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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Light of the World

…I am the Light of the world…

{John 9:5}


There was a man who was born blind. When Lord God Jesus Christ was passing by, His disciples asked Him: whose sin – his or his parents – is the cause why this man was born blind {John 9:1–2}. The direct connection between sin–violation of the Law of God and physical or mental illness was known from the beginning of times. It was also known that the sins of the fathers become the heavy burden for their children*1* – four generations could pay the price for violation of the Law of God committed by the ancestor. So, a barren woman, a paralytic, and a child born blind were treated as the living proof of sin – their own or of their ancestors. However, in this case, the man and his parents were innocent, and his blindness was intended to reveal the mystery of God’s works. Although people knew the miracles of healing, no one man who was born blind could ever see because he has rudiments, and there is nothing to heal. Therefore, only God the Creator could grant the eyesight to the one who was born blind: with the touch of God, clay made from the dust of the earth became the eyes of the blind man. Then, the words of God illuminated his mind and gave him wisdom: he recognized God and worshipped Him. To the contrary, the Pharisees did not realize that this miracle predicted by the prophet reveals presence of God: they have eyes, yet, they cannot see. The episode is concluded with the explanation given by God: for judgment He came into the world – those who were blind may see, and those who see become the blind. Since, the Light of the world leads His Own by the new way transforming the darkness into the light and straightening  their paths {e.g., Matthew 12:1–14; John 5:5–14; 9:1–41; Isaiah 6:9–10; 29:18–21; 35:1–10; 43:16–21; Exodus 20:1–6; Psalm 17(18):28–31; 145(146):8}.

The story of blind man has some similarity with the story of mankind. All descendents of Adam and Eve who still did not find the road to God carry the burden of the original sin, because only through Lord Jesus Christ, a human being is redeemed from the original sin and spared the wrath of God {Genesis 1; 2; 3; John; 1 John; Ephesians 1; 2; Romans 5; 6}. Those born under the burden of the original sin, walk in the darkness of evil unable to see the Light. Only by the will and mercy of God the mind might be opened for the teachings of God: it has to be born from above and illuminated by the Spirit of God. Then, it receives the abilities to perceive, cognize, and answer Love of God, to observe His commandments, to worship and love Him, to obtain the life everlasting and enter the Kingdom of God {John 1:1–13; 3:1–21; 4:23–24; 6; 8; 14; 15; 16; 17;  1 John; Psalm 15(16); 17(18):27–31}.  

So, what is left in the world for the mind, which becomes able to see the essence of things in the Light of God {Psalm 35(36):9} – to be as the voice crying in the wilderness? Or to be as the blind man {in: John 9} who received the gift of vision, yet, was rejected by the hypocrites who ascribe to themselves righteousness and right of judgment and who appointed themselves to lead the others, while they, in fact, are full of ignorance, lawlessness and corruption {Isaiah 40:3; John 1:23; 9:1–39; Matthew 15:7–9, 14; 23:1–35}?

From another side, who is able by own efforts to find the path to wisdom and understanding if –

–– if everything is polluted and corrupted and our children have the enormous task to retain sanity, acquire the knowledge of life, and survive under the uninterrupted attacks on their spiritual and physical well–being


– on their moral – by corrupted media propagating violence,

justifying crime, deceit, corruption, and perversion of all kinds

↕  ↕

– on their reason – by irrational system of education and false knowledge

intended to denigrate human nature and to transform free human being into the cattle –

the easy manageable slave–part–property of the hierarchy/community/establishments

headed by the contemporary slave–owners

↕  ↕

– on their bodies – with poisonous vaccines and drugs and the food,

which is either polluted with hormones, pesticides, and life–threatening chemicals or genetically modified

↕  ↕

– on their lives – at the schools and colleges, markets, streets, places of entertainment,

which – after the mind of many was deprived of knowledge of  God, therefore, of wisdom, virtue, moral, and ability to survive –

became the places of violence, corruption, and crimes


–– if the places of worship are, in fact, the dens of robbers, in which ambitious preachers sell their gods and seek own profit as well as fifteen seconds of fame (in fact, shame) by playing with politics and misappropriation of the money given for the charitable cause, and houses of sin and corruption, in which perverted “priests” rape children, misinterpret Christian teachings, substitute heathen philosophy for the words of God, worship idols in the place of God, and ruin faith of many

–– if the judges are deposed for display of The Ten Commandments, which convey the main and absolute law for every human being irrespective of the chosen denomination, because these Commandments are the universal description of the humanness, the very nature of man

–– if the Bible is still forbidden book, yet, the politicians from the countries, which identify themselves as the “democratic” and “free,” participate in the mockery of humanity, embrace and treat as the equal the criminals who keep their subjects in slavery and ignorance and devoid them of the basic human rights, especially of the freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and freedom of access to the information (therefore, encourage and stimulate the tyrants and oppressors to continue their quest for the global dominion and to spread their evil all over the world)

––  if the Christians are persecuted, imprisoned, and murdered for their faith in Lord God Jesus Christ 

–– if the actual social, cultural, religious, and political life of the contemporary societies became founded on myths, false knowledge, and figments of imagination justifying crimes and perversion of all kinds, and the minds of many are intentionally kept in the darkness of evil and ignorance?

And I think that the only hope might still live and the only justification of continued existence of this world might be found in the promise of God that He will not cast out anyone who comes {John 6:37–39}. Until the last breath, still there is hope for everyone, whatever the burden of sin and evil committed in the Past is, to come to God, to be forgiven, healed, and taken home – into the kingdom of God {in: 2 Peter 3:1–23}. All that is needed is the will to come*2* to God, understanding of the sins committed in the Past, abstinence from the evil, and the desire to live eternally in the presence of God.

 Whatever power, and weapons, and wealth the evil accumulated, still, it is powerless before God, and God’s creations who wish to follow the Creator would never vanish in darkness. Nothing impossible exists in the world in which the divine love, omnipotence, and perfection re–creates the human beast into the child of God. God is the only light and hope for the ones living in the shadow of death and in slavery, under oppression of the evil.

In the end, all what it takes to find the path to the Light is just one thought, one cry for the mercy {Romans 10:11–13; Joel 2:32; Acts 2:21}:


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner…





*1* Sin – αμαρτιμα , αμαρτια – means the missed mark, mistake, sin, guilt, crime, offense, imperfection, impairment, disease. In theology, a sin is a failure to observe the words of God, violation of His law/commandments, inability to accomplish the purposes/will of God for the sake of which man came into existence.

Any violation of the Law of God (by thought, by words, or by actions) is a perversion of the human nature (e.g., idol–worship, assassination, adultery, thievery, hatred, absence of love to the others; for instance, in: 1 Peter 4:3–19; 1 John 3:1–24; Jude; Romans 1:18–32) and, as such, the crime against God, own nature, and other men. The Law of God is the essence of the human mind–heart; therefore, man’s own mind becomes his judge and executor.

The mind of a sinner, who violated the Law by the actions/words/thoughts inconsistent with the human nature, triggers off the abnormal mutation, which either results in lethal illness of the sinner himself or is transferred to his children.

The root of many problems of the contemporary godless societies is the loss of understanding of the direct connection between God and His creation – a human being. In such societies, the people lost an ability to discern the affliction of the guilty mind behind the suffering of a body; they do not see crimes of the people as the reasons of wars and the wrath of the nature. They either forgot or never knew that the prophets considered hail, fire, drought, famine, and other land’s plagues as the symptoms of “wrath” and the terrifying εκδικησεις – acts of the adverse judgment or “vengeance” of God for men’s disobedience and violation of the Law, that is for men’s sins against own nature, the fellow men, and other living creatures of the world {e.g., in: Leviticus 26:14–39; Deuteronomy 8:1–20; 28:15–68; 29:9–28; 30:1–20; 32:22–33; 28:22–25, 43–53, 58–61 –– Exodus 9:18–25;  Isaiah 1:2–9; 5:20–30; 9:18–21; 13:3–11; 24:1–12; 27:4; 28:2; 30:27–28; 51:17–19; Jeremiah; Ezekiel 5:15–17; 14:21; 20:2–33; 33:24–29; Hosea 4:1–13; Amos 9:5; Zacharias 7:9–14; Revelation, and other Books of the Old and New Testament}.

Many generations of “subtle” souls of heathens and atheists justified their animosity toward Christianity by the image of the “wrath of revengeful God,” by apparent lack of mercy to the sinners mentioned by the Books of Old Testament, and the consequent inconsistency of the Gospels promising mercy and life.

Yet, the true reason of hatred to Christianity is that knowledge of the Law has destroyed the imaginary worlds – the dark and cozy (because of inability to see) caves of flesh–eating predators who sacrifice own children and neighbors to the stones, yet, in their arrogant ignorance believe that they are humans capable of wisdom and knowledge, and that they might obtain true knowledge and wisdom by philosophizing in the temples of their idols.

Although the Hebrew Prophets describe “the wrath” of God with the images, which downgrade the Dante’s Inferno to the house of toys {e.g., in: Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zephaniah}, would perfect and merciful God–Creator avenge the evil of men by killing the bodies of His creations or destroying their dwelling, therefore, by using the same methods as men do?

The heathens, atheists, apostates, and sinners are not able to comprehend the direct connection between observance of the law of God, on which the world is founded, and survival of man: the lessons of the Flood and warning of St. Peter the Apostle are not enough {in: Genesis 6; 7; 2 Peter}. They are not able to see that “wrath of God,” in fact, is self–destruction ensuing from violations of the Law of God. For those who violated the Law of God and disobeyed His commandments – for all the creatures with the perverted nature, the very environment–nature, which originally was intended to sustain their existence, becomes the means of their extermination. It means that the knowledge, which was open to the desert nomads, is inaccessible for the contemporary sciences struggling with the consequences of immorality, madness, and perversion, because they are not able to find the path to the only true Physician – God the Creator.

In His mercy, God not only gave us the Law; He offered knowledge of Word–God that explains the meaning of each commandment and the Law in its entirety – as love and mercy of God. Since, it is the very own choice of every human being: either to live according to the nature–Law and enter the life everlasting or to commit sin–violation of the Law of God and, as the result, to become the food of the devouring fire of the Law {the “wrath of God” – Isaiah 5:24–25; 9:18–19}, which purifies the world by annihilating uncleanness of sin and perversion.


*2* See posting The One Coming to Christ, Folder Foundation @ Sunday’s Thoughts.





Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Salvation of All Flesh

…And the glory of the Lord shall appear,

and all flesh shall see salvation of God, for the Lord has spoken.…

{Isaiah 40:5}

…I am the Resurrection and the Life;

the one believing in Me, though he dies, he shall live…

{John 11:25}



Next Sunday, April 20, 2014, the Christians will celebrate resurrection of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: the Holy Pascha – the Orthodox Easter.

Before the resurrection of the Lord, there is Lazarus’ Saturday, commemoration of the event that preceded the Feast of Feasts. Lazarus became the living manifestation of the absolute power and glory of the Word–God. His resurrection marks the time when the ancient prophesy that “all flesh shall see the salvation of God” is to be fulfilled, and the dead ones have to hear the Son of God and come to life {Luke 3:6; John 5:21–28; 11:38–44; Isaiah 40:3–5}…

In small village not far from Jerusalem, Lazarus and his two sisters lived; Lord God loved them. Lazarus became sick and his sisters sent to the Lord saying: the one who You love is sick.  Yet, the Lord said: this sickness is not to death, but for the glory of God; the Son of God will be glorified by it. Two days passed, and the Lord told His disciples: Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, and I am going that I may awaken him. The Lord’s disciples did not understand the words of God, so, He explained: Lazarus died. Coming to the village, they have found that Lazarus died and was buried; it was the fourth day after the burial. Martha, Lazarus’ sister, told the Lord that if He would be here, her brother would not be dead. The Lord said to her that her brother would rise. Yes, Martha knew that Lazarus would rise – in the Last Day. God answered woman’s grief and despair: “I am the Resurrection and the Life; the one believing into Me, though he dies, he shall live. And everyone living and believing into Me he shall not die forever.” Then, Lord God Jesus Christ came to the Lazarus’ tomb and called the dead man out. In response to God’s call, Lazarus who died came out, back into this world {John 11:1–44}.

Lazarus returned into our world of the dissipating matter, because his death and resurrection had to reveal the power of the Word–God over man: we had to see that even there, in the world of death, death has no ultimate power over creations of God, even over mortal human body. The power of God is the Absolute Power: by the will of God, man lives and dies and comes to life again.

One of the Hebrew Prophets left the vision of the plain filled with excessively dry and dead human bones. According to the will of the Lord, he uttered prophesy upon the dead bones: you, dry bones, hear the Word of God {Λογον Κυριου}: “ I will bring upon you the breath of life, and put flesh upon you, and I will put My Spirit into you, and you shall live, and you shall know that I am the Lord.” Then, the prophet watched how the bones joined with each other, and flesh covered them; then, bodies materialized, began to breeze, and came to life. Ultimately, the plain was filled with the great congregation. God explained the vision: the dry bones are the entire house of Israel – the people that lost the hope. The Lord will bring them out of their graves into life {Ezekiel 37:1–14}: they were resurrected.

Lazarus was chosen to illustrate the meaning of resurrection and to give hope to those who have none; he became the personification of the dead ones in their tombs who are called to life by Λογος, the Word–God.

The story of Lazarus conveys unprecedented revelation of the absolute power of Almighty and Omnipotent God Who came into the world, which He created, to be recognized and followed by His very own ones. He came to actualize human faith in God, to release human beings from the slavery of sin, to save them by reconciling with God, to re–create them into new beings destined for immortality in the presence of God, to open the way to God the Father, and to lead them out of the world that became the nest of the arch–evil. Resurrection of Lazarus is the last logical point in the chain of events, which as the street lights shining in darkness illuminate the road that leads to the homeland of man – the Kingdom of God. These events – miracles of Lord Jesus Christ such as resurrection of the dead {in: Matthew 9:18–26; Luke 7:11–17} opening the eyes of the blind, healing of the sick and infirm ones, enlightening the ignorant, setting free the slaves – were created for the sick, sinful, lost, and hopeless ones, so they would comprehend the actual nature of the world, recognize God in Lord Jesus Christ, and be healed, forgiven, and saved by Him {cf. in: Matthew 9:18–35; Mark 1:23–45; 2:1–17; 3:1–11; 7:25–37; 8:22–26; Luke 4:16–21; 5:12–15; 6:17–19; 7:11–23; John 1:1–3, 9–13; 3:16–18, 36; 5:21, 24; 6:45–47; 8:31–36; 9:1–39; 11:25–26; 14:1–11; 17:1–11; Isaiah 6:9–10; 40:5}.

Resurrection of Lazarus allows the glimpse into the omnipotence of the life–giving power of the Word spoken by God: Lazarus came back out of the tomb into the living world to become the visible–perceivable–physical proof of the absolute power of the Word–God over life and death: because of him, many believed in Lord Jesus {cf.: John 11:39–47, 53; 12:9–11}; through his story, even after he left this world through the threshold of physical death (as we all have), the following generations might have the insight into the miracle of resurrection.

Similarly to the dead Lazarus, the one’s soul must hear the call of God; then, it is empowered to come out of the tomb of the world set for cognition of the evil and controlled by the ultimate evil – death, and to enter the world of the living ones. The ability to hear the call of God enables the mind to accept the Word–God, to perceive the life–giving power of God, to conquer the evil, and to do the works of God; this ability makes possible transformation of a mortal being formed of dust into the immortal being created to dwell with God through the eternity {cf.: Genesis 3:19; John 1:12–13; 14:12–28; James 1:18; Revelation 21:3–7; 22:3–5}.

Indeed, the importance of spiritual perception cannot be overestimated. If to judge by sins, iniquities, and other evils committed by each human being, everyone is dead until the Word–God redeems his soul {in: Ephesians 2:1–22}, because everyone has sinned against God and against the others: we have forgotten our eternal essence and attached ourselves to the lifeless dust destined to disintegration. Thus, the Lazarus’s story portrays the possible future of each human being: everyone might be resurrected to the eternal life with God.

Lazarus came out form the tomb when he heard the call of Lord God Jesus Christ, the Word–God. In similar manner, when the human soul–heart–mind perceives the Word–God and realizes that the Word–God – the eternal Λογος  – is the true nature of a being called from the darkness into the marvelous Light of God to become a human child of God, an imitation of the Absolute Good of God {Matthew 5:48; Luke 6:35–36; John 1:1–18; 3:3–21; 6:47–58; 14; 17; James 1:16–25; 1 Peter 1:3–25; 2:1–10; 1 John; Ephesians 1:3–23; 2:1–22}, it comes


out of the blinding and lethal fog of lies, heresies, and figments of imagination,

with which our daily life is overfilled

out of the clutches of the ultimate evil that corrupts, perverts, and consumes the weak

who cannot resist the evil,

because they are not protected with knowledge of the good

out of the tomb of the temporal world of the matter controlled by death

↓   ↓

into the new world of God.


The eternal life begins here, within the world of death, while a human being still lives as the unity of spirit–flesh, or soul–mind–body*1*, within the world measured by time, space, and other parameters of the temporarily structured matter. The eternal life begins here, in this world destined to disintegration–death, and this life is in the Son of God {1 John 5:11–12}: as the ancient prophet cried, my soul has clung to dust, make me alive according to Thy Word {Psalm 118(119):25}.

Resurrection to the eternal life by the Word–God unfolds through empowering the mind


1/ to hear the voice of God

2/ to perceive the presence of God

3/ to discover within own soul–heart–mind

the Word–God – the Source and Foundation of life.


In the sad story of fallen mankind, the Lazarus’ Saturday has the special place. In this day, the words that people hear before – “there is nothing that would be impossible for God” – one more time became the actuality of the believers. Besides, Lazarus’ death and resurrection explained some other things. The first of them comes through finding the answer, why Lazarus was chosen to reveal the glory of God, how death of one person could glorify God Who is the Source of life?

For instance, there were plenty of the dead in tombs; why only Lazarus came back, if God can restore to life the entire mankind right now, not in the Future, in the Judgment Day? The Gospel According to John provides an explanation: Lord God Jesus Christ loved Lazarus and his sisters, He called Lazarus friend, and He chose him to reveal the Glory of God {John 11:1–11}.

Hence, according to the will of God, resurrection of Lazarus became the reality and it foretold the destiny of men who shall see salvation of God: the Word–God is resurrection and life, and the one believing in Him even if he dies, he shall live {John 11:25–27}.

Resurrection of Lazarus marked the last days of human despair: just a little time was left before crucifixion of the Son of man and the Son of God, when the Word–God would complete His mission according to the will of God the Father Who sent Him {Mark 1:8; Luke 3:16; 12:49; John 1:12–13, 26–34; 6:38–40; 14:1–28; 17; 19:5–30; 1 John 4:9–21; Daniel 7:9–14; Genesis 2:16–17; 3:17–25; Isaiah 51:6; 2 Peter 3:7–10}:

– He collected the lost ones, gave them knowledge of God the Father that is the life everlasting, cast the Divine Fire into the earth – to baptize man by the Holy Spirit {our God is the Spirit, the Consuming Fire, the Holy One, and man is the earth, the creature of dust, the vessel of clay carrying the breath of life breathed by God – John 4:24; Luke 3:16; 12:49; Deuteronomy 4:24; Genesis 2:7; Isaiah 64:8, 12}

– He reconciled man to God, empowered man to become a child of God born of God, and revealed to man the Perfect Love of God

– although He left the world destined to annihilation, because it is dwelling of the dead and nest of the evil, He comes into the heart–mind of everyone who believes in Him, who observes His words, who does His works, and whom He leads into life everlasting in His kingdom.

Lazarus’ resurrection also illustrates the destiny of a person who is loved by God.

How a person becomes the one whom God loves? What are the way and the means to obtain love of God; what are the criteria by which human suitability for the purposes of God is determined? The main of them are love to God and observance of His commandments: the one, who loves God and keeps His Word, is loved by God and he has dwelling with God {John 14:23; 1 John 5:1–4}.

The Holy Scriptures tell that faith, love to God, love to the others, mercy to the others, and observance of the commandments of God are the conditions of personal salvation and resurrection–coming from death to life. Even now, within the world of death collapsing under the authority of evil, the chosen ones claim the road leading home, into the kingdom of God.

How to become the chosen one?

The first step is liberation from the slavery of evil – from sin, lawlessness, and hatred {1 Peter 1; 2; 1 John}.     

Preparation to the ultimate freedom begins with assuming of the responsibility for own thoughts, words, and deeds: the freedom of the child of God and responsibility of the child of God are inseparable. There is no power over life and death without understanding what is death and what is life, what results in death, and what gives life. Hence, if a mortal human being desires to become the immortal child of God, he has

– to learn that something that differentiates the living one from the living dead

– to comprehend the difference between the good and the evil, love and hatred, righteousness and vice

– to choose life, to abstain from the works of the evil, and to live in righteousness and peace, by observing the commandments of God

– to accomplish the deeds of love, mercy and truth.

The one cannot buy, receive in exchange, delegate to the others, and learn through the others’ experience this knowledge, this understanding, and these accomplishments. Only because of love and mercy of God, through the Word–God, and by the Holy Spirit of God a human being learns truth, accomplishes the will of God, cognizes love, becomes the chosen one, and enters the life everlasting {John 6:28–58; 10; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

There are also other aspects of the Lazarus’ story; for instance, the meaning of death [[1]] and the exposure of the utter corruption of the priests and the leaders of the chosen nation [[2]].

1. When the Lord refers to the Lazarus’ condition, which men named death, God does not use the word death: He speaks of falling asleep. Only because His disciples do not understand Him, God elaborates: Lazarus is dead, and He is going to wake the dead one up, and He rejoices, because resurrection of Lazarus is a chance for His followers to become the believers, therefore, to enter the everlasting life {John 11:11–15; 5:24–26}.

So, in the eyes of God, the physical death of a human being does not mean the end of existence: we fall asleep in the earth to be woken up in the house of God, where we – purified of sin and evil, set free, and resurrected by Lord Jesus Christ – shall not have sorrow, grief, and insufficiency of any kind {John 5:21–40; 9:5, 39; 10:9–30; 12:44–50; 14; 17; Revelation 21:1–7; 22:1–5}. We came into this world, in the garments of flesh {Genesis 3:22–25} to toil the earth {man is the earth – Genesis 3:20}, firstly, to prepare ourselves for the works of God, because a human being is the co–worker, the field for the works of God, and the building of God {Θεου γαρ εσμεν συνεργοι, Θεου γεωργιον, Θεου οικοδομη εστε 1 Corinthians 3:9}. Therefore, we cannot leave until we complete our work:

–– we have to learn the alphabet of the eternity – love: love to God and to creations of God

–– within the world cursed for the man’s choice to know evil, we have to cognize the good, to comprehend the truth, and to find the road, which leads to God

–– we have to learn how to follow the commandments and to accomplish the will of our Creator and Father

–– we have to learn how to live by faith, to accept God into own soul–heart–mind, and to absorb the knowledge that He gives: this knowledge is the eternal life {John 12:44–50; 17}.

Then, after completion of our work, we have to pass through the threshold separating the phases of life. Behind this threshold, we leave our temporal clothing–body and all earthly possessions, yet, our essence–soul–heart–mind–spirit created into the image and after likeness of perfect immortal and omnipotent God continues the eternal journey {Genesis 1:26–27; 2:7; Psalms 8, 65(66), 75(76), 105(106), 147, 148, 150, and the others; Matthew 5:48; John 1:1–13; James 1:16–25; 1 Peter 1:3–25; 2:1–10; 2 Peter 2:7–13; 1 John; Ephesians 1:3–23; 2:1–22; Revelation 21:1–7; 22:1–5}. To accomplish our destiny, we have to wake up and to open our mind for the knowledge of God, to realize that our life is the breath of the living God. 

Then, speaking of dead Lazarus, God refers to the physical death as to the slumber: for Him, there is no death, because our God is the God of the living {John 11:11–14; Matthew 22:23–32}, and death of the flesh is not the end of existence.

However, when the Lord sent His disciples to preach saying that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, He instructed them to raise the dead {Mathew 10:1–10}.

It means that the human mind is dead without the knowledge of God: the knowledge of God wakes up those who still live as physical beings, yet whose minds have fallen asleep without God. Furthermore, if the knowledge of God differentiates the living from the dead, there is no difference between the dreaming mind, which is imprisoned within the imaginary world of false and evil, and the cadaver incapable of life, firstly, of actualizing creative potential (that is the meaning of life of human reason).

Then, the conversation with Lazarus’ sister Martha reveals the main lesson of the event: Lord God Jesus Christ is the resurrection and life; he, who believes in Him, therefore, knows Him, shall live, and whoever lives and believes in Him and fulfills His commandments, shall never die {John 6:27–58; 11:21–26; 14; 17}.

Almost nothing is known of Lazarus: how he lived before meeting with the Lord, why he, one among the multitudes known to God, was chosen to come back into this world and to glorify God through his death, what happened with him after his resurrection? All that is known concerning his earthly life is that {John 11:1–44; 12:9–11}

1/ the Lord loved Lazarus and called him friend

2/ the Lord came in Lazarus’ house before His last week in Jerusalem, and the Lazarus’ sister Mary anointed the feet of the Lord with the precious pure spikenard oil and wiped off His feet with her hairs preparing Him for His last road at the earth {John 12:1–19; 11:1–2}

3/ the chief–priests and Pharisees decided to put Lazarus to death, because through him many people believed in Lord Jesus Christ.

However, the Lazarus’ story might be the story of every person. The one, who hears the words of God and comes to God, leaves the tomb of evil and sin; he returns from death to life as Lazarus resurrected by God. If Lazarus’ story is accepted as the forecast of own personal resurrection, if it becomes the reality of a person, it opens understanding that only God decides personal destiny of every human being – only personal connection with God, personal observance of the commandments of God, and personal knowledge of God define life and save from death.

At that is why another aspect of Lazarus’ story is so significant.

2. Resurrection of Lazarus triggered the decision of the chief–priests and the Pharisees to assassinate Lord Jesus Christ along with Lazarus whom He resurrected, because through Lazarus, many people left them and believed in Jesus Christ. This decision exposes degeneration and corruption of those who, as the leaders of the chosen people, were expected to teach the law of God and to lead the chosen people to God, yet, who became the hidden carriers of heresies and idol–worshipers*2*, and who

lost the ability of right judgment

substituted rules of men for the law of God

sought to kill the righteous Man – Lord Jesus Christ – Who taught the law/will of God,

and the resurrected by Him Lazarus, the living evidence of the miracle created by Lord Jesus Christ,

so the people would not have proof of His power as the power of God

likened the people to the “ignorant in the law and cursed,”

while themselves led them to corruption and ruin

rebuffed the glory of God for the sake of the convenience of men

and rejected the power of God for the sake of the power of the mortal ruler

completing therefore the process of separation from God –

the separation that was initiated

when the chosen people decided to be as all other nations governed by the mortal rulers

{Matthew 23:1–38; John 7:16–49; 10:23–42; 11:1–57; 12:1–43; 19:4–16; 1 Kings 8:6–8}.


The chief–priests and Pharisees decided to put to death Lazarus – man resurrected by God, and to murder God Himself, because they perceived God as the threat to their earthly interests {John 11:45–53; 12:10–11}: their actions reveal the materialistic outlook – the spiritual death*3*.

This pattern became the historical actuality: during the following centuries, the authorities of the religious establishments focused on acquisition of the earthly power and riches did not hesitate to put their subjects to spiritual death by depriving them of true knowledge of God and transforming them into servants of the evil. The history illustrates the easiness, with which titles of priests and “doctors of the church” (contemporary counterparts of Pharisees) could cover ungodly men, seducers, murderers, and enemies of God. Any of positions within any of the religious establishments might be taken by the enemies of faith; the religious establishments might serve the evil and earthly purposes of men, and corruption of religious establishment might reach such abyss that its members would lose abilities to recognize God, would become unable of keeping the words of God, and become idol–worshipers who cover their idols with the references to the Holy Scriptures.

For instance, many centuries the true meaning of the Lazarus’ resurrection, as well as the Apostle’s words concerning the destiny of the chosen ones {neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor the present nor the coming nor height nor depth nor any creature will ever be empowered to separate us from love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior – Romans 8:1–39}, was hidden behind the lofty slogans and sermons proclaiming

a/ superiority of the “common good” of the establishment over happiness, life and well–being of a person

b/ particular significance and value of those belonging to the deified hierarchies, special clans, orders, flocks, herds, and groups, which are elevated over the ordinary people

c/ vital necessity of “ultimate sacrifice” of a human being–person, when person’s death or enslaving is needed to secure interests, advance benefits, and satisfy desires of self–deified rulers – kings/popes/bishops/party leaders, who in fact, are criminals, because in their corruption, vice and fear, for the sake of own insatiable lust for power and riches, they kill, enslave, and defraud the ordinary people and deprive them of life and happiness. 

During these centuries while the spiritual numbness, blindness and ignorance as the infernal blinding fog, with which the ancient Phoenicians*4* covered their after–life, was gradually taking place of the Light of the world,

– the image of God Who died for every one of us – for every person – was transformed into the image of the remote head*5* of a particular hierarchical establishment, within which the access to God is possible only through submission to the special mediators among God and mortal men – the religious leaders who ascribed to themselves the right to take the place of God and who then, substituted their own will and their own laws for the commandments of God*6*

– the hierarchical establishments that their members call “churches” took the place of the Christian Apostolic Εκκλησια – gathering of those who have been called, the free and equal chosen ones who believe in Lord God Jesus Christ and live by Him*7*

– the sons of perdition erected own thrones in the temples of God

– human beings, who are redeemed and set free by the Word–God – Lord Jesus Christ, were transformed into

a/ the “small undeveloped souls” deprived of the Chalice of Salvation*8*

b/ the herd of social animals that must be kept in fear and ignorance and fed by the images created for them by the theologians serving the religious hierarchical establishments

c/ slaves whose main virtue is unreserved obedience to those who pretend to stand at the place of God*9*.

Nevertheless, the actuality is that if a person thinks and pronounces the name of Lord God Jesus Christ with faith, love, and reverence, if the person loves the others and does the good to all creations of God, if the person lives by the commandments and by each word coming from the mouth of God, this person is the chosen one, the child of God living by God and in God {John 14:23; 15:12–17; 1 Peter 1; 2; 1 John; Romans 8:1–39; Ephesians 1; 2}. Nothing else matters.

Christianity restores the direct connection of a human being–person with his Creator and Father – Almighty God, the Perfect All–forgiving Love. The essence of Christianity is the unity of God and His human child, the unity in love, freedom, and truth revealed by Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word–God. In this unity of God and His creation – a human being, there is no place for self–deified particles of dust, which pretend to stand at the place of God and to have the share of dignity of God, and which apply the power of coercion (obtained by deceit, through true false pretence on ability to substitute for God) *8*,*9* to enslave the others and to rob them of the true knowledge, which opens eternity with God. The results of this deceit are illustrated by the centuries of the terror of the Inquisition, religious wars, anti–Semitism, and other deeds, which compose the past and the present history of the papacy and the papal church of Rome*10*.

As the free gift of free Omnipotent Almighty God, Christianity grants the personal freedom from the slavery of evil, firstly, through the ability to discern evil and vice of those who

– pretend to speak on behalf of God

– employ the wordings of the Holy Scriptures in their sermons, yet, whose deeds spread corruption, hatred, and lies

– pursue the earthly purposes (especially, the political ones) under the mask of the servants of God and benefactors of mankind.

Christianity became the highest treasure of those who seek the road to God, because it


opens the path to cognition of God

gives the knowledge that sets a person free from evil

offers the Chalice of Life to the one who worships Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ...


Lazarus’ resurrection not only provides a glimpse into the meaning of the omnipotence of God; it leads to understanding of the comprehensive universal and personal truth: everything is possible for God, and nothing could ever stand between God and a person, between God and human heart–soul–mind, because a human being, a person, is an immortal child of God who has been created to be the temple of the Living God and to be with Him forever…






*1* See Concept of the human mindNote 3, in posting The Good Shepherd – March 30, 2014, Page March_2014, @ this website


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*5* Excerpt from posting Ecumenism:


“…According to Pius XII, “primacy of jurisdiction” established in the papal church, gives the “Mystical Body two heads” [[ According to Pius XII, “the Mystical Body of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church are one and the same thing” [in: Humani Generis. Encyclical of Pius XII concerning some false opinions threatening to undermine the foundations of catholic doctrine. 1950. http:// www. vatican. va/holy_father/ pius_xii/encyclicals/documents/ hf_p–xii_enc_12081950_humani–generis_en. html; §27] ]]. “One chief head of this Body, namely Christ” Who “in a certain sense lives in the Church” guides the church invisibly, and also visibly, through “His representative on earth.” “That Christ and His Vicar constitute one only Head” and “Peter” (St. Peter the Apostle) is “the visible foundation stone.” Furthermore, the pope asserts that taking away “the visible head” – the pope – leaves “the Mystical Body of Redeemer so obscured and so maimed” that eternal salvation can be neither seen nor found [5; §40–41, §53]. Furthermore, the pope declares that it cannot be “real opposition or conflict between the invisible mission of the Holy Spirit and the juridical commission of Ruler and Teacher received from Christ.” Another pope’s assertion is that ascribing “the whole spiritual life of Christians and their progress in virtue exclusively to the action of the Divine Spirit,” without the collaboration of the pope, leads to “deplorable ruin” [5; §65, 87].

The portrayal of the church as two–headed body would definitely fit the Orphic serpentine theology, and “primacy of jurisdiction” is the definition applied in the worldly affairs. However, which kind of human “jurisdiction” might define the status of God, attach man to God, or make a man into one head with God?”


See Ecumenism in World & War (download file @ website Systems Logic by Alice–Sofia http: // systemslogic–by– : The World & The War –  Page LIBRARY_2).

Concerning the Orphism – Orphic serpentine theology, download file Ancient Civilizations:  Legacy Overviewwebsite Systems Logic by Alice–Sofia – http: //, Page LIBRARY


*6* The pope Boniface VIII made the statements that the papal authority is divine, and for the sake of eternal salvation it is necessary “for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” Then, the pope Pius XII asserted that there is the dangerous error to believe that it is possible to accept Christ and to “reject genuine loyalty to His Vicar on Earth” [The Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302, in: Documents of the Christian Church 127; Pius XII qt. from Mystici Corporis Christi in: Sherrard (1978a) 60].

It means that the eternal salvation of men had been separated from the acceptance of Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior and God, from fulfillment of the God’s commandments, and from the mercy of God. The popes asserted themselves as the unavoidable supplements to God, and the papal subjects received a new deity, perhaps even more authoritative than God Himself, because faith and loyalty to God were sufficient no more: the absolute submission and “genuine loyalty” to the “divine authority” of the pope became the conditions of eternal life. With such dethronement of God, deification of the pope – as well as apostasy – is completed.

However, according to the words of Lord Jesus Christ, only through Him, a human being comes to God {John 14:6, 15–27; also in: Matthew 23:8–10}.

It means, that, as St. Paul the Apostle explains {in: 1 Timothy 2:5–6}, that there is only One Mediator between God and man – Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Word–God.

 Consequently, the papal pretense to serve as the mediator between God and papal subject is deceit, through which the popes elevate themselves at the place of the Word–God and therefore, make idol–worship the actuality of the papal subjects.


*7* Concerning Εκκλησια, see posting Εκκλησια – the Meaning – Folder Archive_2011, Page 5_September_October_2011


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and current media concerning scandals in the papal establishment (world–wide children abuse and the others); for instance,

Concluding Observations on the Second Periodic Report of the Holy See. The UN. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Committee on the Rights of the Child. Report distributed January 31, 2014. CRC_C_VAT_CO_2_16302_E.pdf

The link to the UN Report was available through U.N. Slams Vatican Over Child Abuse Cover-Up @ World Time website @  http: // /2014/02/05/u-n-slams-vatican-over-child-abuse-cover-up/

Magdalene laundries: Ireland accepts state guilt in scandal – http: // www. world/2013/feb/05/magdalene-laundries-ireland-state-guilt

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The U.N. Confronts the Vatican –  http: // www.



Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Resurrection


Χριστος Aνεστη!

Christ is Risen!



Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

He, Who according to His great mercy, has recreated us to the hope living through resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

to the inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and unfading having been kept in Heaven for you,

by the power of God having been guarded through faith to a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time

{1 Peter 1:3–5}


The people of the Old Testament knew the Future; during centuries, they repeated the words, which described deliverance from the slavery in Egypt, yet, which also predicted the ultimate deliverance. They awaited the time when a human being would be set free from the power of the temporal world of the evil and his soul would be empowered do not clung to the dust, into which it was cast {Genesis 3; Psalm 118(119):25–40, 105, 107, 174–176; Luke 10:22–24; John 10:27–30; 1 Peter 1:10–21} – the moment, when the human beings would be delivered from their διαφθορον – ultimate total ruin*1*:


…He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their bonds asunder…

…He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their ultimate total ruin.…

{Psalm 106(107):14, 20}

Then, it was promised through Hosea the prophet:

After two days, He will heal us: in the third day, we shall arise and live before Him, and shall know…

{Hosea 6:3}.

Then, the prophecies became the actuality, the daily life of man. The Life was revealed, the true Light has shined through the darkness, the Eternal Love and Truth brought grace and freedom into the temporal world–realm of evil, and the only Son of God explained God the Father to His creations, opened the Way home, into the kingdom of God, and gave the knowledge of God and His Son – the Word–God sent to save the world {John 1; 3; 4; 6:26–69; 8; 9; 10; 11; 14; 15; 16; 17}. This knowledge is immortality, because it makes a human being

a firstfruit of new creations in Christ and by Christ

the partaker of Perfect Love, Absolute Good, Holy Wisdom, and Eternal Law

the co–worker, field, and building of God

{John 1:1–18; 14; 15; 16; 17; James 1:18; 1 Peter 1:3–25; 1 John; Ephesians 1; 2; 1 Corinthians 3:9}.


God gave His creations the everlasting life, and this life is in His Son. God has sent His only begotten Son into the world, so the world might live through Him – as in Adam all die, so in Christ all shall be made alive {1 John 4:9; 5:11; 1 Corinthians 15:22}.

Since, because of Lord Jesus Christ, physical death became just a threshold into the new life: as a seed dies in the soil to give life to a new being that comes out of the dust to the light of the sun, similarly, the human soul following Christ comes to everlasting life in the kingdom of God {John 12:24–26; Revelation 21:1–8, 22–27; 22:1–5, 10–16}.

Many things are given to those who believe in Lord God Jesus Christ: peace of God, knowledge of God, love of God, life in God and with God. The ancient prophecies are fulfilled and expectations of the ancestors became the actuality: each spring the Christians celebrate the Feast of Feasts, the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior.

In all times, the prayers of the ones who seek God evoke the images of a stranger in the desert who is lost and who is dying of thirst*2*, of the misery of a rejected and lonely man who runs away from his enemies and has no means to redeem himself, and of the poverty of a bankrupt who has nothing left to pay his debts. They roam through the depths of despair and lament their iniquities before their sins are annihilated, their debts forgiven, and they reach the life–giving waters of the presence of God {Job 30:19–26; 1 Kings 22:1–2;  Psalm 39(40):12–13; 41(42):2–3; 62(63):1;  64(65):9; 142(143):1–2, 6–11; Isaiah 64:5–7; Matthew 6:9–15; 11:28; 18:23–35; John 4:7–14}.

Indeed, in this world, the one might be seen as similar to the one dying of thirst of a body and thirst of the soul, who might be given water to drink, yet who cannot quench the thirst of the soul until he comes to Jesus Christ, the Word–God {John 4:5–14}.

And it cannot be otherwise, because only in God, His creations and children obtain the completeness, fullness, and perfection. The most important truth a human being should learn as the zenith of human wisdom and to teach his children is that only in God is life with all completeness, only in God is all of man, and only with God the human soul–heart–mind obtains comfort, happiness, and everything that is life and joy and beauty and perfection.

Only God gives complete unfaultable hope to every living being. Whatever the one has done in the past, the one should never give up the faith in Lord Jesus Christ, expectations of salvation through Lord Jesus Christ, and the hope in God’s Perfect Almighty and all–forgiving Love {Matthew 9:10–13; 18:11–14; Luke 5:30–32; Mark 2:17; 9:23–24; 11:23–24; John 3:16–21, 36; 8:1–16; 1 Peter 1:3–25; 1 John; Ephesians 1:3–23; 2:1–22; Romans 8:28–39}, because


– by the Soul of Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, the human soul lives

– through His death on the cross, the dead ones receive the eternal life

– because of His Precious Blood, the sins of the repentant sinners are forgiven

– by Him the world lives, as a human body lives by bread

– through Him, man is reconciled to God and returns into the Father’s house

– through Him, man becomes the temple of God the Spirit

– through Him, a mortal man becomes the immortal child of God who dwells in love of God

and is empowered to live eternally in the presence of God:

the one believing in Him has life everlasting: He is  the Resurrection and the Life;

the one believing in Him, though he die, he shall live, and everyone living and believing in Him, shall not die for ever

{Matthew 26:28; Mark 10:45; John 4:23–24; 6:32–69; 10:11, 17–18; 11:25; 14; 17}.


Love and mercy of God transform man into His servant, His child, and His temple. God’s Love and mercy embrace everyone who loves God and proves own love to God by observing His commandments and therefore, by accomplishing His will {John 13:34–35; 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 John; 2 John 6}.

And I think how the one can answer love and mercy of God? What a creation is able to do for the Creator – the Almighty and Omnipotent God, if man is not enabled to see His face and to live, if the earth is His footstool, if all things are His, if the nations are as nothing, and if the entire universe is just a particle of dust created by “the stream of fire” rushing before Him {Exodus 33:20; Isaiah 40:10–31; 66:1–2; Daniel 7:9–10}?

The prophet says {Psalm 17(18):1–2; 62(63):3; 115:13; 144(145):1–3}:


I love Thee, O God, my strength, my firmament, my refuge, and my Deliverer,

for Thy mercy is more than life

I will accept the chalice of salvation

and I will call upon Thy Name

 I will exalt Thou, my God, my King,

and I will bless Thy Name for ever and ever

every day I bless Thee, and I will praise Thy Name for ever and ever.

So, all that man is enabled to do for the Creator is

to accept the precious gift – the Love of God

in return, to love Him with all his soul, with all his heart, with all his mind, and with all his strengths

to prove his love by his thoughts, words, and deeds,

with which he embodies the words and commandments of God into his life

and therefore, accomplishes the will of God

{Matthew 5; 6; 7; 10:28–42; 11:27–30; 22:36–40; Mark 12:29–34; Luke 10:27–37;

John 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 John 4:9–21; 5:1–12}.

Hence, the Christian

– loves God more than he loves himself: he gives up everything for His sake and takes own cross {Luke 9:23} – difficulties and sacrifices for the sake of love to the others

– accepts the Chalice of Salvation with the Precious Body and the Precious Blood of Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, – the bread and the cup with the fruit of the vine, as it was given by the Lord our God during His last supper, for the memory of Him {Luke 22:17–20; John 10:30; 1 Corinthians 11:23–26}

– loves and blesses Almighty God the Creator Who, through Lord Jesus Christ – the Word–God, became his own Father: he calls God Father and asks for the daily Bread*3*, forgiveness of sins, and deliverance from the evil {Luke 11:2–4}.

So, in all days of life, and especially, in the day when the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated, the Christians bless God the Father and glorify His Holy Name, thank Him for the hope of the eternal life in His kingdom, pray that His mercy that is more than life and that His Omnipotent and Almighty and All–forgiving Love revealed through His Son, the Word–God – Lord Jesus Christ the Savior, be always with everyone and with all, forever.

The feast of Holy Pascha is the day of commemoration of resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ and deliverance of men, when the Son of God, the Word–God, bestowed life everlasting to everyone who wants to live. He defeated death, and death is no more – Christ is risen:


Christ is risen from the death, by death trampling upon death,

and bestowed life to those in the tombs

{Hymn of the Holy Pascha}


The ancient hymn of the Resurrection conveys the message of the absolute victory: death is defeated, and death is no more.

There is no more death, and the dead are no more: life everlasting is bestowed to everyone who wants to live.

All human wisdom is silent before the reality of the crucifixion and the resurrection of the Son of man and the Son of God: by death, the death is defeated, and death is no more – Christ is risen…


Χριστος  Ανεστη!

Αληθως Ανεστη!


Christ is Risen!

Truly is Risen! 








*1* Greek compound word διαφθορον  usually is interpreted as corruption, perversion, complete moral collapse/ruin; this compound word denotes the totality of physical, moral, and religious ruin.

Concerning διαφθορον, see Materialism in the file The World & War. I. Introduction. Ecumenism. Materialism. – download @ my website

Systems Logic by Alice–Sofia [ http: // ], Page LIBRARY_2,

or see Folder World & War, Materialism @ my website Sunday’s Thoughts by Alice–Alexandra–Sofia [ http : // ]


            *2* See the following Excerpt:




“The Water for the Arid Earth


I spread forth my hands to Thee, my soul as the arid athirst earth…

{Psalm 142(143):6}


In the time of the Old Testament, the time of expectation of the Lord, it was said:

I spread forth my hands to Thee, my soul as the arid athirst earth

{Psalm 142(143):6}


and then, it was expectation of fulfillment of the promise

He will come to us as the early and latter rain to the earth

{Hosea 6:4}

and it was explained to the teacher of Israel:

man must be born from  above, through the water and Spirit,

because flesh gives birth to flesh,

yet, the one who receives the birth from the Spirit

becomes able to enter the Kingdom of God

{John 3:5–6}

and then, it was confirmed in conversation with the woman that lived with the people of Samaria rejected by the Jews

whoever receives the water given by the Lord he shall never be thirsty again,

but the water of God will become in him the fountain of water

springing into the life everlasting

{John 4:3–14}

and then, it was the last reminder concerning the promise of the salvation – the fountain of the living water out of the house of the Lord Who is the Holy of Israel {Isaiah 12:2–6; 44:3–4; Joel 3:18}:

whoever believes in Lord God Jesus Christ, from him the water of living will flow

{it was said of the Holy Spirit

Who would come after glorification of Lord Jesus Christ  – John 7:37–39}.


and ultimately, it was fulfilled, when the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified and gave up His life for salvation of the world:

one of the soldiers pierced His side with a lance, and at once the Blood and the Water came out

{John 19:34}.


The cycle of creation is accomplished, the ancient promise is fulfilled, and the destiny of the world is completed {Genesis 2:4–9; John 1:1–14; 3:1–20; 6:35–58; 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter; 2 Peter 1; 2 Peter 1–13; Ephesians 1; 2}:

In the beginning, there rose the fountain from the earth

and watered the entire face of the earth,

yet, God did not rain upon the earth because it was not a man to cultivate her…

…God created man from χουν απο της γης – pouring dust of the earth

and made to spring up all living fruit–bearing creations out of the earth

the Word–God, the Light and the Life of the world, became man,

so His Blood would wash out the curse

that disobedience of the first man brought onto the perfect world

the Word–God re–created human nature

and enabled man to receive the Holy Spirit

{to Whom the Scriptures refer to as to the Rivers of the Living Water

and to the Fountain of Life –

John 7:37–39; Isaiah 12:2–6; 44:3–4; Jeremiah 2:13; 17:13; Joel 3:18}

by the Holy Spirit of God,

man obtains the authority to be a child of God

and becomes the dwelling–temple of the Living God

the Water of the Living poured out

and transformed the arid athirst earth/man

into the immortal child of God:

the mortal creature of arid fruitless earth became the living being

that carries within the fountain of immortality.


Although the Word–God left the world {John 9:4–5; 16:28; – and that is why the world is coming to its inevitable end, because anything in which God dwells does not perish}, yet, He comes to each person who believes in Him and observes His commandments: the human soul saved by Lord God Jesus Christ becomes the temple–dwelling of the Living God – the Almighty Holy Trinity and obtains life everlasting {John 6:38–40, 47; 14; 16; 17}.

…the countless generations that passed through the earth before and after fulfillment of the promise of salvation transformed the fruitful and abundant lands into the wasted soil and polluted deserts – places for mutation and suffering of the living beings. In today’s overpopulated, scarce, hungry, and thirsty world, children of men are not welcome, and insufficiency of everything becomes the standard of living.

Yet, even within the world destined to destruction because of iniquities and evil of men, there is the hope, and there is the salvation, because He, the Holy One of the Father, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ washed away the sins of those who believe in Him; He is the Way, and Light, and Life: He is the Door into the Kingdom of God, and all are invited. Whoever we are now – sinners or righteous, humans or beasts, rich or poor, wise or foolish, good or bad – we all are invited, because we all are the children of the One and only God–Creator and Father.

It is the matter of personal choice –

to accept the invitation of God, and to be transformed

from the arid earth

(that is man with η ψυχη ανυδρος  – the arid soul)

into the carrier of the spring of immortality


to reject God,

and to remain the arid earth, the dissipating dust coming into the oblivion


End of Excerpt



*3* See The Lord’s Prayer, Folder Foundation, Page 2 @ website Sunday’s Thoughts by Alice–Alexandra–Sofia [ http : // ]




Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Fire for a Child


…Fire I came to cast upon the earth…

{Luke 12:49}


English and Russian translations*1* of the Greek text “Η δηλωσις των Λογων Σου φωτιει και συνετιει νηπιους“ might be summarized as “the revelation of Thy words will enlighten and instruct the simple” {Psalm 118(119):130}: the revelation of the words of God will enlighten and give reason–comprehension–understanding to the simple.

So, the word φωτιει is interpreted as the derivative of φωτιζω  to enlighten, to explain, make clear; such interpretation maintains similarly to the following grammatical construction of συνετιει as derivative from συνετιζω – to give good reasoning, understanding (from συνεσις – reasoning, as the mental ability to put together – to understand, to be wise that is to have the complete mind; συνεσις is derived from φρονεω – mind; συν – means union, being together, and, as a part of compound words, it conveys the meaning of completeness).   

However, φωτιει is the direct derivative of φωτια – fire, flame; it means that the revelation of the words of God will ignite, inflame, bring the fire.

Furthermore, the word νηπιους (interpreted as “simple”) is a derivative of νηπιο  – child. 

So, the literal meaning of the text in Psalm 118(119):130 is that the revelation of the words of God will ignite the fire in those who are children and make their reasoning complete.

In the New Testament, St. Luke the Apostle and St. John the Apostle convey the words of Lord God Jesus Christ: He came to cast the fire upon the earth, and His words are the Spirit and life {Luke 12:49; John 6:63} – this Fire is the Holy Spirit {John 14; 16; 17; Acts 1:1–5; 2:1–4}.

Then, Gospel According to John explains the will of God explicitly: because of love and mercy of God the Father, Lord God Jesus Christ came to accomplish the will of God {John 3:16–17, 31–36; 4:23–24; 6:35–40; 14; 17}. So, the following might happen

a/ the Word–God gives His followers the knowledge of God that is the everlasting life; the Holy Spirit of God {the Fire– Luke 12:49; John 14; 16; 17; Hebrew 12:29; Deuteronomy 4:24} will come to His followers, teach and illuminate them in knowledge of truth and comprehension of the Word–God

b/ the words of God the Father, which the Son of God conveys to His followers, will enable them to comprehend that the Word–God came forth from beside God the Father, and He is the Giver of the eternal life; this comprehension makes them complete, because this knowledge is eternal life

c/ those who perceive the words of God and accomplish them, will become the new creation in Christ and by Christ: the children of God, the doers of the works of God, the field and the building of God, the living temple of the living God – those who carry the Holy Spirit, the Divine Fire, within, and who will live with God, in His Kingdom, in His Light, in His presence, forever {John 1; 3:16–17; 14; 15:1–17; 16:7–15, 26; 17; James 1:17–18, 21–25; 1 Peter 1; 2; Ephesians 1; 2; Hebrew 12:18–29; Romans 5:1–11; 6:1–23; 8:14–17; 1 Corinthians 3:9, 16; 6:19–20; Colossians 1:9–23; Revelation 21:1–8; 22:1–5}.

From the very beginning it is known, and many texts of the Holy Scriptures reveal and then, reiterate that our God is the Almighty Holy Spirit. Although a human being was not able to see God and to live, the mind of a few chosen ones was enabled to perceives Him as

the consuming Fire Who speaks to His chosen one from the midst of fire

The Almighty Being Whose Glory is perceived as the burning Flame

Whose life–creating power is seen as the river of flame

Who tests His creations with the Fire and

made them as the purified gold in which all impurities are burned away

Who enters the chosen mind through the words of the Word–God –

the words of eternal life – that carry Spirit and give life and light to men

Whose power annihilates the evil and its carriers as dry grass is annihilated by the burning flame

Who is the Light and the Wisdom and the Authority by Whom man becomes the child of God:

the chosen one who is temple and carrier of the Holy Spirit of God – the Almighty consuming Fire –

Who purifies and prepares His creation for the Kingdom of God, in which man will dwell with God through the eternity

{Genesis 1:2; Exodus 3:1–6; 19:18–22; 24:17; 33:20; Deuteronomy 4:24, 36; 9:3, 15; Isaiah 9:18–19; Daniel 7:9–10; Malachi 3:2–3;

John 1; 4:24; 6:63; 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter 1; 2; 2 Peter 3:7, 13; Corinthians 6:19–20; Ephesians 1; 2; Hebrew 12:18–29; Revelation 20:14; 21:1–8; 22:3–5}

Hence, the ancient prophecy {Psalm 118(119):130} became the reality: revelation of the Word–God and His words have ignited the Fire in children of God and gave them completeness of understanding.  It began in Jerusalem, fifty days after the day of Resurrection, when the disciples of Lord God Jesus Christ were baptized in the Holy Spirit: the Holy Spirit promised by God came visibly –  the tongues as of fire, γλωσσαι ωδει πυρος rested upon each of them {Acts 1:4–5; 2:1–4}. Then, it was so during all centuries that passed after revelation of the Word–God; it continues today – the same for every human being who is born into this world to find God, to come to God, to be baptized by the Fire according to the will of God, and to enter the eternity with God.

In the beginning, the chosen ones were the dust – pieces of clay–flesh, as all humans are {Genesis 2:7; Job 33:6; Isaiah 45:9–10; 64:8}. What happens after the one is selected to become the vessel for the Fire, the one carrying the enlightening Light of the message of God that dispersed the darkness of ignorance?

Those who were chosen to perceive the power of God and to recognize His presence – the prophets, messengers of God, priests, apostles – all of them speak of the Fire: what else the human mind might find within the world of the matter as powerful as the consuming fire is, as the power of fire that annihilates the matter and turns it into the ashes?

The images of fire in the Holy Scriptures have at least three meanings {e.g., in: Exodus 3:1–6; 24:16–17; Deuteronomy 4:12–13, 24, 36; 9:3; Isaiah 9:18–19; 43:2–3; Daniel 7:9–11; Malachi 3:1–4; 4:1; Matthew 3:11–12, 16; 13:40–42; Mark 1:7–11; Luke 3:16–17, 21–22; John 1; 3:19–21; 9:5–7; 14; 15; 16; 17; 2 Peter 3:5–13; 2 Corinthians 6:14–18; Revelation 20:14}:

1. The fire described by the Prophets as the “wrath of God”; in fact, this is self–destruction ensuing from violations of the Law of God. This fire is the fire of death ignited by human iniquities, passions, perversion fueled by imagination of the mind devoid of understanding of own essence {the essence of the mind–heart–soul of man is the Law of God; observance of the Law is life consistent with the human nature created by God into His image and after His likeness; those who observe the Law of God fulfill the destiny of man to be the temple and dwelling of God  – Genesis 1:26–27; 9:6; Deuteronomy 30:11–15; Psalm 36(37):31; 39(40):8; John 14:23; 1 Corinthians 3:16}

2. The fire surrounding God; from this fire, God spoke to Moses, and with this image of all–consuming Fire, Moses attempted to convince the chosen people to love God and to observe His commandments. In the New Testament, the all–consuming Fire came through the Word–God, the Light of the world, and the life of man; this Light illuminates each mind, which enters the world of matter, and then,

– purifies the iniquities and sins of those who,

within the darkness of temporal dissipating world,

come to seek the path to eternal God

– opens the mind for the perfect Love and Absolute Good of God–Creator –

the only Love without fear and suffering –

because, in the world of men, fear and suffering are inseparable component of everything,

even of love of woman to man and of a child to a father

– transforms them into the dwelling and temple of God

– in the end, will test everything created by human mind

during life–journey within the world of the matter.


3. The Fire of creation that is cast upon the dust, the earth, to transform it into the immortal child of God – the child of the Fire Creating, Dividing, Illuminating, and giving Wisdom, the Fire that makes possible the miracle of baptism, when a human being goes through the Almighty All–consuming Fire to obtain the everlasting life and is not burned but transformed for the eternity with God.

Furthermore, the New Testament clarifies the meaning of the Fire {as the referred to in: Malachi 3:1–4}, what does it mean for a human life:

–  Lord God Jesus Christ tells: “The Fire I came to cast upon the earth”; He also came to accomplish the Law, not to destroy it {Luke 12:49; Matthew 5:17–18}. Therefore, the Fire and the Law are One – One Power ignited by Almighty God: this Fire purifies, assimilates, sustains, and re–creates the world

–  St. Paul the Apostle explains that the Fire tests everything created by man: some of man’s creations will endure the trial, some of them will be exterminated, yet, their creators will survive, although as the one who passed through the fire {1 Corinthians 3:9–15}

– in the Epistle to the faithful in the lands of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia of Asia and Bithynia (currently, territories of Turkey), St. Peter the Apostle reminds that the people of faith are much more precious than gold, yet, they must undergo the grieving in manifold trials. Although gold will perish, it still must be melted by fire, in order to be purified from admixture and to reveal its natural beauty and value within the perishing world of death. As soon as the power of God guards the faithful through faith until the last times, when the salvation will be revealed, the faithful are tried similarly to perishing gold, so they would be able to receive the incorruptible and undefiled inheritance kept in Heaven {1 Peter 1:3–25}.

Purified gold will perish along with the world in which the matter–gold has the higher value than human life (people kill for gold). Eventually, the world of death will vanish along with its values and criteria of judgment, which elevate gold and other material things above human life and happiness.

However, as soon as we destined to pass through this world, logically, the most significant “manifold trials” proving the faith should be difficulties, disappointments, and grief that we all suffer; for instance, through betrayal by the loved ones and friends, loss of those who are our earthly love and light, loss of wealth, health, unjust judgment by sinners, offenses and attacks by enemies and those who carry hatred and death within their mind, misunderstanding, and so on.

Yet, there is another ordeal, the greatest of all trials – an encounter with own conscience, when our imperfections, sins, and iniquities are revealed and when we realize that only death is an appropriate award for all evils we have done to our God, to the others, and to ourselves.

However, we always should remember, especially in the time of repentance and affliction, that, through Moses, the Hebrew Prophets, and then, the Apostles, the Holy Scriptures speak of God as of the Fire – terrifying, all–consuming, annihilating evil, and purifying – and as of the Almighty All–forgiving Love. Lord God Jesus Christ came to cast the Fire upon the earth and to baptize His people εν Πνευματι αγιω και πυρι – in the Spirit Holy and Fire. Through the Word–God, the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth entered the world to accomplish the will of God, to prepare the creations for the meeting with the Creator, to make human soul the dwelling–temple of the Living God at the earth, which is kept for the final times when evil and death will be annihilated by the fire of God {Deuteronomy 4:24; Isaiah 5:20–24; 10:17; 24:3–6; 30:27–28; 59:12–13; Malachi 3:1–3; Matthew 3:11, 16–17; Luke 12:49; John 1:32–34; 3:3–8; 14:16–17, 26; 16:7–15; Acts 1:4–5,8; 2:1–4; 1 Peter 1; 2; 2 Peter 3:7; James 5:1–6; Hebrews 12:29; 1 Corinthians 3:13–16; Revelation 20:11–14; 21:8}.

Therefore, the human soul purified and re–created by the Word–God, should be the greatest value of the eternal world, which is open to all of us who wants to live and who therefore, chooses the good and follows God.  God of Revelation – the First and the Last, Alfa and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Creator of the new world – speaks of “gold that has been fired with fire” χρυσιον πεπυρωμενον εκ πυρος and which brings the true riches {Revelation 1:13–18; 3:14–18; 21:6}. This text elaborates the Epistle of St. Peter the Apostle {1 Peter 1:3–7}: it confirms that the highest value is the human soul ignited with faith and living by the Holy Spirit of God. Furthermore, God says that even the Church, which does not have such souls – “gold that has been fired with fire,” will be cast out from the Word–God, because, although she considers herself as rich and there is nothing she needs, in fact, she is wretched, miserable and poor. 

Indeed, if it is almost impossible to find the true criteria of judgment within the world of the matter, in which the entire system of values is based upon “gold perishing,” if gold and other material values are doomed to destruction along with the world of the matter, what then could be the only true value and the only criterion of judgment for us –– the beings created in image and after likeness of God Who is Spirit, the beings expiated by the Son of God and saved by the Love of God for the eternal life in the new world with God? The only true treasure – the greatest treasure of a human being created in image and after likeness of God – is Love of God the Creator and Father, the Eternal Almighty Love revealed to His creations through Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, the Redeemer and Savior {Genesis 1:27; 2:7; 9:6; John 3:16–17; 4:23–24; 6:27–69; 10; 14; 15; 17; 1 John; Revelation 21:1–7, 10–27; 22:1–5}.

St. John the Apostle – the Apostle of Love – writes {in: 1 John} that the perfect Love has no fear and suffering, and that we all are the children of God Who loves us so much that for the sake of our salvation, He sent His Own Son to fulfill the Law, to make atonement for our sins, and to reconcile the world with its Creator {that is to annihilate the void of evil, to replenish the life–sustaining energy and to re–create us into the children of God, so we could obtain the life everlasting –  Isaiah  53:4–6; John 1:1–5, 9–14; 10:11, 14–18; 1 John 3; 4:7–21; 5; 2 Corinthians 5:14–19}. 

So, when the lessons of life come close to the completion, finally, for the mind set free and illuminated by God, the world from the non–cognizable chaos of unpredictable events and possibilities becomes the simple time–space–complexity–bounded framework created for optimization of the fallen human mind, which must find its way to the infinite perfection inseparable from its essence – the image and likeness of God. At this very moment–point of the ultimate comprehension, the All–consuming (and terrifying for the people of the Old Testament) Fire becomes expression of all–embracing Love inseparable from the Law.

So, the presence of the Spirit of God annihilates the sinful mortal creature and the child of Fire is born: the new being destined to be the immortal carrier of Light created into the image and likeness of God Who is the Almighty Spirit, the consuming Fire. There is a text in the Old Testament, which allows at least partial understanding of the power by which mortal man becomes the immortal child of God. The first perception of the presence of God is fear and desire to run away, to stay afar, so the earthly creature – a human beast – would not die and the usual earthly life will go on {Exodus 20:18–21}. However, this fear is not for those living by the Word–God {e.g., in: Hebrew 12:18–21}. Indeed, when the Holy Spirit transforms mortal man–earth into the immortal child of God, all human weaknesses, errors, iniquities, desires, vanity, lust, sins, all the evils by which we live our daily lives – all is burned away, and a new being whose nature is the Divine Fire comes into being…

So, what is left if man lives by the evil, breathes by evil, thinks evil, and commits evil?

How then, any sinner can survive the presence of God?

In Gospel According to Luke, Lord God Jesus Christ tells: “if you being evil know to give good gifts to your children, how much more the Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those asking Him” {Luke 11:13}. No one loving father gives his children something incompatible with their nature or something that would harm and destroy them. Therefore, when God the Father gives His child the Holy Fire, He gives the child life: the Fire of God is the nature of the children of God.

So, a child should ask God the Father; then, by the mercy of God, because of Lord Jesus Christ – through the Word–God, the Almighty Fire carrying life will be given him to clean of impurities, to enlighten, to shine within the darkness of the world controlled by the evil and death, to lead through earthly life, to empower to create the works according to the will of God, and to bring home, in the Kingdom of God.

And I think, good kind and loving parents provide their children with all needed for life: food, shelter, clothing, games, education, entertainment – all that they need to grow up, to take their place within the society, to start own family, and to bring up their children; they receive everything needed for earthly life. Yet, all they received will perish in its time…

So, how many of us give our children all that they need for the eternity? Do we teach our children to understand the meaning of prayer about the gift of the Holy Spirit and to pray God to grant us the greatest treasure – the gift of the Holy Spirit with Who comes everything: compete reasoning–wisdom, knowledge, and eternal life?

Indeed, what else is needed for a child of the Fire besides the Fire Himself…





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