die, because he disobeyed the word of God and did not sanctify Him among the people {Numbers 20:23–29; Deuteronomy 31:14; 32:48–52; 34:1–5}.

There was no more prophet like Moses whom the Lord knew face to face and spoke apparently (not, for instance, in a visions or in sleep as to other prophets), who was faithful in the house of the Lord, who has done great wonders and revealed the mighty hand before all Israel {Numbers 12:5–8; Deuteronomy 34:10–12}. Even so, for his disbelief and disobedience Moses never entered the beautiful land – the world promised by God, the world in which the holy nation was given the chance to emerge, to live according to the Law of God, to evolve, and to reach the zenith of wisdom, spiritual power, and happiness.

 And I think of those worlds that are lost when disbelief in God and disobedience to God’s commandments close the possible Futures, in which something good and beautiful was expecting those who believe, who dare to receive the power to enter the new world…





*1* See postings in Folder Archive_2013: The Light – Page 10_December_2013, and Creation of Man – Page 8_September_October_2013


*2* See Apostasy, Part II of The World & The War – file for download @ website Systems Logic, http: // systemslogic–by– , Page LIBRARY_2


*3* See Supplement 1_The Vineyard and Its LessonsApostasy, Part II of The World & The War – file for download @ website Systems Logic , Page LIBRARY_2




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